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the sublime is a theory in which there are more things to the earth than what you really think. The sublime is something that exists beneath human understanding. Things that exist in the sublime level include music and artistic expression. Sublime sublime sublime. sublime is also a punk rock/ska band from the 90’s.

» Posted By cory On 12.10.2015 @ 5:52 am


An achiever is someone who works really hard for many things and reasons. Sometimes, an achiever might work too hard. Our society pushes achievers often, making us feel like we are constantly underachieving.

» Posted By Cory On 09.24.2015 @ 7:33 am


Through is just another way of sometimes saying “I am done.” I think that it has a negative connotation, in that when someone says “I’m through!” you just feel as though they have given up out of frustration.

» Posted By Cory On 02.17.2015 @ 11:44 am


A man once lived at the edge of a town in the country of Kentucky. He was a great man. However, in all sense of the word, he was very disfigured; physically, mentally, and emotionally. His demise was a tragic one and could not have been avoided.

» Posted By Cory On 07.09.2014 @ 2:29 am


Footage is the age of a foot. Feet are strange in the rain. Sleet is grain of the brain. Have you ever seen two shoots of bamboo interact, or die holding hands?

» Posted By cory On 08.25.2013 @ 5:25 pm


My heart was in my throat as I slammed the door behind me. I threw my shoulder into it, bracing against the frame. My fingers shaking, I did my best to fasten the lock. After a few painfully long moments of fumbling the lock clicked into place.

And that’s when a white vapor began to seep through the bottom of the door.

» Posted By Cory On 07.29.2013 @ 12:36 pm


It was as if she had bloomed. What was once a young, shy, unsophisticated girl was now a radiant and comely woman. She walked into the room and all breathing stopped. For a split second everyone was aware of her – how she looked, how she walked. But nobody but me knew who she was.

» Posted By Cory On 07.28.2013 @ 11:30 am


There were stray pieces of grass in here hair. I noticed. I wondered if she had laid down somewhere. She seemed unconcerned when I asked. Frowned. It made me silent for

» Posted By Cory On 06.20.2013 @ 6:24 pm


the description of when it was. a feeling of never will be again. the way things used to be that wont be anymore. these are the times you should have been living when you were only waiting. don’t let Since become part of your vocabulary

» Posted By Cory On 10.14.2012 @ 10:05 am


the time before doing smoething if suspenseful

» Posted By cory On 09.25.2012 @ 5:52 am


whether is a word for when something is this or that, its illusive, its sad. I wish there was no

» Posted By cory On 09.06.2012 @ 12:00 am


What the hell kind of show is the twilight zone. And for that matter who really enjoys spending their valuable tv nights getting freaked the hell out. I just really never saw the point of that show. Even the theme song gives me nightmares and I’m not okay with that.

» Posted By Cory On 08.17.2012 @ 6:33 am


a stretcher is every mother’s worst nightmare. last summer we drove past the house where the crumpled prius had solicited the wale of sirens. the stretcher that pulled the body away glinted in the late summer sun, there is beauty in life, and beauty in death.

» Posted By Cory On 07.18.2012 @ 11:02 pm


I used to live by the train tracks. MetroLink and Amtrak would drive by every night and blow the horn at precisely 12 am every single day. That was my goodnight. The railroad system of southern California was the only thing that provided nightly comfort for me growing up. Dad was working and mom never spoke to us. Goodnight was a horn blow. It was a train. It was living in the shadiest part of town and still feeling comforted.

» Posted By Cory On 07.03.2012 @ 9:00 pm


All of a sudden it was winter. Temperatures were falling. I was becoming a wolf. Day by day I was sick. I know when summer comes again I will be human.

» Posted By Cory On 05.27.2012 @ 7:38 pm

I love the movie transformers. It’s a great movie. With Shia LeBouf and Megan’s Fox (she is quite foxy.) it makes a great family movie.

» Posted By Cory On 05.27.2012 @ 12:30 pm


I hate stunts. I tried one, andvit turns out I ended up in the hospital. I like those basketball stunts on youtube. Those are pretty cool.

» Posted By Cory On 05.27.2012 @ 2:01 am

I tried a stunt once. Turns out that I ended up in the hospital. I hate skateboarding and punitive stuff like that. That’s my opinion.

» Posted By Cory On 05.27.2012 @ 1:56 am


rally the troops, storm the front, just dont stop for the love of… well not god but country and queen! yes, thats how the saying goes, for king and country, the individual is nothing without something bigger to identify with, save our souls if we dare be loyal to ourselves only.

» Posted By cory On 09.13.2011 @ 12:56 pm


I threw the salt over my shoulder as a symbol of good luck. Then, I embarked on my journey across Europe. I’ve wanted to backpack through Europe since I was kid, and my dream was finally coming true.

» Posted By Cory On 09.03.2011 @ 8:40 am


IT was made of some sort of squishy material, almost like a sponge, and as he held it in his hand, he wondered how he was supposed to use this strange substance to create an explosion large enough to destroy the embassy.

» Posted By Cory On 09.02.2011 @ 10:46 am


alcohol on a saturday night being 16 and jumping the fences. the serpent rolls its tongue and sips blood from your neck only to leave your carcus dead. slithering away and leading you to the tunnel of light, getting closer with each bite.

» Posted By cory On 08.21.2011 @ 5:13 pm

is bad for your health can cause death if ingetsted call poision control
if someone is annoying this may be an effective way to remove the annoyingness
ive never had any personally but its a choice and i stick with it
you cant spell poision without a backwards no

» Posted By cory On 08.21.2011 @ 3:25 pm


level is the state where all is same. level is pc politically correct and robs us of ambition and pain two of the driving forces of life. level is where nature falls via the ambitions of water, wind. level is wanting people better than you to be just like you and those who are less than you bring them back up . level is two “e”s with bed ends and a seat in the middle. with this font it also looks like a nose two eyes and the side of someone’s head. i think i have add. i write and think like a epileptic know it all. yada yada yada.

» Posted By cory On 08.03.2011 @ 2:21 pm


The lightning comes from the sky and can really hurt people if they get struck by it. My sister-in-law once got hit by lightning while walking home from work in the rain. She immediately dropped her umbrella and when she tried picking it up, it was smoking. Holy smokes! Literally!

Also, lightning is my favorite out of thunder and lightning. It seems more powerful than thunder.

Pikachu. Raiden.

» Posted By Cory On 07.26.2011 @ 9:44 am


Dearly beloved. Why so dear? Why beloved? Why is that about the only time you ever hear this word used? I guess you also hear it when someone dies or for a lost love. You never hear it as, “My beloved, come in to the bedroom.” Though perhaps you should as it would mean the same thing.

» Posted By Cory On 06.12.2011 @ 1:20 pm


the video montage was the perfect tribute to a movie legend.

» Posted By cory On 05.31.2011 @ 12:49 pm


It makes me think of war. And rationing. for some reason. It makes me think of combat fatigues and those iconic helmets that soldiers wear. It also makes me think of old westerners, swiggin’ alcohol out of an old engraved canteen. I think that’s it.

» Posted By Cory On 05.26.2011 @ 5:20 pm


hold high the torch and see what’s before you and concentrate

» Posted By cory On 05.25.2011 @ 12:59 pm


he slowly walked up behind the young woman and quickly and slyly pulled her wallet out of her purse. he never expected to be caught, then again he never expected that he would die later that night.

» Posted By cory On 05.23.2011 @ 4:01 pm

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