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Yesterday was fathers day! actually very day is dads day! when is he not there for us? when is he not willing to make time to hang out? he is always ready to move around his appointments to accompany me to the movies or an exhibition, if i have no one else to go with! Such a dad is a treasure! I am indeed fortunate to have him and i am sure my sister would second that.

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This word always reminds of the character Barney Stinson from how i met your mother. I don’t think there are many from my generation for which this is not true. But as an other character from the same show once said, repeated usage of this word makes it ineffective. I would conclude by saying that ever since i got my acceptance letter life seems legendary. Colours are much sharper, Sun is brighter, air smells pleasant. Even the weather seems to celebrate with me!. The hot humid days of summer with its scorching sun have gone. In their place are the much awaited rains, The air smells of wet soil which is among my favourite smells. The temperature had suddenly dropped, resulting in cold and cough for me as usual. But i savoured every sneeze, every cough because it means that it is hot and unpleasant no more. I am thankful for the pleasant climes!

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I try to stay away from unhealthy eating best as i can! ever since i started calorie counting and working out regularly i have seen huge differences in my body. Not only did I shed the pesky persistent pounds that i had been trying to lose but i also look better. My skin and hair are healthier and glowing.

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I have a lot of savings. That is because i still live with my dad. It is the more practical alternative. What is he gonna do living in a big nice apartment alone. I can barely afford squalor with the money i earn as a junior medical officer. Best case scenario, i wont starve. SO i chose the easier way out. stay with dad till i get to leave cochin for good. Now i have a good chance to do that. A great opportunity is finally here. I am so grateful for that. I love dad and will sorely miss him, but i am glad to get this wonderful opportunity. I have been waiting for it for so long. I thank god everyday, that i finally have enough savings that would get me started in the new city, get all things that i need, cover my airfare and other miscellaneous expenses. The rest of it will be covered by my loan. Thank you good lord again for being most bounteous in your mercy!!!!!

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setup the patsy to take the fall. That was the strategy of the leader of the gang. The patsy was obviously some lowly gang member with a record. So it was not very difficult to set him up

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The pathway that led up to the old fashioned mansion was littered withe dead leaves and fallen branches. The house itself had a forbidding and menacing appearance. The pathway only made it look more unwelcome.

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I am not really afraid of the dark. But my sister is. Every sound, flutter of the curtains in the breeze will seem sinister and ghostly. I do not like sharing a room with her after seeing a scary movie that she insisted on. Because she wont sleep and wont let me either. But try as i might if we have a sleepover a scary movie is a must for her. She ll wake me up if she wants to use the restroom. I have to stand guard outside the bathroom door while she is in. She ll wake me up next to accompany her to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I’ll offer to get it for her. But she wont be left alone in the bedroom while I am gone, even with the lights on. So we’ll both go and bring a jug of water and a glass in case she gets thirsty again. She’ll be startled awake at the slightest of sounds. We lived in a relatively quiet mumbai suburb. But still there would be the occasional car or bike that would pass by on the road outside. That sound would jolt her awake. How mad i would get. Now years have passed. We are both grown up. I live in India and she in an apartment in Torrance, alone. She has to stay by herself in the dark, escort herself to the bathroom or kitchen if she needs to at night, no matter how many scary movies she has watched. I wish for our childhood days back. When we shared a room, stayed up late talking, being scolded by mom for the same as we had to go to school/college the next day! How i miss all the things that would annoy me then!

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i am not really a morning person. I never wake up early voluntarily. I always wake up late. I love sleeping in when i have a day off. Other days i am sleepy and disoriented when i am up before dawn to get dressed for school/work. I feel better after my customary cup of morning coffee. in fact i associate the smell of fresh filter coffee with the word dawn. My dad makes the best filter coffee. Back when i was in school, it was his task to make breakfast for the family. I would wake up to delicious smells from the kitchen Crepes, Pancakes, Toast, Omelets, and of course the coffee.

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people are often jealous of others who have what they don’t. To mask their true feelings they take to mud slinging and slandering. Now they sublimate jealousy into social networking sites. In a sense now self worth is tied to the comments and likes they receive on these sites.

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I love hiking. Trails, wilderness, stepping over pebbles and stones, breathing in the cool crisp pure air….! thats the perfect therapy for mind and body. Just like music.!

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I hate going to the dentist! they inject things into my gums and then then i cant feel that side of my face. I once had both my wisdom teeth removed on the right side and i could only eat ice cream fo r a week. That was kinda cool though.

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“trespassers will be prosecuted” read the sign on the gate to the huge factory. But that was before the severe shortage of workers. Now it reads “trespassers will be recruited!”

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That was the name of the street my sister used live in when she was at school. I stayed with her for one summer. It was an amazing month. We painted the town red as was long overdue. We were meeting after two years.

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Full sleeves, half sleeves, mega sleeves, three fourths…… so many options… and oh yaa sleeveless too. Its so hard to wear short sleeved or sleeveless dresses in cochin. People here have a mindset that belongs to the twentieth century, a time where girls were to be covered from head to toe. Showing off your arms is scandalous, blasphemous!

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oh my god! i absolutely love bread! of all kinds, rye, soy, multi-grain, etc. I also love wine and cheese. I would love to live in france for a while and learn bread making, wine making and cheese making. Most importantly, eat only bread wine and cheese everyday! that would be so wonderful! i hope i am able to do just that one day. i will take a short sabbatical from work and go there. i would also like to write a small fantasy fiction novel while i am at it. Thats my dream! i hope i can realize it some day. As you can guess by the nature of my favourite foods that /I am exteremely serotonin deficient. Thats why i tend to overeat the aforementioned things. Which ultimately leads to weight gain, breakouts and overall poor self esteem. Yep, you got me! throw in body image issues into my mix of crazy. But I am really coming around now. I do not obsessively track calories, kill myself with exercise or avoid social situations which may push food my way. My body mass index is in normal range now and i allow myself occasional treats.

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It is all the rage nowadays to have unsalted, sugarless and oil less food for the health conscious. I love butter on my bread, chapati even eggs. But unsalted? nah! i also want some flavor in my food. So i would use small amounts of salted butter. The regular kind, not the icky low cal type.

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Those who have gratitude will receive more. That is what rhonda byrne the author of “the Secret” says. I believe in this. We often manifest into our lives the things that think about a lot, whether good or bad. I try to maintain a gratitude journal, as often as i can. I hope to receive good fortune due to this regular practice. Even the novena prayers, that i participate every week in at the kaloor St. Antony’s shrine, they keep reminding us to be grateful for all that we receive. Instead of praying to god for what we want or complaining to him when things do not go our way. Try to count your blessings and give thanks. Also, we should share with our brothers and sisters all the blessings that we receive.

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I love shopping for fresh produce at the hypermarket. But i think the real attraction is the coffee shop upstairs at the food court! My trip there is incomplete without that.

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Bastions, really tall buildings. In the midst of them i feel safe. but i also feel watched, scrutinized. safety versus privacy is the debate that comes to my mind when i hear or see towers

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