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Trying to get through grad school is like clockwork. Every assignment is as maticulous as the ceiling of the Vatican. If one word is out of place you are seen as illiterate. So pretty much how i am making my self sound right now.

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Standing in front of the crowd, he opened up the case and the chrome plating of that harmonica gleamed from the spotlight. He brought it out and played to his hearts content. As the song was playing, the crowd noticed and started turning their heads.

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Having a path as smooth as tile is a luxury. Not all of us have had it that easy. Working your way through life is a way of growing up and getting to know yourself.

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Having a path marked and smoothed out for you is a luxury. Not all of us have it that easy. I see struggle as an important part of life.

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A dogs bark is a dogs voice. They tend to use it fairly well even when us humans don’t want to listen to it. Just like every dog is different, so is their bark. Some are loud and scary, others not so much.

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