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there is something that builds in me when you smile
the construction of a perfect tower
that is built to fall down
brick by brick you stack me up
with every smile and every second of eye contact
you set me up for failure
for I know the second you breathe on me I will fall down

» Posted By Claire On 06.12.2018 @ 7:37 pm


I can zip it up but that won’t keep it up
it can always fall
I can zip it and hurt my thumb
that’s usually what happens
I don’t know why
is it stiff?
is my thumb weak?
anyway, it doesn’t stay
it’s either too tight
or loose
or was cheaply made
maybe there are good zippers
that don’t hurt your thumb
that stay up
on expensive clothes.

» Posted By Claire On 12.03.2017 @ 6:59 pm


Today was a major family day because it was Thanksgiving. We had a huge meal with turkey, rolls, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy, etc. The dessert was so good and it was a great day!!

» Posted By Claire On 11.23.2017 @ 8:28 pm


I wanted so badly to hit the ball. It was staring at me in the bowlers hands. All I had to do was position myself and connect with my bat. Deep breath, I can see the bowler now moving towards his run up. I squint and prepare myself.

» Posted By claire On 08.31.2017 @ 7:16 pm


My shift had finally ended, and I had decided to treat my family to some takeout. As I got to the front of the line and pulled out my wallet to pay, a young woman ran up to me and gave me a huge bear hug, then insisted on paying for my whole family. I looked at her, stunned and confused, and as she realized I didn’t recognized her, she smiled at me with eyes shining in endless gratitude.
“On September 11th, 2001, you carried me out of the burning World Trade Center. This is the least I can do to repay you.”

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» Posted By Claire On 02.06.2017 @ 8:07 pm


Life is a voyage. Sometimes the journey becomes rough, you may get hit by lightning a few times, there will be rough seas. There will also be days where the water is smooth and calm, the stars in the sky an endless array of sparkling light, shining with hope. Your ship will come in contact with others throughout the voyage, whether it be temporary, or a permanent bond. There will be struggle, but in the end, you have to have your mind set on what this voyage is about, and never forget your destination.

» Posted By Claire On 02.06.2017 @ 12:22 pm


A restriction, a boundary. Cages do not have to be literal, people can be caged figuratively, whether it be self-inflicted or forced from another person. When one’s heart is caged, it takes strong effort from a wanting person to unlock it. And when it does, the heart is re-caged eventually, whether it be now merged with the other heart, or once again alone, this time, with stronger security protecting it, in fear of what could become of the next time it is unlocked.

» Posted By Claire On 02.05.2017 @ 1:09 pm


Stuck, in jail. At the age of 12. Marlin had never imagined this possibility, because the thought of a 12 year old actually in jail is so absurd. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t go home, and he couldn’t ask for help. He felt the anger and disappointment build up inside him. Was this really just chance? Had he deserved it?
Unfortunately that is sometimes what happens in Monopoly.

» Posted By claire On 10.07.2016 @ 12:18 am


She flipped through the slideshow, holding her breath without realizing it. She hadn’t meant to open it, honestly she wasn’t even sure how she had opened it. It wasn’t often that she had to use her husband’s laptop, but with her’s out of battery, she just needed a quick peek.
But there, right in front of her, unavoidable, was an entire slideshow of their neighbor Caitlin.

» Posted By claire On 10.06.2016 @ 12:21 am


I haven’t felt this misunderstood since I was 16 and thought that I was the only person who truly felt that way. As if no one else had ever experience confusion or a feeling of not belonging.
But now, as I stood in front of my boss, and her boss, and the fucking CEO, I realized how even a small misunderstanding can really change the rest of your life.
I took a deep breath, looked at my hands, and then began trying to explain.

» Posted By claire On 10.03.2016 @ 5:41 am


The hollow sound of the trees blow by me. i can hear the faint cry out for help as the baby looks at me with those big ocean blue eyes. I look around to see whose baby it is but i see no one only me and her in this big maze of trees. Grace i will call her.

» Posted By Claire On 09.03.2016 @ 11:45 pm


we need protein to make us healthy energetic and fast we need this thing to make us happy

» Posted By claire On 07.25.2016 @ 4:49 pm


Oh! Do you only get one word to inspire you per day? Hmmm… well I guess I hope all Dad;s enjoyed Father’s Day yesterday. Til next time ..

» Posted By Claire On 06.20.2016 @ 6:42 am

My dad is amazing, but I feel like a might have made him age faster by leaving to study and work abroad. He worries too much, and all the time, it gets annoying sometimes because I just want to live my life but I also know that that’s his way of showing he cares. You see he’s not the kind of guy who actively shows his feelings to others, so I understand that showing his worry is his way of caring. I know he will always be there for me even though we’re miles apart. I just hopes he learns how to relax more and take life as it goes.

» Posted By Claire On 06.20.2016 @ 6:40 am


Buddha is apart of the freaking best religion in the world. I told my mom I was a Buddhist and she got very mad. She says I am a curious teenager, and that I am being irrational. I think it is a beautiful religion. My sister is becoming a Buddhist to piss my mom off, and teach her acceptance, although she is passionate about the religion as well.

» Posted By Claire On 04.20.2016 @ 5:40 am


She ran toward her father expecting the warm comforting hug of welcome home after an extended period away. In this instance though no comfort or hello came, instead just the heavy sadness that accompanies grief.

» Posted By Claire On 02.20.2016 @ 2:10 am


Pushing through bullshit of the farmland always scared me at this time of year, and i mean that literally. It was so god damn hot out all the time that the manure started to become part of the air itself.

» Posted By Claire On 01.30.2016 @ 1:00 pm


She never thought her life could go this wrong. She never thought that she’d wake up one morning, begging for help; begging for the love of her life to come back. Her life was derailed, but that wasn’t even what hurt most. It was losing him. She felt as if everything was falling apart, and each time she saw his beautiful, neatly sculpted face, she felt sick. Only because she was fully aware of what she didn’t have anymore. Him. She didn’t have him anymore. The one person she wanted. The one person she loved more than anything and was hoping to keep, but he was gone. Far, far away. And the worst part was that he was popular and that traveled with him. When he went on vacations, he was likely to see girls he thought was pretty and they thought he was amazing and handsome. If only I was one of those girls.

» Posted By Claire On 11.12.2015 @ 2:51 pm


Talk about
Formal word
Past tense
Bad onus

» Posted By claire On 09.12.2015 @ 4:23 am


The body is heavy, industrious rubber heels carving lines through the sand. Sweat beads on her brow, and her shoulders bow under the weight of her guilt. She can hardly breathe, thankful for the cool ocean water swishing over her feet, sluicing away the blood. Her nails bite into the cool, dead flesh, and she swallows back her guilt.

» Posted By claire On 07.14.2015 @ 12:50 pm


My clothes never match. My parents say it’s because I have no fashion sense.
The truth is I just don’t care. That’s why I wear spots with stripes–who has time to think about that stuff anyway?

» Posted By Claire On 07.12.2015 @ 1:35 pm


A story is composed of three things: The content, the experience, and the emotions paired with it.

» Posted By Claire On 06.22.2015 @ 11:40 pm


i like my day and i dont know what to write to change

» Posted By claire On 03.15.2015 @ 10:50 am


this is too fast. i cannot even organize my thought when i wrote about it. it is very tricky, i have to admit . and it’s too short too be expressive. ok, so i can still write more and more as I wanted, shit!

» Posted By claire On 02.27.2015 @ 6:15 pm


The static cling of her skin to mine was inescapable. I needed to be there, as I had no choice in the matter; I was stuck. Knowing this, she used my plight in her favor.
In doing so, I assumed I was her favorite. Her favorite what, though?
Unfortunately, I recently acquired the answer I dreaded: I was her pet.

» Posted By Claire On 11.09.2014 @ 11:44 am

The static cling of her skin to mine was inescapable. I needed to be there, as I had no choice in the matter; I was stuck. Knowing this, she used my plight in her favor.

» Posted By Claire On 11.09.2014 @ 11:36 am

The old radio on the table crackled to life, the light dimmed with age blinking as furiously as a racing heart.

The small old woman reached out a spindly finger and turned the over-sized button on the front, her breath slow and paced.

» Posted By Claire On 11.08.2014 @ 7:25 pm


I love you. Maybe you say weird things that make me laugh like when you “had to use these spoons” or when you told me “your head shouldn’t be comfortable like that”. It’s little things. Weird things, like how you think the spies joke is funny.

» Posted By Claire On 10.12.2014 @ 6:19 pm


Her hair is coarse, and thick; I’ve watched her tried to trail her fingers through it, ineffably like the movie stars do, but it’s stubborn, and reluctant. It knots, she complains, it’s always dirty-looking. But it’s still somehow beautiful in a dingy, beaten-up way. And I’d never complain about her hair, if I had it.

» Posted By claire On 07.30.2014 @ 5:53 am


“Be careful next time,” she tells me as she puts the needle down. “Your aunt would be furious if she were to discover you running around the grounds in your second-best dress.”

» Posted By Claire On 07.04.2014 @ 1:07 pm

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