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I’ve enjoyed playing cards since I was a kid. I used to want to play cards in casinos. I think I’d be pretty good at it if I did. But when Christ saved me, He took away my desire to do that, saving me from a life of potential addiction, bankruptcy, or worse.

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The greatest thing that man can do is glorify his Creator.

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My wife is pregnant with our third child. She says she wants four kids, but I always say I want at least four. I’m hoping for twins next time, so she won’t be able to say no to a fifth child :)

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I had to chase a woman before she gave me the time of day. I wore her down, though, and she became my wife.

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You can’t explain it. Sometimes you just know what the right course of action is. You go with your gut, and simply know that it was the right choice. God gives us this intuition sometimes, and when we follow the Holy Spirit, He will guide us in all things.

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People live life. They go their own way. But sooner or later, what they do and how the world actually works will be caught in a collision. When that happens, where do you turn? Turn to Christ. In Him is life.

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