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Cap on, NB slung over his shoulder, Jensen sprinted through the bushes dodging children’s toys and sundry other debris. As he came around a gardenia bush he slowed to catch his breath, but just then he tripped on a tennis racket and both he and the NB tumbled hard to the ground under the bush.

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With the NB slung over his shoulder, and moaning, Jensen continued his sprint to the far side of the huge compound, past where the wheeled vehicles could reach. Only then did he stop and reach into his pocket to grab the scope. Removing the cap from the lens, he peered back at the small gaggle of rapidly dispersing people in the quad. “A reporter?!”

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He grabbed the Ninja Babe and they sprinted toward the gap in the hedge. She moaned and fell slack as a round pierced her upper thigh. Out of necessity, Jensen lifted her over his shoulder and carried her like a sack of potatoes.

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Out of the corner of his eye, Jensen caught a reporter standing among the trio of battle tanks that were slowly positioning themselves, their turrets facing in his direction. “WTF?!” thought Jensen.

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The particular architecture of the building, now exposed by the tank round, captured Jensen’s attention for just a moment. He wondered, why on earth would anyone stuff straw inside cinder blocks used for a wall. Suddenly, the Ninja Babe yanked his arm and he was off.

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The sudden booming and near instantaneous obliteration of the wall of their room transformed what up until now had been a gorgeously sensual experience. Not that the chaotic havoc that ensued from the strike wasn’t sensual in its own way.

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As he lay there in his post-coital chaotic frazzle, Jensen thought, “If only life had a backspace on its keyboard.”

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There was little romance in their activity, at least that’s what they thought at the time. In the future they would feel very different about it indeed. But at the moment, it was all carnal lust topped with a serious cherry of danger.

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With total disregard to the situation outside in the quad, Jensen and the Ninja Babe went at like feral cats on a hot summer evening, grunting and moaning and panting and sweating.

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In moments, they were reduced to primitive grappling and grunting and moaning as their bodies became entangled under the window sill. As the personnel in their vehicles puttered about in the quad, Jensen and the Ninja Babe were making time in the pale light of the afternoon sunshine on the floor of the abandoned complex.

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Crouched by the window, Jensen and the Ninja Babe could see the vehicle occupants tasting the air, scanning the courtyard for anything moving. Suddenly Jensen was pulled sideways and before he could react the Ninja Babe was on top of him pressing her lips to his in an impassioned kiss.

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All the training he’d had as a cop were instrumental in what he and the Ninja Babe did in the next few hours. Jensen put his hand on her shoulder and brought her down to his crouch as they peered through the fluttering blinds of the window. Outside, forming up in a circle in the quad between the apartment buildings, were 8 military-style tracked vehicles. One by one, the tops popped open on the tin cans and uniformed heads peeked out.

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Standing quickly upright, the Ninja Babe looked out the window. Jensen had heard it, too. Tracked vehicles were in the vicinity. “Tracked vehicles?” Jensen thought. “WTF?”

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Hearing. What was he hearing? Or what was he not hearing in his own thinking, Jensen thought. What was he missing? Was he blind? The Ninja babe was there for him. He could see it. She was there. But something was in his hearing…something…

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Jensen walked back into the room and found it empty. They had agreed to not separate but for some reason she had wanted to have separate rooms. He rushed through the ratty unit in a mild panic.

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Nothing was hallowed anymore, or for that matter, now that Jensen thought about it, nothing ever really was. Shedding himself of this illusion or delusion, he smiled a little. But he had to admit it to himself, he felt a little lonely over the whole revelation.

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Jensen thought for a while that if he ever got back to his old world he’d have to come up with an alibi for all the shit he’d been through, and he worried that no one in a sane world would ever believe anything he’d come up with, and so he just decided that fuck it, he’d just become a deaf and dumb man and live out his years with Ninja Queen.

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The balloons floated across the robin’s egg blue sky as Jensen and the Ninja babe sat and stared. Neither said a word, but both of their heads tracked the balloons and both of them had satisfying smiles on their faces.

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He glanced quickly over to the desk and noticed that it had been bitten and gnawed on too. “What the hell on earth could cause something or someone to gnaw on wood to this degree, and then where did all this blood come from?” Jensen asked himself. A tap on his shoulder freaked him out of his contemplation and he jolted.

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As he dragged his foot away from the blackish grey mass on the floor, strings of matter came with it. He felt a wave of disgust as he realized that it was some kind of blood. And just as he realized this he looked at the wooden railing of the bed, which he could see had been severely bitten.

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Looking at the note, Jensen’s eyes past to the floor where he noticed a place where a small dark puddle of some liquid had formed. He absentmindedly scuffed at it with his shoe only to find that it had not hardened, but was the consistency of molasses.

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Moving the mirror a little to the side, Jensen flipped an edge of the wallpaper. The paper had come undone because something had been stuffed behind it along one of the seams that the mirror covered. He reached in and pulled out a small folded note that had a red heart on it.

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The rooms were strewn with the debris of a quickly fleeing resident, obviously taking only what needed to be taken and no care for the mess left behind. Hanging on the corner of a mirror in one of the rooms were several charms glinting dully in the gray light. Jensen held one in his hand and thought.

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As they left the abandoned projects the weather turned rainy. Old style rainy, not with the ashen grit that had become all to common to Jensen. It felt good to him and he was ready to keep moving, but the Ninja babe stopped suddenly and said,
“It’s time to take a break. Follow me. We’ll stay the night in those buildings over there.”

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To avoid capture, the Ninja babe steered them around a desolate looking set of apartment blocks, skirting the hedges and weeds and staying close to the paint-peeled walls. Jensen, a little out of breath, squeezed her hand to let her know that he needed her attention.

They stopped underneath a Ginko tree with its rotting puke-scented nuts scattered all around, “What?”

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It had been eons since anyone had called him “Chief”, and Jensen’s heart swelled with a momentary pride. But the moment was vaporized when she put a hand to his chest to stop him and said, “Whoa! careful. There’s a Catcher over there hunting for strays.” Jensen thought, “Strays?”

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“Just keep running,” she said. “Keep moving toward that apartment complex.”

“You don’t have to tell me what to do!” Jensen barked in his passionate panic.

“Hey, chief, keep a lid on the temper, would you? We’re a team now, if you haven’t figured it out yet,” she replied with a smile on her face.

Jensen turned and grinned at her.

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As they ran through the rubble of the town, an exquisite feeling of passionate joy swept over them. Hand in hand, they pushed on as if nothing else in the world mattered. And in fact, nothing actually did. They had found in each other a home in a homeless world.

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“Wait! Grab a map!” Jensen shouted to the Ninja Babe. She quickly grabbed the iPad unit and they both, hand in hand, fled the accident scene. the mental residue of the the crash and the decisions they made in its aftermath quickly faded away as they ran through the empty streets.

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As the van slammed into the trunk of the Ginko tree, everyone shot forward and smashed against the seat backs as the van’s side doors sprang open. As the noises and dust settled, a leg reached out gingerly to find the ground.

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