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The wind whipped in her hair, flinging it into her eyes as she squinted up at the box. The stadium lights blared back. “Last time, same thing!” the band director hollered, but she knew in her heart that they’d be doing it another three times after this,

“Fucking wind,” she hissed, and adjusted her instrument.

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The taste of iron filled her mouth. She cursed, spat. “Fuck,” she seethed, and glared at the unconscious form curled up beside her.

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Her hair was a vibrant salmon pink. It was jarring, at least for someone like Rosie who had never even seen hair that wasn’t somewhere between brown and blonde. Was it strange? Yes, of course. But was she interested?

It would be a lie to say she wasn’t.

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the black snuggie cult dominates my thoughts and my heart

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He’d never cared much for academics. Then again, he supposed that was only fair. No on had ever cared about him, personally, so why should he care if his grades wasted away in the garbage? It’s what he did, too. No reason he should strive for any part of him to leave it.

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A sense of stability enveloped her. “What happened? What did you do?” She’s nervous, a little afraid. He laughs and tousles his bedhead.
“It’s like a magic charm, I guess?”

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Whenever she sees him, it’s a twist in the chest. Like he’s stuck a knife there, and each time her eyes meet his visage he’s subconsciously reaching out and twisting it like a key in its lock.
Maybe it’s the masochist hidden in her that forces her to keep coming back to him like she does.

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“You’re such a lightweight,” he laughs, and you don’t know if you actually heard him because the room is spinning and you wonder if you’re even touching the ground. For all you know, you could be imagining the tender look on his face and the soft chuckling behind the heavy, brain-pounding bass in the bar.
“S’not my fault,” you mumble. “No one ev’r took m’drinkin’ before.”
And now he looks a bit sad. Good work.

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Belief seems so unnecessary in a world where everything you once believed in was proven wrong already. The heretics stand on what was once the street, still brandishing signs, still urging people to give up their something-or-other ways and they’ll go somewhere-or-other.

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The pool was beautifully reflective. It captured the light of everything around it and sent it right back out, and it made the place beautiful. A sanctuary, if you will.
And he realized, sitting there watching the pool swallow up the sky, that she reminded him a lot of this pool.

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Message received.
She didn’t want to check it. She lacked the energy, and it would probably just be one of her sweet acquaintances just checking up on her again. There was nothing they could do about any of this, and explaining it would make it worse.
She didn’t want to check it.

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She acted as though the whole world revolved around her. And I, poor soul that I was, had been caught in her orbit. And I saw her for what she truly was: she was a star on the brink of collapse; a death waiting to happen, waiting for everything around her to come crashing in until she was alone, completely, and forever.
She’d deserve it, though. I’d know firsthand exactly how much she’d deserve it.

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He was the scientific approach. He never did anything without checking every available fact, without double checking everything, without a safety net underneath him should he fail. And fail he did, quite often, because sometimes the best choice you can make is going to be the most spontaneous decision you will ever live to make.

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They were a well-oiled machine. Nonstop, strong, a perfect fit into each other — keeping each other going, moving as a whole unit.
Well, that was the plan. It didn’t often work. After all, they were mere humans. Cooperation has never been humanity’s redeeming quality.

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She had never been to a club before. It was dark, and loud, and she’d barely touched a glass and her head pounded anyways, as if it didn’t need the intoxicant to cause her discomfort. “Can I leave?” she pleaded meekly. She tugged gently at her friend’s sleeve, squeaking a little when the fabric slipped right off her shoulder.
Quinn laughed, loud and attention-seeking; far too high-pitched to be natural. “You’re the one who needs this, Ara, not me.”

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Attendance in class was a necessary thing in order to actually pass it. Not that he really cared, to be honest; he really didn’t care about a lot of things, and attendance was just one of many.

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It was a cliche kind of a thing, the whole “different families” bit. But it’s a barrier that he’s come across before, and the event stole his life from him.
Ah, love. How worthless and unnecessary.

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She wore it like armor. What it was, exactly, she never knew, but it was plain to see that whatever it was protected her from herself.
She hated herself, and this was not news to anyone.

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The point was that they hadn’t accomplished anything. The point was that neither of them knew what they were doing. It wasn’t that she had lied, or that he hadn’t cared enough. The fact of the matter was, both of them had completely missed the point, and that is why everything had broken.

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It was lopsided. It bothered him how it was so … uneven. The thing was that he had obviously seen something like it before, but this one was … unique? He couldn’t say different, per se, because it wasn’t. It was just an object.

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it was a marvelous lie, woven intricately and delicately and crafted with the steadiest of hands. like a spider’s near-invisible thin threads, it captured the intended and left them dazed and unaware.
it was a perfectionist’s paradise.

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she was like a time bomb, regardless of the overused metaphor; her feeling were contained, all of them, and it was only matter of time before she would let them loose.
for now, though, she kept special care to make sure they stayed in her. it hurt her. but she did it anyways.
because that was the kind of person she was.

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business sharks were always the scariest, for her. they were cold, sharp, predatory, and she hated it.

maybe she just hated dealing with things. yes, that sounded about right.

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he was towering and cold–a testament to the fear he instilled in others. harsh. rough. gray.

she was small and young–a flower growing in the cracks between the stones. it was a wonder she could even be near him and not wilt, as everyone else had.

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God is an infinite that we cant ever put inside our little words such as: immense, big, or even infinite.

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Wheat is good for you. It’s great actually. What would the world be without wheat?

I wouldn’t know. You wouldn’t know.

Because wheat exists, that’s why.

It’s not just a part of the nutrition t

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love. a life together. family, children. buying a house. wedding. engagement. commitment. divorce. end.

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friends and family. love. in the sky. sanity with a dash of cray. galaxies. nature. aqua. opposites. stuck. change. circularly spiralescent…

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My mom wants me to get a farm job. I think it would be a great experience, but honestly I’m not unhappy with the job I have now. It pays pretty well, probably better than a farm job. The only downside is that my shifts start at 5 and end between 12 and 1 in the morning which kind of takes away from my nightlife.

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Boy meets girl. The feelings of eager lust and desire in his eyes was evident. His need to touch her hand, feel her hair, smell her scent; it was unattainable. Was it love? No.

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