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Grey’s Anatomy has been on for way too long. My sister watches it, and I don’t understand how it can still be entertaining to her. Perhaps she just likes the familiarity of the characters, like people who watch The Truman Show (the people in the movie).

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Dating is such a stupid thing I dont like it.

…that is all for today

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Joy I’m full of it
but don’t think of it
as a thing
I think of it as
Colorful flowers backwards hat baseball caps in the ninth inning with two outs to go and free slushies whether you win or lose
i think of bruises
after 5AM hockey practice
backyard football before dinner
and hotfudgeicecream oh boy
It’s summer

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The desolate, barren landscape looked back at Darren. Bare. Naked. Ready to be explored, he thought. He buckled his hiking pack across his chest and headed down the cliff of clay and stone.

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The old man sat at the entrance in a metal folding chair, reading the Sunday paper. Part of the welcoming brigade, they said. The first person they see when they get out of their car, they said. To the old man, it all just sounded like one thing. “You’re useless.”

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Swimmers swam the coast of Marlyand.
They cut through the water with their great big hands.
When they reached the land all the fishies did say,
“Won’t you big fishies come back and play?”

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Modest Mouse, with their hit “Float On,” be came one of the premier alternative rock bands of the early 2000s. Joining them will be Neutral Milk Hotel and Nada Surf. Call now to get your tickets, starting at only $40!

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Is hapless referring to happiness? I don’t know what the word means.

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John revved the engine. He looked across at his opponent. In the other car, a souped-up Honda Accord, the younger man stared ahead at the beautiful young lady standing in the middle of the road ahead of them. He didn’t look cocky. He looked confident; determined. This could be a tough race after all, John thought, as the young lady waved the flag to go.

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I looked down at my pruned fingers. I’d been in the bath far too long. Blinking my eyes I realized I’d dozed off. After pulling the plug in the tub I sat as the water slowly spun down the drain. Oh no! I thought, thinking of the time. The party!

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The colorful shirt was offset by dark gray pants. His outfit struck a strange cord in the woman from the seat next to him.

From the back of the class, Richard watched as the women turned in her chair, appearing to say something to the man.

The man was on his feet in an instant, raising a fist as he stared at the woman.

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I wanted to confide in her, trust her, tell her everything there was to know about me. But it kept holding me back.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I like your dress.”

“Thank you,” she said.

I watched her walk away and thought to myself, “it has to be tonight.”

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The third child said to the second, “Where do you think the snake went?”

They both pressed their faces up against the glass of the case and searched it up and down. It was nowhere to be found.

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The music carried through the hall with a ringing, pleasurable to the ear. The dim lights and shadowy corners seemed just a little bit brighter. “I think we’ve got a star on our hands,” the manager said to me. I looked at my little girl on stage. “A starlit,” I said.

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My hair was unkempt, but I walked out of the bathroom anyways, grabbed my backpack and headed for the door, grabbing a banana on the way. I saw the schoolbus from my driveway as I made my way to the bus stop down the road. As it stopped, I realized my mom wouldn’t be able to drive me if I missed it. I began to run.

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Dissecting the frog was a challenge for Grace because of this. She reluctantly put on the white smock to cover her dress, with floral print. Mr. Nelson handed her a plastic tool-kit and she looked at it in disgust.

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I doubled down. “Looks like a nice spot you’ve got here Ace,” I said. “Who’s the girl in the corner?” I’d been watching her periodically from the corner of my eye. She was fidgeting around, standing at the bar, apparently in some sort of conversation with the bartender. She looked upset.

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The firearm rested heavy in my arm. Move ahead! They’re approaching! I heard a cry from the front. Then I heard the yelling, the gunshots. I stormed ahead.

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harm. Interesting that harmony contains that word yet is such a beautiful thing. Beautiful birds sing in the daylight, waking me up. The sunlight reflects on the pond and I am back on that day four years ago, picturing the way that your hair looked.

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I counted the seconds ’til the timer stopped. Ding! The pizza was ready. I finished watching the segment of sportscenter before I paused the tv and got up, stretching. Walking into the kitchen I noticed the unpaid bills on the kitchen table and sighed.

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I took the orders from my captain with a curt nod and a salute. “Yes sir!”

“Good. Be on your way.”

I walked down the ship’s deck to the bow, looking at the sea spray. Gulls were flying in the distance; I could hear their calls.

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The window sill was empty, but for a small vase with a tall, slender stem of a budding flower. Amy looked out the window at the kids lining up to come in from the playground. “Ugh,” she grunted.

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beforehand the man in the tan van shivered. He took out his pet snake and called over to the young boy on the sidewalk. “Who wants to pet the 8-foot anaconda?!” He referenced to his homemade sign of weathered cardboard.

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The wreath hung above the doorway, illuminated by the spotlights that Amy had her husband John put up for her the night before.

“It looks nice, but I think it could use a bit more,” said Amy.

“No, it looks great honey,” replied John.

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The timid boy stood in the middle of the party, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. His head turned, frantically searching for a familiar face. He could feel his muscles tightening as his breaths got shorter, more panicked.

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The prisoner looked out the bars of his cell. Forming a plan in his mind he found that time was of the essence. The sequence of the events would have to go exactly as he had planned it. But he needed an accomplice. He turned to Mac, his cell mate.

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