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my favorite thing to do is lie under the blankets, in my old house. tin roof, warm dog, thunder and rain, wind beating on the old rickety windows. i could pass hours in that room with books and candles, just enjoying the lack of electricity and the warmth peace can bring when you are still and quiet.

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i have so many of these, little or big reminders of major events in my life (childbirth) to smaller events, like falling while running in the dark one night. each one tells a story, but it’s not one i always want to share. over time, the scars on my body present a roadmap of my history, one that leads me to the person i am today, and reminders of those who have affected me on that road.

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i’ve often focused on my setting and how it affects the work and thinking i do. music is often background of my setting, and in general, i relate strongly to the memories of every musical note my setting has brought. the sounds of a room, or an office, or a train – the smells around me at the time, the weather, whether it is drizzling or blazingly hot – all contribute to the setting.

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suppose is one of those “wasted” words in the english language. it’s like wondering what is going to happen or would have happened if you had done such and such differently. suppose is a word of possibilities but it’s also a word of speculation, and usually speculation leads, eventually, to navel gazing and a lot of complaining about what could have been different. i’ve had relationships that could be subtitled “i supposed this could have been better.”

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