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He punched me so hard that I stumbled back four feet and my head smacked the wall. My vision was blurry; head pounding, I barely felt him yank me up by the shirt…but I felt the full force of the back of his right hand against my cheek.

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We all wear different hats. Some people where a different hat once a day…some people change hats multiple times in a day…some in a matter of hours…minutes. Forget masks…what about hats?

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The sound was indistinct as she walked through the woods. Had it been night or evening she would have been more afraid, but barely a tremble passed through her body as the echo faded away.

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I am eternally grateful

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“It is probable that you won’t survive.”
“I’m quite aware of that.”
“You might die.”
“Yes, I know.”
“No….you don’t understand. You probably will die. You’re not expected to come back.”
“Just gimme the damn papers and we’ll see about that.”

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This reminds me of Riders in the Sky shows…the ones that they’d film. Because they’d do these flashback scenes for some reason…and they’d put squiggly lines and make the picture all wobbly.
At least I think it was them.

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“I want you to get close to him, St. Clare.”
“How do you mean?”
“I think you know what I mean.”
The woman was silent for moment.
“Forgive my question, Commissioner…but isn’t he one of our own?”
“Your mission is not to question your orders, Agent…it is to carry them out. Do you understand?”
The woman frowned.
“Yes. Thank you Sir.”

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“Fences keep things out.”
“Yes…but they also keep things in. It’s kind of like the glass of water…is it half full or half empty?”
“I’ve always thought of it as empty.”

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Miles is a good friend of mine. I’ve known him for a very long time…back when he was a scrawny little country boy who played little league baseball and had a rat-tail haircut. Now he’s a model in New York City, but he’s still the same old sweet-hearted Miles. Just hotter…and without the rat-tail.

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Near…..far….where-eeeeeever you are….
K. That’s quite enough of that.
I’ve never seen that movie. Titanic that is. All I’ve seen of it is part of the Jack death scene when Rose says “I won’t let go!” and then like…twenty minutes later AFTER HE WOULD HAVE GONE INTO HYPOTHERMIC SHOCK in real life…she lets go. Wench. So much for true love.
Oh…and I saw all this while standing in line at Sam’s Club. Go figure.

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“But I thought you said we were made for each other.”
“Well…I lied.”
He stood there in silence as she picked up her purse from the kitchen table and put her coat over her arm. He looked at the hand she put out.
“Goodbye Adam.”

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“What am I, your maid?”
“No…but you are my woman.”
I slapped his stupidly grinning face and grabbed my coat, yelling back at his suddenly angry inquiry of ‘where the hell I thought I was going’. I yanked the keys from the rack by the door and slammed into the car, peeling out of the driveway as he stumbled drunkenly out the front door.

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In complete and utter agony he stood up, then reeled back when he looked over the edge of the cliff. It was a good three hundred foot drop to the jagged rocks among crashing waves in the tempestuous ocean, and fighting back tears, he leaned against the rock face, sliding down and hugging his knees to his cracked ribs.

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Suddenly, without warning, she was there.
“Oh my god.”
The room around her had finally come to a standstill, and she steadied herself on her feet.
“Welcome home, milady.”
She smiled brilliantly, and took the white gloved hand in her own.

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“Where am I being driven?”
“Sorry Miss…we can’t tell you.”
“Who are you?”
Her continued queries were unanswered, and only her hearing served to help her know where she was. After what seemed like forever, the blindfold was taken off and she stared up at the giant house she was being pushed towards.

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Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free. Tis a gift to be where’re you want to be…and when you find yourself in that place just right, you’ll be in the valley of love and delight. When true simplicity is gained, to bow and to bend…we shan’t be ashamed to turn…turn, will be our delight, and we find by turning we come round right.

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Bronze medal. Bronze skin. Sexy bronze skinned man. He was running down the beach as I read underneath my big blue umbrella wearing my little red bikini. Our eyes met and his dog came and licked my hand. I smiled. He grinned. The rest is history.

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You have one. I have one. Literally. But some people are spineless…figuratively. That means they’re cowards. They let people walk all over them. This is stupid. I hate spineless people. Your spine is what keeps you upright both literally and figuratively. Learn to love your spine.

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What is the meaning? Every day we learn about the meaning of things. In my Shakespeare class we learn about the meaning of the words, the meaning of the text. In my religion class we learn about the meaning of the gospels in their historical context. The other night I had a conversation about the meaning of life at 4 am with my friend. What is the meaning of everything?

» Posted By catarine On 05.16.2010 @ 4:56 am

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