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editor in chief. overlooking, crossing, finding a story hidden in facts.
in fact i don’t think i could do it.

» Posted By Cat On 04.30.2019 @ 4:57 am


He had underestimated her, just as everyone in this small town had done her whole life. Little did they know the more they pushed her, taunted her, the more it simply motivated her. The warm crimson of his blood glistened upon her pale skin, as she leaned towards his limp body…admiring her kill. This would be one murder in which they would never find the body. No one knew just how crafty she could be if needed. They were about to find out.

» Posted By Cat On 08.14.2018 @ 8:40 pm


I am surrounded by lies. The liar is everywhere. In the eyes of those who silently judge me, on the lips of those who speak my praises, and even in the comfort of what is held most dear. Always a cost, always a lie, because that is a necessity for society to survive as we all crumble inside

» Posted By Cat On 07.04.2018 @ 6:22 pm


Ironic, I love everything green, except for collard greens. Everyone assumes because I am vegetarian I eat greens every day.

» Posted By Cat On 07.02.2018 @ 10:34 pm


I spun the small metal circle around and around on the string mesmerized as I pulled it tight and the washer spun furiously fast.

» Posted By cat On 06.25.2018 @ 11:18 am


The dim lights of the run down motel called to her, promising an endless buffet of hookers and druggies. She licked her lips as the faint smell of blood blew past her, carried by the taunting wind. This particular motel had definitely seen it’s fair share of blood spilt, would it mind if she spilt a tad more? Is this what her world had come to? Feasting on the blood of the unwanted and tainted?

» Posted By Cat On 06.21.2018 @ 9:41 pm


She is so selfish. Everything she does if for her own benefit. Those around her, mean nothing to her, except to fulfill a need she may have. She feels the world should orbit around her as though she were the sun.

» Posted By Cat On 06.15.2018 @ 5:24 pm


She raised her eyebrow, stood up straight and deepened her voice, trying to appear as stern as she possibly could. It was now or never, she had to make a change, put an end to it all. Such a small change yet it seemed like it would cause the world around them to crumble. She had to take charge, make them listen, their lives all depended on it

» Posted By Cat On 06.05.2018 @ 6:12 pm


I was so lucky to have her love. What could she ever see in me? She was perfect. My entire world. My heart was full. and then the truth came, something I had always feared, it was to good to be true, she fell from her pedistool, breaking my heart, all because she wanted to stray

» Posted By Cat On 05.03.2018 @ 12:04 pm

She was more than a stray. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted her. They didn’t want to adopt her out, they said she was dangerous. Maybe that is what caught my eye. I fought for her, and finally got her. She became my sweet Angel. I was fortunate enough to have her love for 13 years, before the cancer took her from her. My heart aches for my world, my beautiful stray.

» Posted By Cat On 05.03.2018 @ 12:02 pm


I could hear his heart racing as he hurried down the street. He tossed his knife into the shadows, glancing around to make sure there were no eyes on him. Smiling, he slowed his pace and shoved his hands into his pockets. I chuckled to myself at his confidence that he got away with it. Shame I saw his crime, my teacher taught me to be judge, jury and executioner. He jumped as I stepped from the shadows into his line of sight, his smile fading.

» Posted By cat On 04.17.2018 @ 7:49 pm


I was young, but old enough to no longer need a baby sitter. However my Grandma felt like she needed to be there. I would do homework, while she would crochet or quilt. I enjoyed my time with her, but a part of me felt like I was old enough to spend my afternoons alone or with friends, ripe old age of 12. A few years later, I lost her. Now that I am in my 40’s I look back at those pieces of crochet and quilts that she never got to finish, and I cherish them so much, as that is all I have left. Those stands of fabric and yarn quilted together, hold my tears, my joys, my memories, and regrets.

» Posted By Cat On 04.10.2018 @ 10:39 am


The regulations placed on the American people, should in many cases have a mirror held up, exposing, controlling and minimizing the damage caused by very bad, greedy and powerful entities whom deserve no name

» Posted By Cat On 03.26.2018 @ 9:02 pm


Her cold pale skin shone bright in the darkness as the spotlight found it’s way down the alley. She jumped back into the shadows, her eyes glancing at the bloody, lifeless body that lay before her. Would they see? Wiping the blood from her lips, she wondered if her mistake would cost her everything

» Posted By Cat On 03.23.2018 @ 10:30 pm

There she stood, all her imperfections shining for the world to see. Her mistakes, her regrets, her doubts on trial… the world was her stage and yet she stood blinded in the spotlight

» Posted By Cat On 03.23.2018 @ 10:26 pm


You made me who I am. You broke me, and remolded me into this bitter creature. It took years, heartbreak and sadness, but you have won. Your lies, Your cheating, Your selfishness…and you dare ask why I am the way I am. Remember years of empty love and promises, you have made me

» Posted By Cat On 03.16.2018 @ 1:04 pm


Heartache, my old friend. You have been there as I lost my world. You listened as I poured my heart out. you have awakened me, after I have cried myself to sleep. You have reminded me to live, when I felt broken. I have known you so much in my life, and yet you choose to always come back to me. What have I done to deserve you as such a friend

» Posted By Cat On 03.01.2018 @ 10:36 pm

The tears rolled down her warm cheeks, her ice blue eyes staring into the distance. Her whole body was numb. She knew it was coming, but she wasn’t ready. Surrounded by nothingness, and no one… she was alone. Her heart ached, her mind raced… had she done the right thing? Or had she been selfish, letting her sweet Angel suffer. No one could understand, no one could ever replace, nothing would ever be the same. There was no greater pain, than the loss of a loved one, especially one who meant the world, who was the world. Her Angel now had wings, and all she had was despair. The Lymphoma had won, and taken the one thing she had in in this evil world.

» Posted By Cat On 03.01.2018 @ 10:30 pm


a place to stay
I think of a log cabin.
The fancy kind with air conditioning and no spiderwebs in the corners.
The unnatural kind
for the tourists who don’t like soggy feet

» Posted By cat On 10.20.2017 @ 5:49 am


Smaug in hazy mist like a perfume of languid death.

» Posted By cat On 01.02.2018 @ 10:54 pm


I will never forget that day….. the day I lost my mortality. The day my life was taken, a new one given without a choice. It was an odd day for sunny California, cool and cloudy, calming yet the air was filled with sadness. I can remember the soft gurgles escaping my lips as I lay in a pool of blood dying. The peace that was slowly coming over my body, only to be replaced with an intense fire within my chest, every limb ached as though they were being ripped from my body

» Posted By Cat On 11.09.2017 @ 11:02 am


they promised help.
but it is not very helpful.
They promised –
well, who can be trusted anymore?

» Posted By Cat On 10.17.2017 @ 5:47 am

a couch.
I sleep on a couch.
flies swarm the week old bananas I should have thrown out
but mom might have yelled at me.
or are they flies?
It’s hard to tell the difference.

» Posted By Cat On 10.15.2017 @ 7:16 pm


The waitress eyed the pale stranger in the corner, as she prepped the coffee pot for another round. There was something about him that didn’t feel right. Her stomach uneasy, her heart pounding, she decided to approach him. Her eyes widened, as she noticed what looked like fresh blood on his sleeves and his chin.

» Posted By cat On 09.29.2017 @ 8:57 pm


It was all ashen- the sky. The trees. Even the grass under our feet had returned into the dirt it had once been. As we stood, staring at what the fires had left for us, I saw only what it had taken away.

» Posted By cat On 09.04.2017 @ 4:30 pm


Mylifestyle is not very balanced. I work more than I play/relax and I do not do a lot of exercise. I do not actively participate in any hobbies. I have a cat which improes my lifestyle for the most part, but she wakes me up a lot at night. I

» Posted By Cat On 07.14.2017 @ 2:59 am


I’ve heard about an inventor that created a machine with two pens. One for the writer to hold, the other to match the movement. He could write two pages at the same time.

» Posted By Cat On 05.31.2017 @ 5:52 pm


Cracked, broken, not made to last – people get me confused with plastic. I’m durable. I’m ready to be whole. I may be broken, but I’m NOT disposable.

» Posted By Cat On 03.01.2017 @ 5:47 am


Slinking silently – sly as silver – side sliding shyly stirring the still silence. Steeling, stealing, thieves.

» Posted By Cat On 01.22.2017 @ 2:32 pm


Water. Kinda ironic that this is the word for today because I”m in this fitness challenge thing my cousin is putting on and today’s challenge was about drinking water. Hydration. Kinda important to survival. Not kinda. Crucial. Critical. Life or death.

» Posted By Cat On 01.04.2017 @ 6:51 pm

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