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The word together means to be with someone else whether it be the opposite gender or not. To be together implies also that you are in a relationship with someone. People can be any range of emotion when they are together and can end up having good or bad memories together.

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The stretcher was old, ragged. It was covered in a fine film of dust, as though it hadn’t been used in years. It looked as though it couldn’t fit a person who was extremely overweight, or someone that was extremely tall. But it was useful in this situation, as Lydia was hurt and she couldn’t move.

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“That was one stunt you pulled there,” you said condescendingly. “I hope you enjoyed it, because this won’t happen again.” We’ll see about that, I thought derisively. “Yes, ma’am,” I replied. I turned away so you wouldn’t see my smirk.

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18th birthday, came and gone. This one stays in memory. Dancing, Singing, Pictures, and Repeat. Catch, Lock. Kept Forever in my heart.

» Posted By Carli On 09.19.2011 @ 3:01 pm


the stock pmarket has to do with trade. not very fun. i was never one of those kids who traded my lunch. i got healthy lunches so nobody wanted what i had to offer. oh well, still hurts after 20 years. but i guess i can move on, you know?

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a ticket is something you get to go somewhere. something you need in order to transport to some where other than you are now. you can use a ticket to go on a plane, a train, or some other

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It was everything to me, but at the same time, nothing. He got on one knee, and held a single clover up to my eye level and jokingly asked if I’d marry him. Little did either of us know, that same thing would happen, but this time, with a ring.

» Posted By Carli On 04.30.2011 @ 6:31 pm


How is that detours on roads with repair are never actually helpful? For some reason they always take you too far out of your way. And not that I don’t like the unexpected, it’s just that there is never really much to see on those detours in particulat.

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standing up for what you believe in is harder than it sounds, and a lot more important than people like to believe. standing is a sign that you are stable–you are determined and you are defiant.

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i belong to chris munk. i belong to myself. you belong to yourself we belong to our parents. We belong to god, he is our maker. Our belongings belong to us. We are our own belongings.

» Posted By Carli On 12.14.2008 @ 10:31 am


bleep bleep said the robot as he walked around his house cleaning up all of his mess from the party he had the night before. his bot rents would be home soon and would ground him for the next month if he didn’t hurry up and clean. he raced around the house picking up trash, beer cans, and everything else. oh no, his parents are coming now!

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im pretty sure that we only have one world.
if we dont take care of it then what will our hildren have? and their childrrens childre?n

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I dont really know what i am writing about and one word? hm, thats an interesting thing

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the city of a horse real change

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