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you have never been selective about your prey. if there is a vulnerability, you swoop in and you hope you won’t find it in yourself to feel pity for the poor creature when all is said and done. or god forbid, before it.

» Posted By canaria On 10.08.2019 @ 2:08 am


she runs it through her head again, like an organic simulation. walk in, drop off your coat and have yourself a party. he’ll pick it up and you’ll go home cold for a bucketload of cash

» Posted By canaria On 06.02.2019 @ 5:08 pm


The backdrop is sunny and warm and ironic, the photoshoot has you in skimpy clothes during such cold weather and you wish you were a part of that picture, instead of the one they’re taking right now. It’s cruel.

» Posted By canaria On 01.27.2019 @ 5:16 am


your father leaves you to fend for yourself in this place you’ve never been will not stay long and will never see again. the vending machine is out of order and there are no other children around to play. the adults scare you, completely unlike in the suburbs where they fawn over your rosy cheeks and your angelic hair

» Posted By canaria On 11.08.2018 @ 5:23 am

the sunlight rips in through unshielded parts of your window, the curtains barely doing their job. your eyes crack open, though you can only see through the one not pressed against your pillow. barely. its still giving you a headache, which serves to distract you from your sore back. cheap motel mattresses will do that to a man

» Posted By canaria On 11.08.2018 @ 5:19 am

the motel’s lack of room service is what disenchants you most about life on the run. subsisting on convenience store food. and never the same one too many times. you’re running out of convenience stores

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it was a blade too, resting in your hand, you realize when you slash his face with your keys. in your wrath, everything is a weapon. your breath, your blood, your mind

» Posted By canaria On 06.20.2018 @ 9:04 pm


the tables are glass topped so you can’t cheat your way through blackjack. they’re idiots to think that’s how you did it

» Posted By canaria On 05.12.2018 @ 4:50 am


bypass the law. loiter at its doorstep, and when it comes out, catch it with a right hook

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 10:54 pm


would you drink my sweat if it was sweet, you ask the girl you’ve been consistently flirting with for a solid hour. disgusted, her eyeballs wholly turn black in the socket and she stands up and she doesn’t even tell the bartender to put it on her tab before she liquidizes into the slivers of space between the wooden boards

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 6:14 am

drink warmed her in places she should not be warmed and so she goes back home defeated and wanting and wanting and defeated and loneliest of all

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 6:06 am

the cloth of the scarf had gone black and stiff around the edges of where you kept the iron. where you did keep the iron came off on the table and made an ashy mess when you blew

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 6:04 am

your skin is ready to burst. you think of biting into your lip like you’d bite into a sausage, the blood escaping your mouth, burning your chin, your jaw, your collarbone

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 6:02 am

the bath was heated and the hand responsible for that deed was intimate with your waist now. she led you into the water that smelled of chlorine and she held you under as she scrubbed the soap into your scalp, till the breath you held could be contained no longer and bubbles rose from your mouth. then the two of you laugh about it

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 5:56 am

the world went soft under sun, a star radiating heat like no one else’s business. and the children suffered for it. what does a bright and shining ball of gas and warmth and all the matter in the universe care about that though

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 5:52 am

sell it up, chocolate morsels in aluminum wrappers that melt in your car on a hot day and get into the crevices of the plastic that makes up your dashboard.

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 5:49 am

frantically she dug up the warm soil and it took hours, till her bones felt so hot she fancied her skin was cooking through–but she found what she was looking for. the scratched up silver compass burnt her fingertip’s skin at immediate contact

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 5:46 am

she caught her lips in a heated exchange, and said, “you know, i have lots of thoughts and none of them involve you taking my socks off gently as we head to separate beds.”

» Posted By canaria On 05.10.2018 @ 5:40 am

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