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Andy dropped to her stomach, and scooted under the bed. She knew that it was unlikely that someone would come in now, but she had learned to take precautions. She wriggled the unopened box from her pocket, and then used her nimble fingers to quietly undo the tape.

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Tilp planted his foot behind him, hauling the shotgun up to his shoulder. He had only shot one once, and that was quite a awhile ago. He brought it up, took in a couple deep breaths as he aimed, and then slowly pulled the trigger. The impact was stronger than he thought it would be and caused him to stumble back.

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i fill my lungs with air, and i think about you. there is nothing left here. and these lungs feel like an airbag, ready to burst when i crush.
i’ll be okay.
i think.

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it bounces off the walls of this lonely home, and i watch as the sun sets, moving light patterns along the wall.
it’s been so long. it’s been so still.
things have changed now, we both know that.
but i don’t think it’ll ever stop hurting.

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i woke up this morning rested.
it had been a long, long time since i felt this way. the trees were singing the morning song and it just pounded in my head: Your mercies are new every morning.
let my heart beat it.

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the institute of golden dreams. we have dawn treaders sailing across sunlit skies catching those good memories and laughter that fills the heart. never fear.

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it was worth it.
the climb. the stretch. the fire in your lungs to reach the top of the mountain.
we’re one– you and i.
because i know the fight and i know the tears and i know the this-hurts-so-much-i-can’t-even-breathe nights.
but this was worth it. take a look out there.

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casual. the word is a little silly to think about because when you’re a spy, nothing seems casual. you watch and you observe, but there is nothing casual about it. you’ve seen the world. you’ve seen the change. plus, who would want to be casual? it’s the ones who hide people seem to think the most about.

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you must wait until
the time
is right.
take a deep breath —
alright, you got this. see? the sun is shining.
the air is cool and waiting.
there she is.
whoop, don’t fumble.
tell her those three words. you know which ones.
i’ll be here when you get back.

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The smell reminded me of summertime and the crinkle at the corners of your eyes when you would wake up in the morning. There would be fresh cinnamon rolls out of the oven and the smell of the ocean running through the house like a little boy. It was good then, you know.
I wish I could go back.
Today is all I have though.

» Posted By Cally D On 09.07.2016 @ 11:00 am

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