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this is a building of hope. the people here save lives. whether you are sick dying hurt, or a new born baby, the people here will help you. this is a place where lives get restored and people get healed. this is where God makes his miracles

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Fractured is when you are almost broken. Somehow, someway, you are still hanging to that one string, even though there is a crack that is breaking you apart. In all honesty, we are all a little fractured, a little broken. Fractures are just easier to hide than breaks.

» Posted By Caitlin On 10.14.2016 @ 10:57 am


She was graceful. That is the one word that I can think of as I watch her fill out orders and flit back and forth from counter to counter, customer to customer. Her poise was that of a dancer and was like a gazelle peacefully leaping through the long tall grass of an African plain.

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I whip around to see a lady standing there. Her glasses perch low on her nose, making her large eyes seem even bigger. She smells like garlic and pumpernickel bread and I watch as she gnaws her lips methodically. “And you are?” she asks me, curiously.

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I walk into the store and the boy stares at me. His hands seem to tremble slightly as he clasps them infront of him. His stone-cold blue eyes don’t break contact with mine as he holds up a bag and asks me, “Delivery for you?” I smile, ear to ear.

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I encountered a small little kitten wandering across the road. He looked at me as though he were almost smiling but, as most kittens do, he wouldn’t even think of letting me approach him. Off he went back into the ditch, as little wild kittens usually do.

» Posted By Caitlin On 02.23.2016 @ 11:30 am


The best of all of them in my head and a good time with you guys have a great day and night and I’m still not sure what I was a great way of saying it would mean so so happy to see my tweets and you have a good time with you guys have to go back and watch a scary thought you would have a nice dream about my mom and my friends to get to be a good one for a good one to go out with me and Dustin.

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They all love you. They are lovely friends. Ummmmmmmmmmmm… Ahhhhh! They are not the only one who is the best thing ever is when you have to be a good day to be a good time to get a new one is the best thing ever is when you have to be a good day to be a good time to get a new one is the best thing ever is when you have to be a good day to be a good time to get a new one is the best thing to say I have a great way of the day to day and night with the same thing to say I don’t think that I have a great way of the day to day and night with the same thing to say I don’t think that I can be the same time as you you have a good time to get the same as a result of a sudden it was the best of the best way of life.

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There I was standing in school when this blurred vision came on. It was weird, I couldn’t see anything, all I could see was fuzzy stuff. I could hear but couldn’t see. What comes to your mind when you think of the word “blurred”? I think of blurred vision.

» Posted By Caitlin On 12.16.2015 @ 11:21 am


For years I would think about painting everyday. It’s not the kind of painting you’re thinking though. It’s painting with a very sharp paintbrush and blood red paint. Sleeves is how I would cover up my pretty paintings. Not anymore.

» Posted By Caitlin On 10.25.2015 @ 6:53 am

The sleeves would burn against the red lines that were drawn on my skin. The heat coming from my arms was almost unbearable. Sleeves is what I pulled down for years to hide my old addiction.

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Revised. For some reason I don’t really like that word. I can’t write right now. ugh. I’m having issues. I’m getting all hot and sweaty. Oh god it’s highschool all over again.

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Society held me prisoner. All I wanted was to return to where I came from – to go back to the forest, live off of the land. To listen to the winds and speak to the trees, to let the roar of the river shake the ground beneath my feet. I just wanted to let go, and I couldn’t do that here.

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I pledged my life to her, and now she’s gone.

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I’d be lying if I said I was never a thief. I was for a long period of time. And I was damn good at it.

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The scene that was unfolding before me was something that I thought only happened in fairy tales and fiction novels. But, alas, there he was. He was bent forward and grumbles escaped his chest. He spoke in a low harsh voice, “Look away, Penelope. Please, close your eyes and turn away.” I heard the desperation in his voice and did as I was told. Right before I turned away and closed my eyes, I caught a glimpse of him looking up with glowing yellow eyes.

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I am homeward bound. I pass the fences that form the boundaries of my home. I see the walls that bound my domain. I am bound to arrive shortly, surely, if only I weren’t bound in… this. These bounds.

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The fumes caught in my throat and I began to choke. I gasp and struggle to get out of the large tub. The woman behind me tsks me and shoves my shoulders down to make me sit. My eyes widen and I swallow. “Please, excuse my choice of posion.” She speaks softly and calmly.

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The corridor is empty. Nothing but darkness and silence welcomed me as I carefully walked down the hall towards the looming black curtain. I swallow my fear as I stand before it. Behind this curtain is my future, my destiny, my husband. I take a deep breathe and push them to the side.

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The pinkish grey powder floated from the ceiling in the room. My eyes widened and my heart raced quickened.
“W-What is that?!” I stammered whilst looking up at the tiny black camera in the corner of the room. I covered my mouth and nose with one hand and squeezed my eyes shut – there is no way out. I’ve tried for hours on end to find a door, a window, a crack even. Nothing but the blank white walls and a tiny black camera.

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I stumbled up from the opening in the cave and stared in awe. There it was. The fortress we have been looking for. The fortress my family has been looking for since my great grandfather was a child. I turn around and help Sebastian up, not able to stop a huge grin forming on my face.

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I took a slow shaky step forward – towards the illuminated rock that just fell from the sky. I looked down to see a branch, snapped in half from my weight. Once i look back up, I look into the most mesmerizing eyes I have ever gazed into.

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The huge willow stood before me. The leaves hanging low enough to skim the tall grass. My breathing raced as my shaking hand reach up to push the leaves aside. Something is drawing me here and I can’t ignore it any longer. My fingers go in between the strands and with a slow fluid movement, I push it to the side. I put one foot in front of the other and walked towards the ancient tree trunk.

» Posted By Caitlin On 08.13.2015 @ 10:09 pm

A willow tree. Its has a melancholy look and feel of it. The way the leaves fall down make it mysterious. Is something hiding in it?

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i used a stencil to carve your name upon my heart
the stencil is worn
i’ve carved your name on every inch of me
i guess it’s good that I can no longer use it
it’s broken
like our relationship

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I had an owner. once. she was young and free and careless, but perhaps that wasn’t a goodthing. for she forgot about me, as just a little puppy.a little puppy that grew up, and was no longer young free and careless just like her.

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wealth can kill the best of people. relationships and people will come and go. the worst is when money is responsisble. sometimes people cant get the best medical care about of the aspect of money. someone you love is then stripped away. money destorys all of humanity.

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the gelled tufts of hair stuck up like soft, flexible spikes. he looked in the mirror with something between satisfaction and hesitation. it was different. bold. noticeable. his hand swept over the top his head again as he felt the chunks bend back and spring up in place.

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he was glowing nearly as bright as the three candles on his cake. shoulders squared and one tooth /nearly/ loose, benjamin sat up taller in his chair. he knew his mother was watching and his uncle and his aunt and even his two cousins who’d already tried opening his presents twice. the important part was the wish though. what were you supposed to wish for when you’d been alive for three entire years? maybe daddy would come home.

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She was worth it – worth everything. I have no regrets to this day – I loved her, and perhaps I still do.
And I know that nothing is all I have left, but nothing is all I need.

» Posted By Caitlin On 09.01.2014 @ 8:53 am

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