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“This is disgusting”

Coryn grinned as his lover spit out the blueberry flavored moonshine. Kydrena’s face twisted into a grimace as she shook her head in a failed attempt to ride herself of the awful flavor.

“C’mon dear, you said you could finish it before me, and I’m already halfway done.” Coryn said, raising an eyebrow at the angered woman as he took another swig of his drink. Kydrena narrowed her eyes and opened her wings in a menacing way.

“Fuck you, I’m gonna kick your ass.” she hissed as she gripped her jar of moonshine and proceeded to chug the remaining two thirds of her drink. Coryn cringed as Kydrena slammed the glass on the table, locking her crimson eyes with his blue as she cracked a satisfied grin. Her grin shortly turned to a look of regret as she vomited all over the table. Coryn sighed and shook his head.

“This is why you don’t challenge me to drinking games.” Coryn said as he pulled the dazed woman to her feet.

“Fuck yourself.” she said, flipping him off as she slumped into his arms, falling into a deep sleep. Coryn chuckled and carried his lover off to their room for some well needed sleep.

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