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cliques. groups. friends.
everyone wants to be different.
home. love. family.
everyone wants to be different.
pain. crying. screaming.
everyone wants to be different.
masks. fake smiles. aliases.
everyone wants to be different.

everyone but me.

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It ate his heart first–the one thing that kept us attached. It devoured the rest of his body with a single swallow. He was gone from my grasp. I fell to the floor exasperated. No more fighting. Screaming. Crying. I took a breath. All my efforts had diminished within a second with his old friend. From where I was standing, all I could see was the bottom of a bottle.

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The memories faded. Your smile had become unclear. I couldn’t remember you. Did we hug? Was it all so hazy that I couldn’t remember?

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Emotions make us weak, easily torn or tattered. We are human until we put up the walls around our little beating hearts. So we build ourselves a shelter. Walls to keep us from being weak. Walls to keep us strong. These walls are our armor.

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She opened it as if she was welcome, as if I wanted her there. She sat and looked at me, waiting like an animal would for its prey. I took a deep breath. It all flooded out.

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brown. green. tan. boots big enough to fit a grown man, even though I am only seven. Dad hands me two pairs of socks–to keep my boots up. The smell of the hard Carhartt material invades my nostrils as he hands the jacket. camouflage. I am invincible.

At least, that’s what I thought.

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plump. overweight. ugly. fat. all labels thrown around. by parents. by peers. by myself. I hate being this big. I am disgusting. at least, isn’t that how I should feel? that’s what everyone says anyways. i should hate myself. i should kill myself, even. but i won’t. I am stronger than that. i am stronger than anyone. I am invincible.

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