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We sat across the table from one another, pulling faces and laughing loudly, not caring that the rest of the cafe was quiet, except for in our corner.

“Do that face again, grandpa,” my grandson said, his grin showing off his missing two front teeth.

I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out, causing his little face to contort in delight. Spending weekends with my grandson had to be the most amusing times I had in 65 years.

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The rain pounded against the window, we heard nothing, Our bodies moved in gentle ecstasy, he sighed into my neck, I cried out as his hand gripped my waist. As the thunder rumbled above us, passion overtook us.

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Everything became a blur to me as I tore the room apart. Violently ripping papers from the loose-leaf binders; the rage I felt was inconsolable. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular- I knew I would find no explanation for what he had done to me, there would be no remorse found in his dresser drawers. Yet, I kept searching the room, as if I’d find a reason for why he left me like he did.

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