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Put in place or put something new somewhere. For example, I Installed a new heater in the house or I installed a new cabinet in the house.

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It had all begun with an itch. An odd, unrelenting urge to scratch had erupted on the tips of both of her ears almost as if overnight. She had scratched madly, only making the problem worse. For days, the itch persisted, agitating her further; the itch was so bad her new headphones – both exclusive and expensive – had remained unopened. After all, each day felt as though she were only steps away from scratching her ears off completely. How the hell would she fair would something pressing against them?

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there room was vacant for the night, they had to wait for other people to stay a night for too

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Everything is symbolic. The word honey can be symbolic of something sticky, something sweet, or both. Almost anything can have an underlying meaning. Whether it be a rock or water. It means something.

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The big cheeses

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A piece of your life, that can often be prevented. A lot of times you find yourself feeling cornered and left in depression thanks to this medical condition. Many a time it is a choice that is make throughout your life that you don’t think about until it is actually upon you.

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The wait had been worthwhile. She stood there clad in a pair of black slacks, a white blouse, and a pair of black heels (a barista’s outfit)? They felt the power surging through her, around her as she shielded them from the blast. Her hair had been shoulder length, brown spiral curls, and now she was a little less demure; he almost didn’t recognize her short cropped, curly hair, but the feeling was all her. It was a welcome feeling, being able to see her again, and he felt the arms of the flame and return, this time burning so hard and bright that even he could barely believe.

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i like stting in a lounge and reading my favorite book ice queen.Its a lovely book about a girl hit by lighting she meets others like her and finds love.

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She was a weaver of fate, capable of making and breaking ties that people didn’t even realize that they had yet. Problem was, as she was focused on building others lives up, she was slowly crumbling into dust , soon to be nothing but a whisper in a crowded room.

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weaving the fates was never much of a problem for her. the problem was dealing with the consequences of ruining people whom she didnt even knows lives, even if she intended to build them right back up.

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her horse was racing around the cones on the rodio floor weaving and twisting going so fast it apeared to be a brown tornado.

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Once the base of the wood pile was on fire, the whole thing set ablaze in seconds, and a wall of fire stood between me and the rest of them. We hooted and hollered and danced around the fire like our tribal instinct told us to.

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We had succeeded. They were fooled, utterly, pitifully fooled. Or perhaps Nat and I thought we were more clever than we thought. Either way, she and I were running to the woods, and she was giggling and free. I ran beside her, watching her the entire time. For a moment we were free of the domesticity. We were together. We were

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She looked at the way that his lips parted slightly as he gazed over her when they laid in bed that night, wearing nothing but the warmth of the other and a thin, silk blanket stretched over their dark bodies as they sat, enveloped in the darkness around them.

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“Break down the barricade!” A feminine voice shouted throughout a crowd of only men. It brought confusion to the men that had listened to the voice of a man come from this petite person. Was their leader actually a female?

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It was always hard for her to thing of things to write when she barely knew the singer. She would try to get to know them if she wanted to write a good song, meaning she would always do that. Every single time the song was either loved, hatred, or people claimed that it was a rip off of something else.

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Julie was a very religious person. Her life revolved around the Bible; its various interpretations and meanings held lots of meaning for her.

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The man had no lack of money and for this reason he did not feel the worry when the reports of devastation and famine among the poor started coming in. He had never felt hungry and couldn’t imagine a world where he was.

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Shells. Well, I always wanted to go to flordia, and get a lot of shells from the beach. make a necklace, or something creative loike that. I have always loved art work. Not drawing, cause i suck at drawing!

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on your wonderful face. never stop smiling you beautiful star in the sky make everyone want to sing sinatra, but yet you are sooo sad inside, deeply and utterly sad.

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youre face is pixelated in the photo. i wanted to be able to hold you forever in the frame. i know its you. but i want to see your freckles and the definitions of your eyes.

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The ground began to split and she grabbed at his hand to pull him to her side of the split. He apparently had the same idea because in a matter of hour long milliseconds, they were falling towards each other, and the chasm that had opened up between them.

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He signed his name on the line and suddenly the bottom of his stomach dropped out and he realized that signing that was probably not a particularly good idea then he caught sight of the salesman’s smirk and he worried.

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He loomed over her, trying to learn what it was she was doing. Roxane tried to ignore him as she wove and unwove the strands of time. How he could even see what she was doing besides rubbing her fingers along invisible cloth she wasn’t sure.

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He lathered her back and she willed the wall to smithereens. A small crack was appearing and as it very slowly wove across the tile, he looked up and took his hands off her. “Woah! Hey! That’s my tile you’re breaking!”

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He took a drink of the bear next to him and attempted not to glower at the back of the man sitting with his one love. If course he would never admit to loving while sober, but he found peace in drunkenness, aside from his glowering.

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I just wanted to simplify the mess we had made. She was still asleep and the others were sulking in their own spaces of defeat. I had woken up with the rage still in me and it was only after an hour of blindness that I was able to calm down and in the down from the high of anger, I had realized my failure.

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I wet to use the loaf of bread to make a pb and j sandwitch and I twisted the plastic tie off of the bag. Then I put the jelly and peanut butter on both sides. I ate the sandwich and I was happy about it. I hope the 60 seconds ends soon because I am running out of things to type.

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The smudge on the glass was the only thing keeping me sane. I know it seemed silly, but considering everthing else thats been happening, it seemes perfectly logicle to me

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she watched the flower wither away and wonder if one day, she too, will wither away like that. her beauty, her health, her brightness, slowly disappearing.
she wonders if someone will keep a petal of her to remember her by, she hopes so.

» Posted By bree On 03.11.2013 @ 10:38 am

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