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Hurry, we need to set up the things for the wedding. If we don;t hurry, the rain is going to mess everything up and then what will we do? Writing for one minute is a little harder than I thought it would be. This would make a great lesson for the students. I can’t wait

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There’s many things to be grateful but one is what I could say that I am grateful for. That is my best friend in the world. I don’t have any exact words to describe the feeling. But for now, I am truly glad. Grateful to be alive, grateful to be who I am today. If it weren’t for him, I don’t know anymore.

» Posted By Brandy On 09.24.2014 @ 8:12 pm


Relief flowed through him as his hand wrapped around the cold pint, condensation already making it’s way between his fingers. He closed his eyes and attempted to dull the noise of the busy pub as he sipped and let his mind drift back to this morning.

» Posted By Brandy On 08.18.2014 @ 9:09 am


all terrain vehicle terrain terrapin turtle what the hell I have no idea what this app is supposed to accomplish/prove but it’s pretty cool. I’m gonna try again hopefully with a word that I

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Left. Right. Stop. Yield. Go. No left turn. No turn on red. Signs, signs…everywhere is signs. Signals of routine living…signals of routine existence. Change your signal. Go the other way…at the last second. Follow your gut.

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This is the same word. I was hoping for something different. Maybe something that didn’t make me think of smut. When I look at the word grasp all I can think about it gay erotica. Yep that is what I have become. I’d like to blame tumblr, but honestly I was like this before.

» Posted By Brandy On 02.19.2013 @ 7:35 pm


my insurance was due on dec 9 it is now the 16th. homeless and helpless. due to bills and life and horrible people

» Posted By brandy On 12.16.2012 @ 6:55 pm


I looked up at the clouds. The sun was shining on my face. The wind rushing through my hair. Life was simple. I didn’t have a care in the world. I had left my phone at home, so no one could reach me. I breathed in the world around me. The trees swayed, the grass shimmied. I could smell the fresh air. I could see the colors all around me. For once, nothing mattered to me in the world. For once… everything was all about me. I could think straight. I could mull over my life. I had time to myself. Life was good. Life was simple.

» Posted By Brandy On 12.05.2012 @ 7:47 pm


You cannot ever choose between one or two. You want to have neither… or to have both. You never want either or. You aren’t satisfied with a single.. you want multiples. When offered the choice between two things… you accept both. You can never choose one or the other. One or two. Neither. Both.

» Posted By Brandy On 12.03.2012 @ 6:55 pm


It’s not so much about a persons past as it is about how that person has grown from it. Most people don’t let the previous events haunt them, but then there are others and in most cases it’s these others who deal badly with events, both good or bad.

» Posted By Brandy On 11.29.2012 @ 12:21 am


Themselves. What did they do by themselves? What if they did nothing? What if they did it all? What if they cured cancer? What if they went to the moon or walked atop the ocean? What if they had AIDs that they caught: themselves.

» Posted By brandy On 11.08.2012 @ 10:09 pm


together to me could be anything you could have a get together or you could be together! together is a lot of words..
idk where i’m going now and time is ticking and it’s making me nervous very very very very nervous…shaking..shaking even more. Time stops.

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My side hurts kind of. I think I’m just pretty tired

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A doorknob is something used to open the door. It can be made of numerous types of metal, and even wood sometimes. I prefer antique doorknobs myself.

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One document. One little flimsy piece of paper that would stop the war. End everything terrible. Stop the deaths of many. But no one would sign it…

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my mom once said that she had wanted to be an architect. It was odd at first, mostly because it was out of the blue, but i knew it must’ve been important. She told me that she gave up on that dream because her mother never wanted her to.

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She sat down and took off her coat. I saw her hard breasts poking through her pink blouse. The wind was blowing directly in her face with a chill. The sun was clouded in mist but she was still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

» Posted By brandy On 03.08.2012 @ 2:50 pm

I had brunch with my mom a few years ago. I wish it could happen more often, but we don’t really have the time or money anymore. My dad lst his job a year ago or more, and now I help her to support our household. It’s a constant struggle for both of us, but he’s trying.

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below reminds me of below the sea. I think of The Little mermaid which was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. I really liked that she wanted to be apart of a different world and wanted to travel. I LOVE travelling and would like to go to Paris, and Scotland. I know how to speak French which would help with Paris, I also know a little scottish galic. I would really like to go under the sea as well if a mermaid really was there, and if there isn’t then I wouldn’t because I am scared of the sea. I think there is probably a big sea monster below the sea.

» Posted By Brandy On 01.17.2012 @ 6:34 pm


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My grandma was ill for a long time. That was a rough period in my life. Now my dogs are both ill and I am not there. This is also hard. I do not know what it will be like when I return. My mother is telling me that I am ill too often. I guess she is right and I should take more vitamins. Illness…what do I even know, think of everyone around the world who really knows the meaning of ill. I don’t think I can even understand the word ill.

» Posted By Brandy On 07.25.2011 @ 9:43 am


it is important to have good etiquette in society these days. manners are very important. they reflect on how you’ve been raised and how you want the world to acknowledge you.

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I was just sitting there. Alone, sipping the remains of a cappachino. It wasn’t expected, but it didn’t surprise me that he walked in at that moment. He tried to be casual. Bt I knew he new that I knew. I met him at a party once.

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I didn’t realize until last year that I don’t get a summer vacation any more. Growing up killed summer for me. I just looked up one hot July day and thought, when the hell does my vacation start. I was in Afghanistan. It would be a LONG and scary time before such a vacation came my way. Semper Fi.

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I fail to notice things that are right in front of me. For example I forget names and faces, dates and lists. Any tips to improve memory?

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I want to buy some new sheets. Mine don’t really fit my bed that well. They’re stained and I don’teven like their design. I mean, sheets can tell you a lot about a person. But I don’t know, maybe my sheets are good for me. They’re not exactly OLD or anything and I mean, I did like them at one time.

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sunlight is bright, much needed and horrible at the same time. I’d much rather be freakishly pale than get some sort of skin cancer. What happened to the old days when pale was what everyone wanted?

» Posted By Brandy On 10.11.2010 @ 7:30 pm

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