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He was a wealth of knowledge and resources, and she couldn’t get enough. She would follow him back each day, sometimes running to catch up, bursting with questions she hadn’t been able to ask.

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The sky glitters as though the stars were made of rainbows. Despite the cold, she pulls her hood back and stares.

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She suspects that she’s cheating, but she doesn’t know who with. Later that night, as she heads out the door, once again being superbly vague about where she’s going, she decides that it’s time she does something.

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He had always loved decorating the Christmas tree with his father. It was a tradition, one of the few which remained unchanged over the years.

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The crew gathered in the middle of the deck, where the captain was supposed to deliver a speech that night. However, he never showed up.

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The railroad stretched for miles, winding through the mountains. Along the way, there was a small village in which a young woman lived. Ever since she was a girl, she had dreamed of crossing the mountains and finding a place far bigger and more spectacular than where she was now. When the railroad was built, she realised that now, finally, was her chance.

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She’d always loved horses. When she was younger, she used to visit her grandparents’ farm, where there was a pony she named Sugar. She would feed him sugar cubes out of her hand and sometimes, when she was lucky, she got to ride him around the nearby field.

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She tried not to dwell on thoughts of home, but it was difficult when it was all he wanted to talk about. “Shut up!” she snapped finally. He looked shocked for a moment. She stood up from the grassy hilltop upon which they had been sitting, and hurried into the forest, breaking into a run as she entered the trees so he could not follow.

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He watched the minutes tick by, each minute another sixty seconds of his life slipping through his fingers. What would he do with those minutes, if he could have them back? He didn’t know.

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The rain poured down from the heavens as she stood on the sidewalk, spreading her arms wide to catch the water that dripped down her body. She parted her mouth slightly so she could taste the rain, and smiled at the memory of last night. It had been worth it, after all.

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She’s positively glowing as she skids to a halt in front of Ted, who looks up from the flour he had just been pounding. “Woah, what’s up?” he asks with a grin, but for a moment she is too out of breath to speak.

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The revolt was already well under way by the time Shell got there. He stood at the edge of the crowd and tried not to get jostled too much as people milled around him, pushing, shoving, screaming, yelling, waving…

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Relatives are a pain, most of the times. Unless they’re like Aunt Ellen. She’s the most awesome aunt anyone could ask for. At least, that was what Meg had thought for as long as she could remember. While other kids were complaining about having to go over to a relative’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas, Meg would secretly be happy because that meant she got to meet Aunt Ellen.

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She woke up, gasping for breath as the nightmare continued to reel through her mind. Burying her head in her hands, she told herself to calm down, to breathe. But as much as she tried to shake the image from her head, she could not.

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The blotches on the paper stood out starkly against the blank white page. She reached out with a finger and touched one of them gently, mind travelling back to what had happened so many years ago.

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Paperclips are cool things, aren’t they? They have so many uses. Okay, maybe not, but they are still useful. They hold things like paper together. They can also be used to pick locks. I tried that a couple of times. Sometimes it worked. They also come in the most interesting shapes, don’t they?

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