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memory is a path to my self and god. my memories help me treasure and understand the past. It is true that my remembrances may be inaccurate but they are mine. I have good and bad memories of people and places. My first memory is of being in a big bed which was situated under a high, wide window and there are many stuffed animals on the bed. A particular animal is some sort of black and white cat. It is night and my mother is preparing to go to work on the graveyard shift. There is a babysitter. I remember being spanked with a comb. One of my favorite memories is staring into my daughter’s eyes. She is six months old and I am singing ‘my favorite things’ from the musical Sound of music. the connection is deep. Last, my first god memory is seeing a dead bird and being deeply sad about the injustice of death. Memory is a private path that I take often.

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crane your neck to see the best sight ever, it was awesome simply wonderful breathtaking. He couldn’t take h

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