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Nein, Seile reichten ihnen nicht. Sie wollten ganz sicher sein, dass er nicht von diesem Baumstamm wegkommen würde. Und so nahmen sie riesige Nägel und trieben sie ihm durch die Handgelenke in das Kreuz.

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“So, that lousy motel is ‘the most wonderful place in the world’?” – “Yes”, she replied, “while you share the room with me…”

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“It’s not your responsibility to understand my essay”, the writer told the editor, “it’s the reader’s!”

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On stage, I am someone else. There I can be brave, strong an clever. or a coward, liar and thief – just as I want to…

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For some people, life is one big adventure. But Tom’s life was only one boring day following another

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You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. But why the hack do you prepare the table FOR them, too???

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She’s wonderfully made. She was made by God’s own hands.

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“Do whatever you want! But don’t wash her – she doesn’t know that!” My brother yelled these words when I left him, taking his four year old daughter with me.

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In London, my married lover and I, jumped on a red bus. When we told our host, she said: “You’re very brave!”

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fireflies were showing the way when we walked around the lake in the middle of the night. We kissed and…

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Industry means money, food, income for many people. But also it means pollution…

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take a volleyball and call it – or him – Wilson

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“It’s your destiny”, she said. Then she kissed him…

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“Yes”, she said, “of course I love you more than anything or anyone else in the world! And I will never leave you!” But her fingers were crossed…

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“Our relationship shows a lack of confidence”, he said. She looked at him, puzzled. “What the hack do you mean, Jim?”

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There he was. Standing on the platform, waiting for the next train to come. And my subway train left…

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she shook her head and her dark curls flew around her head. “no!”, she said, “no, no, no!”

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She took the box from beneath her bed and took out one of the letters. She began to read: “Darling, now it ist time for me to tell yo

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I wasn’t born – I was found. The angels had left me on earth…

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He hit her so hard that she fell right between the plants in the lobby. “I’m sorry”, she whispered. “I’m so sorry…”

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She looked out of the window. Dark clouds hung over the lake and …

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looking out of the window I saw a bunny sitting on the grass. “happy easter”, I murmured and turned around.

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It’s just a glance of His majesty, but it’s awesome.

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