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are the girls in the hall, moving their bodies to that reverberating sound
are the walls as another shell impacts and levels what hasn’t been torn down yet
am i by the beauty of some people
are you by whatever strikes your awe

» Posted By berenique On 03.01.2016 @ 12:25 am


The future and the war,
Both are over,
So said the speaker.

» Posted By berenique On 02.29.2016 @ 5:24 am


through the tunnels they went
avoiding the trains thundering by,
trying to use the shaking tunnel lights
for timers, for alarms
yelling through the echo shaft:
dust floated down on their heads
breaths unsteady in the damp darkness

» Posted By berenique On 02.28.2016 @ 2:19 am


we don’t get a second chance, do we? we’re floating around space
on this tin can called planet earth and if we fuck this up, then what’ll we do.
my mother used to chew gum all day every day when i was litte. then she dropped that habit because she realised how nervous it made her.

» Posted By berenique On 02.27.2016 @ 1:46 am


youre doing it again, jimmy. there’s the youth, there’s her great skin, her firm legs, jimbo. and here are you, with that desire to touch youth. but james, don’t you forget, she’s only human, women are all humans, and just because she’s not yet thirty, jim, does not mean she truly is that myth of youth you’re projecting onto her.

» Posted By berenique On 02.26.2016 @ 1:16 am


when you stand at the edge of a cliff – no wait thats not the right word, were talking about science here, the empirical way, the only true way – no wait thats idelogy, were talking about the art of observation here, the way to a womans heart – no wait, thats stalking, what are we talking about then, can somebody please explain to me in an illustrative fashion?

» Posted By berenique On 02.25.2016 @ 2:21 am


i don’t practice santeria, i ain’t got no crystal ball, i had a million dollars but i’d, i’d spend it all
i could find that eina and that sancho that she’s found
i’d pop a cap in sancho and i’d slep her downn
all i really want to know, i already know
all i really want to say, i can’t define
it’s love that i need

» Posted By berenique On 12.10.2015 @ 1:23 pm


please only use black or ball-point or fountain pens. do not write outside the designated areas. please refrain from using markers. to correct an answer, black out the entire square and tick a new square.

» Posted By berenique On 12.04.2015 @ 8:53 am


you told me to watch that infernal movie, and i did, not doubting, not questioning, when in reality, i neither care nor love psychological horror/thriller movies, whatever the fuck you want to call it. you know i hadn’t heard of the proverb, my english back then wasn’t where it is now, and i continued to watch, drawing lines from your perception of me to the plot of the movie, and their weird ongoign addiction. scary stuff.

» Posted By berenique On 12.02.2015 @ 11:12 am


are you accountable?
where can i sign up?
are there weekly give-aways?
is there a newsfeed of what you ate
and a monthly newsletter about your work highlights?

of course, you’re not responsible for any bugs, additional costs or content displayed

» Posted By berenique On 11.24.2015 @ 12:30 pm


if we only ever thought about our dreams and aspirations, if we only ever considered the least likely option and notions of grandeur, would you really call it being illusioned? is it running away from reality, when you’re running towards, after, for your dreams? i’m not sure where i stand on that, i don’t know if being a dream-it-all is so much worse than being a realist, because if we didn’t dream those people, would poets and musicians and artists really exist?

» Posted By berenique On 11.23.2015 @ 12:57 pm


i was told there would be a number of statues, statuettes, sculptures and plastics. i wasnt quite prepared for the amount of stone, bronze and steel objects staring back at me, for they all depicted some sort of sentient, eye-posessing being, if not necessarily things that ordinarily would be considered “alive”.
i tried my best to glare back convincingly

» Posted By berenique On 09.20.2015 @ 11:01 am


y’all niggs need a more imaginative person or algorithm to think of consecutive words of the day, yo.

» Posted By berenique On 09.17.2015 @ 11:26 am


some are more monumental than others. when i saw Maxim act, like everyone else watching, i was mesmerised. charmed by his wit, lulled by his sparkling black eyes and harshly slapped awake by his youthful cynicism which he could not, did not want to suppress, even on stage, even when he played a lover.

» Posted By berenique On 09.15.2015 @ 11:41 am


the one thing that i find rather unnecessary. people in the west enjoy looking like farmers, enjoy looking like they worked hard, when they did not.
i for one, with my skin that doesnt tan well or at all, enjoy my pallor. i enjoy that i can afford resting in the shade, walking around with a parasol and dont have to slave away.
call it vain, call it arrogant.
i call it grateful.

» Posted By berenique On 09.14.2015 @ 5:22 am


kerkhoven marie und etzel erleuchteten sich alle miteindander. nur übersahen sie dabei geflissentlich die tastache, dass sie sich ebnso gegenseitig in brand steckten, wie zunder bei andergast, wie ebenholz bei joseph. wenn hochhäuser vor flammen einstürzten nützt auch der wasserschlauch nicht die zertrümmerten toten wieder aufzuerwecken

» Posted By berenique On 09.11.2015 @ 11:23 am


do you know that place, where you have to smile but you suppress it with all your mind to hurt the person whos trying to make you smile?

» Posted By berenique On 09.10.2015 @ 12:45 pm


qu’est-ce que c’est?

» Posted By berenique On 09.09.2015 @ 8:54 am


when you ay that word it sounds so harsh, so full of projections against humanity, against every single one of us. as if we were created to be cruel, to destroy, to scorch, when really we are just children of evolution, toddlers stumbling along because our mother isn’t a k-strategist. she throws out whats there to see who will survive on their own, without a bedtime story

» Posted By berenique On 09.07.2015 @ 9:13 pm


this is what you bring me to work with? well honey, I’ve seen worse. we’re gonna turn this sow*s ear into a silk purse. we’ll have you washed and dried, primped and polished till you glow with pride, trust my recipe for instant bride, you’ll bring honour to us all.

» Posted By berenique On 09.07.2015 @ 8:44 am


some people are lazy and look for excuses to justify their lack of willingness to work hard.

» Posted By berenique On 09.06.2015 @ 11:11 am


and here I was, thinking it was called ICQ

» Posted By berenique On 09.05.2015 @ 1:47 pm


that meadow up in the mountains, I first discovered drenched in sweat. you see, this meadow isn’t plain and even, no, it flows down the mountain at an angle of what seems at least 80 degrees, perhaps 7 centimeters away from the zenith scorching your face and arms.

» Posted By berenique On 09.04.2015 @ 11:20 am


mein lieber kleiner pumukl, dch hätten sie damals am pfahl verbrannt ohne auch nur mit der wimper zu zucken, so spricht also meister eder, während er pumukl ein weiteres der ungezählten biere jenes abends zuschiebt. aber was solls, solang man sich nicht giftefeu in die kniekehlen schmiert ists ja in ordnung

» Posted By berenique On 09.03.2015 @ 12:24 pm


well, i suppose i’m reminded of my dear Ogre. here is one young man whose mind is shaken to the core by icy siberia and excesses ranging from drinking rubbing alcohol to throwing tv sets down embankments. all i can hope for is that the Beauty from krakow can save him.

» Posted By berenique On 09.01.2015 @ 11:14 am


theres a ghost in my room, and it belongs to you
its your shadow on the wall, your scent lingering in the air.
you wore my clothes and stepped in my shoes,
day after day when I was too weary to even breathe.

» Posted By berenique On 08.31.2015 @ 10:51 am


elderly humans far too often confuse old age with the privilege of unconditional respect.

» Posted By berenique On 08.30.2015 @ 10:10 am


whenever i bake, i put on that apron i had sowed for me. it has white frills like you’d imagine in french romantic era novels and two pockets to put my phone in so i can listen to music while i dirty the kitchen counters with various residues of ingredients. i’m a moderately messy baker, if i’m being honest but i know that it always turns out better when i put on that apron

» Posted By berenique On 08.11.2015 @ 12:52 pm


yeah, we never bought people. we robbed them straight out of their comfy slippers, taking them with us on lofty bouts of planning outcomes that (probably) would never take place the way we’d drawn them out to those people. but they weren’t our dreams, after all. they never belonged to us.

» Posted By berenique On 08.09.2015 @ 11:11 pm


“ha, you totally fucked that up”. thanks, mate. he hadn’t noticed. – but your way of constructively providing critique from your experience sure does help him improve his mistakes. one could say you’re really good at being a mentor. almost eerie how you do that, just talk shit over people who’ve had less time to gather skill.

» Posted By berenique On 08.09.2015 @ 2:26 am

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