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That last bulb you planted blooms every spring. It stands out from the rows of daffodils competing for attention. The bright red tulip with yellow streaks sugggests the time we spent in Spain travelling around Barcelona’s Ramblas and spotting the transvestites.

» Posted By barneswriter On 08.07.2011 @ 1:40 am


Can the turn of a lock change your life? It did mine. That day when we opened the cellar door a hundred year old secret was uncovered. Each of us knew that we would never be the same. Our destiny was this shared knowledge and the horror of it all.

» Posted By barneswriter On 08.05.2011 @ 11:15 pm

The difficult process of breaking the lock was worth it.
An abundance of riches lay in the vault. Gold bars sat piled up to the ceiling.
In the corner a tiara glistened against a single lit candle.

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‘On Wings of Song’ drifted through the window and caught the mood of the midnight air.
A gossamer mist had settled on the moor and in the distance the light from the farmhouse kept its nightly vigil.

» Posted By barneswriter On 08.01.2011 @ 12:41 am


Steps were my favourite band for a crazy moment when i tried to recapture my youth by dancing on tables and wearing red shoes like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
The music was a drug. It was a brief addiction lasting several months. I became obsessed and sought out every gay bar with a juke box.

» Posted By barneswriter On 07.30.2011 @ 11:30 am

make me go forward. Dont let me hesitate. My legs cant move. I reach the first step and I freeze. My balance is gone. I feel dizzy and incapable of anything.
The night closes in. I cant see the top. Where am I?

» Posted By barneswriter On 07.30.2011 @ 11:22 am

I faltered as I climbed towards the summit. The monastery lay beyond the top of a set of steps that seemed to go on forever.
The mist rose and suddenly I saw the entrance. The air was rare and my breath evaporated like the spirit of my soul.

» Posted By barneswriter On 07.30.2011 @ 11:16 am

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