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The aroma of freshly baked cookies and pine tree filled her nose as she walked into her childhood home. It was almost Christmas and her mother and father were in the kitchen, baking up a storm to feed the group of family and friends who were coming by the next night for dinner. The tree was up in the corner, fully decorated, though fake, and a pine scented candle burned to give off the scent of a real tree.

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The rain began like a soft voice in her ear, slowly, gently, then rising to a roaring thunder. It chilled her body and heart, mean and forceful in it’s determination to not only soak through her clothes but through her mind and soul. Gave her chills.

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The distributor looked at her over once, twice, thrice even and still would not simply hand over the little white cup which would take all her worries away, transport her to another universe, another body where this pain were bearable and this life were livable without these fucked up drugs. He simply couldn’t believe such a sweet looking girl had gone wrong somewhere so severely that she ended up taking a little cup of pills every morning and every evening

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He had a not-so-keen understanding of the reason behind her intoxication, in fact he knew nothing of it. Knew nothing of the pain she was constantly trying to overcome and escape, of the lingering longing for the sharp relief of her razor, of the blinding effect of the pills she pulled or the feeling of surrender that she longed for in a drink.

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small and creepy with a lot of legs. perhaps they think for themselves and are really, really just trying to get by. but at the end of the day i am too so i really don’t care about insects. that might not make me very nice but i was never one of those kids who played in the sand with the bugs and the caterpillars, i’d much rather be doing something productive like reading or meeting people or learning something new. and that’s just how i am now – i am a social, people person.

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She chucked her hair over one shoulder, carelessly and swiftly. So sure of where her body moved and the positive result. Once satisfied with her hair she lifted the seat and withdrew a two dollar pair of sunglasses, looked into my eyes and spoke the most seductive words I had ever heard; “Let’s have an adventure, Zach.”

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I think I wrote about this already… The idea of a day away enticed my stir-crazy mind. Any way to escape the unnecessary hardships that awaited when still stuck at home, no one to see, nothing to do. My only friend was an ocasional irritated text message from an irritatingly self centered boyfriend.

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He gazed upon her, nourished to the bone with the promises that one day she could drink in his love the way he drank in her beauty. He needed no water, no food, her prosperity was his sustenance. And he adored her for feeding him in the way he had starved for so very long.

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So I turned and flipped the bastard the bird. Fucking hypocrite. Never said a true word in his life, never felt a true emotion, never thought a true thought. The only time you could get a genuine emotion out of the guy was if you could get him to flip out on you, not so difficult all things considered.

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I was in captivity, an animal. All humanity stripped from me in the form of clothes, name, dignity… I was no better than a circus animal. Captured. I hadn’t technically done anything wrong. The authorities get off on taking the humanity from the world in whatever form they find at their disposal. Fucking pigs. They were the animals here.

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watch yourself, that nasty flaming thing you release on me so often. I didn’t deserve it when I was a naked 6 year old and I don’t deserve it now. Show yourself, show yourself the truth of who you raised and how you raised her, see that temper? You gave it to her. She thanks you for it with every glare in your memory.

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the room was beauteous, but it paled in comparison to her face, her eyes. She was a creature of exquisite excellence. Intelligent, passionate and intimidating beyond my comfort zone. I must have her. I must know her. To hold that wonderful smile in my mind, to kiss those intriguing lips…. her eyes were a captivating look at her mind.

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I threw him in the trunk of my car, couldn’t contain the giddy satisfaction the sound of his body, limp, made slamming into the back of my seat. The blanket didn’t cover the blood, my calm couldn’t cover the brewing excitement inside of me, the man was finally gone, no longer haunting my moves or thoughts or dreams. Gone.

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The flame touched my skin, gently peeling back what was once a permanent fixture to my body, the smell of burnt flesh reached poignantly towards my face as I held myself to the torch and willed the pain to never stop.

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There was a simple argument to make; was love a staple that held me together or was I a staple holding love to myself by mere false means? I couldn’t decide where a metal pin would hold me to someone or me to an idea, how can we have such a flimsy attachment to something so intangible?

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I was beginning to see a pattern. He climbed to the top of my happiness and reached for the next rung, disappointed to find there was none. So he fell a few down, to always keep climbing. And you know what? He always keeps climbing, falling, climbing, falling, following the same pattern year after year.

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Recyled. He had replaced the same person so many times it felt like a routine. Same same same. Tasted the same, fucked the same, same girl a thousand times over. A recycled person. He went in cycles, when one was about a month behind he would reuse her just to see if she tasted the same, fucked the same, then he’d throw her away.

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the dish was exquisite. Delightful. A gourmet creation of imagination and innovation. I asked for the chef, the master magician of this circus of flavor and intoxication. To me came a withering little old lady not for lacking an inspiring love of the cuisine of her creation.

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the gentle swing of her hair in front of me called me, beckoned me to draw closer. Forced me to imagine what it would be to lace my fingers through it, to clench my knuckles around it and hear her gentle moan, the begging of her hips, the swing of motion that would give her everything she wanted. Snap back to reality; blonde hair swinging in front of me, dancing in the sunlight.

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her hair was pulled back, taught against the mini pins tangling her hair into a professional bun, her glasses were black to mirror her heart and only within her eyes can you find an ounce of the one-child, the once-dreamer, the once- loved.

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Onward to the town! She screamed at the top of her lungs, dust clouded the groups vision but the distinct outline of a small city loomed in the distance. They had been without civilization for a month, a town was their refuge and even the dust in the way couldn’t cloud their hope and exhilaration.

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the sensual scent dripped from his body like sweat. Down poured a flow of orgasmic sensation followed with a wave of pleasure and a shiver as droplets fell from his forehead, her neck… small condensations of sweat mingled to create a wonderland of swirling sexual energy.

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It is a colour that I don’t know very much about. I never describe things as maroon, even though I enjoy saying different colours to try and describe what I see. When I see the word, I actually think of macaroons. I’ve never eaten them but I would like to try. Honestly, I am not really sure what they are – I assume that they are a nut.

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generate? really? what a random word. i mean, what can you write about generate? do you want me to write about how oil spills generate huge problems? or about how..darn. i dont even know what this word really means.

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The music beings to play,
listen to the delicate notes,
the subtle rests.
Your arms around the person you love,
and you’re flying.
Gliding across the floor,
arm in arm.
Its beautiful,
then the music stops.
Yet you continue to dance,
the music still ringing in your ears,
All the while,
looking into the eyes of your dance partner.

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its time to wash away the tears, and the pain.
its time to wash away the grief from your heart
its time to wash away all the past

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i love how every time i see you, i smile
i love how every time you talk to me, i smile
i love how every time i hear you say my name, i smile
i love how every time i think about you, i smile
i love how every thing you say makes me smile
i love how every thing you do makes me smile
i love how you, make me smile

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smiles. smiles can mean many things. a genuine smile can mean happiness, satisfaction, contentment. there can be sly smiles, ones that may mean there is a plot forming in the smilers head. there can be fake smiles. those that mean that the smiler is uninterested in what you have said.

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Destiny is everything. It is what determines the direction your life takes. Some don’t believe in it, others do. Either way, it is thought about constantly. Are your decisions predetermined? If so, why then is there that struggle of making decisions. Is it just to give us that “life” experience? But then there’s that word…destiny. Do we then just sit back and leave our lives in the hands of an unseen omnipresent being? Or do we take our life into our own hands, even if we won’t be able to influence the outcomes? Yes, destiny. An ever important and ambiguous word. We’ve all heard it, but how many of us really know what it means? Does anyone?

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destiny is predetermined. you dont make the descisions yourself. they are made for you. They are made before you are even born. before time. before life.

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