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You’re totally out of our league,
Annabelle told Stacy, as her minions laughed beside her, their teeth white and razor sharp. they weren’t so pretty anymore, with their big mouths hanging open, in fact they were hideous. Stacy’s insides churned with anger. Who did they think they were? she would get them back, she’d show them, even if it was against school rules, not to mention, the law.

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the house was stylized to look like Hemmingways’, the booze counter, the ink-splotchy pages, the overturned ash tray. he was an artist who lived in a dumpster, a crusader without a cause, but still I loved him, somehow.

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as he packed her into the back of a cab and threw loose change at her, he screamed, it’s your welfare I care about, Shannon.
But she knew he was lying, even as the car drove away, he was relieved to be rid of her. because any minute now, his wife was coming home with his two beautiful children. She knew, she’d been watching them for weeks.

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