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This is the toughest letter I’ve ever had to write but, Evangeline, I don’t see a future for us. I know what your thinking: Why is he throwing it all away over an argument about veggie pizza? But it’s a lot more than just that. Last night’s fight opened my eyes. I’m so sorry.

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She collapsed on the hillside, catching her breath after running and laughing. Through a tangle of hair her eyes meet mine.

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Every tedious ritual of the workday feels all the more insufferable this morning. How does one do this for a lifetime?

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My rail-thin figure is in large part thanks to my supercharged metabolism. But then again, perhaps I’m just not eating enough calories. I was never one to count them. I didn’t snack as much as my peers. But I sure drank a lot of Mountain Dew.

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The taste of steel was the first thing she remembered. It woke her up, and stayed on her tongue for days on end.

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The sound of his feet dragging on the cement had a strange resonant frequency. It carried with such timbre that it seemed as if the air was experiencing a heightened reaction to a noise previously unheard.

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So long as the wheels kept things spinning along at 60 miles per hour, Sophie felt safe and secure. She never knew that Irene was drunk most of the time.

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What’s this? A black and white facsimile of his right hand?
He held his palm to the paper. What a world he was born into, yet again.

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Something he couldn’t quite pinpoint brought about a deep, painful sadness to his heart. Maybe it was the way the wind lifted her hair. Maybe it was the way the kiss of her footsteps grew ever more faint with each gentle step in the opposite direction.

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Uninterrupted focus. What a concept. Anything is possible if you find the perfect furtive corner of the library. Should this corner be free of students in search of a place to screw, it could be prime studying conditions if you have the wherewithal.

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He went into the conversation with a mission and a guiding principle: get the facts, take no shit. But the minutes slipped away, the discussion veered away in tangents and misleading pathways. Before long, the subject had become the puppetmaster.

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The bread fell apart in his hands. “How peculiar,” he thought as he watched the fluff crumble into dust. The thought of his next meal was, for some reason, not on the forefront of his mind. All he could do was contemplate his eventual fate, like that of his pastry.

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Never one to let something go, Sidney’s never forgotten a blurted phrase or awkward remark that she had the misfortune of speaking. She had a running list in her head, and it haunted her.

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She tumbled out of her Uber like a tower of dirty laundry. She took inventory that instant – purse, passport, nalgene, sweater, and her car keys dangling from between her teeth.

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Is that shade of paint salmon or peach? To most people, the selection of one answer or the other isn’t worth much thought. But to the couple arguing in front of the swatch gallery, the outcome could very well be divorce.

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Her toes curled, delighted and overwhelmed. New sensations in every touch; novelty and discovery with an old partner whom she once took for granted.

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Pure and total silence–an ideal setting if you want the anxiety to kick in. Why else do you think I stare at a phone every moment of stillness that I encounter?

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Softness, it had to be somewhere in the thicket of memories too painful to revisit. Silky skin against mine, sensations sometimes enough to will me into amnesia.

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I take a bow for You. I confess my sins to You. You know my thoughts and feelings, and know when they displease You.

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I’ve got a plan to one day throw all responsibilities to the wind and live on my life savings. A drop in the bucket every day, with any luck I may be able to live it up.

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A lonely magnolia in a vase on the windowsill. Grandmother was somewhere in the other room, yet I couldn’t help that fatalistic part of my brain to remember this image of a harbinger of the loneliness to come when she’s no longer with us.

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The old woman and her adult son had been there all day. Humidity clung to everything. The awning provides little relief.

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“My mother would be so disappointed,” he thought. It had been years since he stepped inside a church. Yet here he was, knocking on his neighbor’s front door; a tiny window revealing a golden buddha statue prominently center in the living room.

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Flipping through months old issues of Entertainment Weekly failed to keep his attention. His eyes wandered around the waiting room. A flash of violet caught his eye. A streak of purple hair, unfurling from the head of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

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Maybe it was clear from the start that things wouldn’t last. He was off-the-cuff and snarky, I was academic and P.C. That doesn’t make separation any less painful.

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“The thing about science,” said Professor Thatch, running his fingers around the edge of the globe, “is that it’s all just a bunch of theories. So what makes the theories from JRR Tolkein’s books any different?”

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0: I wanna get drunk!
1: You’re my best friend.
2: I need to call my brother and tell him I love him.
3: I’m so wasted, guys!
4: You wanna fight, bro?

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When I was young, I could have fathomed what my life would become as I came of age in the era of big data and information. Computers and gadgets, once bewitching in their power, eventually just turn my identity into an endless string of ones and zeroes.

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“Special delivery…” The man in brown seductively unbuttons his uniform. Clutching her fleece-lined pink robe to her breast, she purrs with approval. After 20 years, you need to find a way to make it fun.

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I saw a child lagging behind his mother, tethered to her wrist, dragging his feet as she made haste on the moving walkway to their destination. He tripped, she picked him up, and laid a few gentle slams on his rear end to punish him for his small steps. From the opposite walkway, I reflected silently.

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