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in the cathedral,
light everywhere, perfection and love and beauty,
in the warm arms of the red stained glass.
to feel that, like i used to.
peace, anchor, angelhood,
anything but loneliness.

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dear maryam
how are you ? i hope are you fine . i’m writing to invite to my party next Thursday . i hope succeeded in my final exam at university , and i asked all my friend to come and enjoy the moments with us i’m looking forward to hearing from you . write back soon as you can

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bad girl
why did you call yourself a stupid girl
you have beauty and worth
without pagents

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she curled her hair
she prepped her smile
momma said, yes girl
go gettem, baby
she winces
holds her breath,
and says,
yes ma’am.

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Forthwite feelingsletting people know what your feeling from the hearrt get things done with feeling

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My parents are the best at giving me advice. They are always there for me when I need help. They always know what to say, and when to say it. Friends are also another source of advice. Through advice, you develop as a person.

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be happy. life’s too short not smile every so often. your smile could be just what someone needs to brighten their day.

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Maids were once made differently, bearing dowries rather than dustbusters, but they were still objects of desire.

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A pod of bikers strung along the highway, gear in tow, lean legs pumping, slender thighs encased in ridiculous skintight shorts…that was their idea of fun?

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Sex, peaches, sleep, again. The summer pleasures of stone fruit, clean sheets in foreign locales. She feels heavy and light at once; somehow complete.

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The decline is not sudden, but a graceful arc, a slide into the whirling pool beneath the waterfall. You’d rather sit on shore and watch; the water looks so cold. But that option is not yours.

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Pleased is a state of being happy with what has been presented to you. I recall being pleased on numerous occasions, however the general feeling of being pleased fails to present itself in my life. I guess some people get it and others don’t.

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major general General generally like the word general

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there are a lot of things hidden in life….you won’t be able to know everything and won’t be able to get what it’s all about….knowledge is out there…but not in front of us…you need to look hard to figure and see what’s hidden!

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Grace looked across the room, earnestly, for any sign of her underwear. It was nowhere to be found….

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certainty i done know nothing

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The voice was gruff, unforgiving. I turned around. Nick stood with his hand outstretched, his mangy coat extended towards me. He scowled and shoved it into my chest.
“Here,” he said again, before driving his hands into his jeans pockets and stalking away, “You’ll catch a chill.”

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dude. give me a new word. i just wrote about crime. i know its a problem but really..

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today i decided to worship a different god after learning about all the horrible things the christian church had done thoughout its history. But it turns out i chose something even worse and now i worship the devil.

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I snaped my fingers and snnaped them again. I really like the motion of snapping. the two fingers and the sounds it slight click and the happiness of the gesture. It means so many things in our culture. Like disappointent and happiness and excitement. It is also used as a slang term.

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Loss of a friend
Loss of love
Loss is hard to deal with,
and just the word alone is upsetting.
It never has a positive connotation,
It never brings smiles.

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