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I went to the library because it was peaceful there. And clean. My mother is a hoarder. Our house is dark because our lightbulbs haven’t been changed in ten years. We can’t get to them … there is too much stuff in the way. So yes, I spend time at the library.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 11.24.2012 @ 2:30 pm


I received the letter in the mail today. It was from an old piano student of mine. How could I know, when I took the first step to being a piano teacher, that it would result in such wonderful relationships with young people? It is a bounty beyond expressions.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 11.20.2012 @ 3:42 pm


draw. It was a draw. Their whole life it was a draw. The daughter was a lesbian. The mother was a homophobe. The both thirsted for a loving, supportive relationship. So they fought for 60 years. Never would the acknowledge the source of their disagreement.

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Roar roar roar your song,
But be sure to breathe!
Boldly boldly boldy go ..
YouAnd you will succeed!

» Posted By ariel4thou On 11.09.2012 @ 6:35 pm


They couldn’t be themselves in front of their parents. They couldn’t smoke or drink or tell dirty jokes. It make their parents so very sad. That these activities should be chosen over intimate family relationships.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 11.08.2012 @ 10:57 pm


The solution to the problem will be easy. Have a hysterectomy. Will you ever care about a physical relationship again? Probably not. But at least you’ll be alive. I guess you’ll still be able to hug your now hypothetical grandchildren.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.23.2012 @ 12:17 pm


“Okay, I’m in charge here!”
That wasn’t how I meant it to sound, but it was how he took it.
I just meant to say, “Don’t worry, you can leave. The baby is crying, but I can handle it.”
Instead he became profoundly offended. I heard him telling his wife what a bitch he thought I was.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.21.2012 @ 10:47 am


Life has shown me that “time is its own bond.” That even people I don’t like, if they’re not evil, even these people I can grow to love if I spend enough time with them. That’s all.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.19.2012 @ 11:53 pm


She wrapped the doilies around her feet as she sat on the floor. Then she lay down with her feet raised in the air. “You are Sabrina,” she said to her right foot. “And YOU are Bettina!” ” She said to her left foot.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.18.2012 @ 3:11 pm


The Europeans came to the Americas and thought they would civilize the “savages” they found there. If only their hubris hadn’t blinded them to the fact that it should have been the other way around.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.16.2012 @ 4:36 pm


I told the kids that I’d sleep in the upper bunk, while they’d sleep together in the lower one. As if! I’d paid extra for the sleeper car on the train, hoping to get some sleep that night .. but sure couldn’t do it with three of us in one bed!

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.15.2012 @ 9:46 am


I spilled some water on the floor when I was filling the cat’s dish. He was really thirsty and he sat in it when he was drinking. What kind of a cat sits in water and doesn’t do that “ooh! ooh!” weird finicky thing that cats do when they get wet?

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.11.2012 @ 11:44 pm


She sat, pensive and motionless, looking at the keyboard in front of her. All of a sudden she grabbed the dominant chord, then resolved, not to the tonic, but to he mediant.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.09.2012 @ 7:58 pm


They said it was a mass. A mass. I pictured my childhood catholic church, with it’s large icon of the Virgin Mary. Mary, who also had breasts.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.08.2012 @ 2:25 pm


Various varioso variety. Prevaricate. She is a liar. I never know which of various answers she will choose when I ask her a question. But this much is clear: often the answers do not agree with each other.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.04.2012 @ 6:56 am


The combine fell over. Ploop. Dad was caught underneath. What should I do? Easy. I took a deep breath and held it. I started to grow. Soon enough I was ten times bigger than the combine, so I just picked it up and moved it.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 10.03.2012 @ 8:47 am


She was sure it would be the last breath she’d take, so she savored it. It was cool, and she breated deeply. How thoughtlless she had been, she though, breathing all that time without ever noticing the wonderful taste of the air.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.27.2012 @ 12:55 pm


Before we moved I lived in paradaise. I hadn’t yet turned five. I remember because my fifth birthday was a tawdry affair in my aunt’s dark living room. There was a gift. It was a nice gift.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.24.2012 @ 1:15 pm


Trial and error. We all need to learn it. It’s important to be a scientist … If you have parents who let you learn this way, you are very lucky. Explaining facts to people doesn’t get them much of anywhere. Although, as an adult, it is nice if someone tells you where the path leads.

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I couldn’t begin to explain what had happened. One minute we were driving down the road, the next I was in the hospital. The walls were blue, and the sunlight was bright. And everything else was white.

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He hungered for the gold. Surely, surely, this next site would prove worthy of a claim. He couldn’t stop himself.

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We walked together down the dusty road. He carried the two-year old, I carried the infant. We were starving. How had it come to this?

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Snow blindness. Everywhere we looked we saw white. Even the cloud covered sky was a dirty white. There wasn’t even respite when we closed our eyes, for the memory of the white lingered.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.15.2012 @ 8:22 pm


fried deep fat the things you can fry bacon potatoes


his brains were fried. he took too many drugs. it was so sad, in retrospect. but at the time, it seemed funny. how differently we look at things when we become old.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.14.2012 @ 9:25 pm


They say I was born with asthma. But it was gone by the time I was two. I don’t think people are “born” with asthma that just goes away. I think someone got something wrong. But I think the most interesting fact about this is that I remember, back before 1960, that the doctor used to come to our house to examine me. Yes, he made house call.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.13.2012 @ 8:59 pm


I always thought my family was dysfunctional … which it is … and that that was unusual … which it isn’t. Sure, I come from a low socioeconomic background, but when I rose up that ladder and met new families, it turned out that the only real difference was money. Dysfunction? Abounds everywhere.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.12.2012 @ 2:01 pm


I worked in a book binding factory one summer. The job amounted to serving gigantic, rhythmic machines. We’d put the “forms” of printed material into the machines, and then we’d take the completed books off. It was grueling work, but I tried to make it more interesting by finding a rhythm that fit with a musical piece I was familiar with.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.10.2012 @ 1:48 pm


Unlike most people from my generation – the baby boomers – I don’t like having music playing in my home all day. I still remember the best times from when I was 3 and 4 years old, those wonderful times when I was alone in the house with my mom; the sun was shining outside, and the whole neighborhood was quiet. It was wonderful.

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.06.2012 @ 11:55 am


Miracle. I watched as misshapen head appeared, then the shoulders.

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I approached the covered bridge with trepidation. Would life ever be the same if I crossed through?

» Posted By ariel4thou On 09.03.2012 @ 8:35 am

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