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opening the app for the fourth time that morning, the frustrated man sighed, resignedly. he’d paid for premium membership and was disappointed that his favorite model was not updating more frequently. in the last picture, she wore a gauzy floral top, flashing perky pink nipples

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he threw the device across the room. the tiny purple dragon lay on its belly, bleeding pixelated droplets into a pool, its wings flapping listlessly

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Bright flashing lights, cutting through the darkness. Confetti fluttering to the floor. Sweaty limbs reaching skywards, twirling through the pandemonium.

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Unlike the ceiling, which was uneven and water-stained, the crowning dull with smoke and dust, crumbling in the corners, the floorboards appeared brand new. Sleek teak, brightly waxed and shining.

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Her fingers shook as she slipped the envelope open. The paper had a distinctive heft to it, a softness like velium, a scent like cream and roses.

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you hadn’t known the smell of a city burning but you know now. smoke rises up between cracks in the sidewalk and you stumble through the fog in a haze, watching as the world goes up in flames around you,

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we were always mismatched

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this isnt against anyone or anyones sexuality.

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al jumped onto his bike and drove off that evening. he hated his father. he hated both his fathers at that. i could never forgive them for turning his own little brother against him and into their sick ways.

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he jumped onto his bike and drove off that evening. he hated his father. both his fathers at that. he despised their ways. they have even turned his little brother against him and into their sick ways.

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And in one last attempt at redemption, the rugged prisoner sealed the letter. It was all of his life’s work. His experiences, all his firsts, and an endless guilt that would always accompany him. He never even meant to be this way. He never meant to cause so much hurt in his life. It just happened and now he had to deal with the consequences of his actions. Time was dreadfully slow, however. 20 more years till freedom. 10 for parole. He hoped he could make it till the end to see her again.

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he had been told to drink great amounts of wine and minerals

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death was sure . but the catwalk don’t lie, no more. goodbye mission done

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She strutted down the catwalk with such confidence that the crowd was swooned. Damn except one dude in the back, he was yelling and screaming “Give me the computer back” She woke up with a start, what an odd dream.

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so maybe he’s not your boyfriend. but it doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the grace of his hands when he speaks or his ability to cross his ankles and not look like a finishing schoolgirl from victorian england; it doesn’t mean you don’t know the colour of his eyes in hex code or that you’ve never gotten lost with him in the forest on purpose.

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The walls, how pressing. There pushing me down, im pressed, no where left to go.

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it’s an urgent matter, never reaching completion

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fallen. ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and you’ve fallen at last on your knees amidst fire and smoldering charcoal. nothing matters. nothing did.

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“I cant believe it!” The man shouted in angry. The goddess merely glanced at him, speaking in a soft voice she whispered. “You as a race need mercy, why ignore this mans crime, because he is poor and not the other man, the rich one, who has killed…Your race needs more mercy…I will come back within the week, your city must be changed for the better by then if you want to remain under my protection.”

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Did you miss me when I left, or are you still so stubborn as to not admit you care. That’s so rude.

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When we reached up we grasped the stars, They glimmered and shined, why cant i make them mine? Thats what we wanted, to make them ours, so we crushed them, because they were to much for us to handle when they were themselves, we had to change them, tell them what they were, the stars that we crushed, all the star dust.

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Beyond the edge of insanity lies waste. What was is how you got there, what is is how you will stay. Beyond the borders of enlightenment is what you are trying to achieve.

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There are un-necessary dividers in our world. They start from simple things, the color of your skin, your eyes, your hair. The place you were born, raised. How you say things, what defines you, or what you identify as.

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It looked sort of like a head band, but by the way it glimmered you could tell it wasn’t. There was an unnatural aura to it that made me think it was something more.

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There bond wasn’t through love or hate, but rivalry. For some reason the two of them couldn’t stand the fact that there was no way to tell who was stronger. That’s how it started.

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I was outsourced and I knew it. Actually I wasn’t even sure if I knew what it meant, but I knew it applied to my situation. I had to get someone to help so I went to the only place I knew that I could find it, over the crystal wall

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they grow in woody tangles, braids, intertwining, like your life your past your history; get lost it in, in oldness, age – climb, friend, climb

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his gloves were white in a fashion almost unnerving. he was the ideal, the pinnacle of genteel society; teacup and top hat and all. he was graceful. he was polite but appropriately witty. he was skilled in the art of fencing; he was learned in ancient greek. he was sick of it all.

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sequins ran down one leg and not the other. it was a trashy pair of jeans – doubtless trashy when she bought them, more so now that holes had been burnt through the knees.

» Posted By ari On 10.22.2014 @ 2:46 pm

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