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You kissed me then and I was soon tasting the sweet strawberries on your lips. You opened your mouth and I stifled a groan. You were almost too good at this.

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I was bitten, changed. Blood rust raged in my body and I resisted the urge to sink my teeth into Calvin’s neck. He sat beside me, oblivious to my mental battles. Turning he smiled at me. “Come on,” he said, “lets go get something to eat.” I laughed shakily and nodded. If only he knew how hungry I was…

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My wellingtons splashed through the puddle and I was glad that it was no longer raining. Ahead a rainbow shone and I regretted not bringing my camera with me, today of all days.

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The pins scattered to the floor as I ripped the half sewn dress from the machine and tossed it to the ground. What was the use? No one was ever going to ask me to the dance anyway. I’d be better off knitting a pair of seat pants for the rest of lonely existence.

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The branches didn’t waver as I used them to pull myself up the leafy tree. Finally, I heaved myself up onto the platform you were sitting on, waiting for me. As I watched the sunset you took a penknife from your jeans pocket and began carving our initals into one of the brances. I was so in love with you that day.

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My shoes were ruby red. The colour of jellies and passionate sunsets. The summer sun filtered through the trees as we lay in the bed of your truck talking about nothing and everything at the same time.

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“Why are you always so stubborn?” he asked as we tried to restart the truck.

“I’m not stubborn. I’m just willful. Besdies, why would I want a new truck? This one is full of memories!” Jet rolled his eyes.

“Women…” he said.

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The attendant handed me a towel to dry my face with and then disappeared without a sound.

“What’s going on?” I demanded of the slight woman in front of me. She removed her spectacles and polished them on a small rag she took from her pocket.

“All in good time, dear,” she answeresd.

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His eyes seemed to blaze as he looked at me.

“We’re going to get through this you know,” he said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“John,” I said, “We are tied up in the cellar of the old Mason place and it’s about to be set on fire. What the hell makes you think that we are going to be okay?”

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“I was saving this for a rainy day,” he said running his hand over the glass jar that was brimming with small change. The light caught on the shiny pennies.

“Well it’s not exactly sunny today,” I said.

“I don’t know how many more rainy days I’m going to get,” he answered and raised the jar to smash it.

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“Don’t you dare splash me,” I threatened. You just laughed and flicked more water at me. I squealed and splashed you back. Water cascaded down your shoulders and you slicked you hair back from your forehead.

“Just you wait,” you said through laughter and I attempted to swim away.

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“Hey Catcher,” I said as I sunk down on the grass beside him. “What’s up?” He looked at me and smiled.

“Nothing much,” he answered. “But I missed you,” he reached over and entwined his fingers with mine.

“I only went to get a glass of water. I was gone like five minutes,” I said.

“Exactly,” he said and raised our joined hands to press a faint kiss to my knuckle.

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He held the torch aloft and slowly everything came into focus. Around us gold glimmered on every available inch of floorspace. There was cups, plates, jewellery, furniture. A King’s ransom. Literally.

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The rug was covered in a crazy pattern and I knew that i had to have it. Yellow zig zags intersecting with blue and green. It would look perfect on the hardwood floor in the beach house.

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The meal was gourmet but Shell couldn’t eat it. The greasy looking caviar and the unidentified brown substance made her crave a hamburger. With cheese. “Are you suitably impressed?” Johnson asked and Shell attempted to smile back at him. “Of course,” she answered and braved a bite of passion fruit.

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We met for brunch. “So,” he said biting into a croissant. “Are you seeing anyone these days?” I looked around the restaurant so that I wouldn’t have to meet his eyes. “You lost the right to ask me that a long time ago Jackson.” I said, my tone as hard as my eyes.

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“Was that demonstation really necessary Catarina?” he asked his tone dripping with derision. I refused to answer, merely glaring at the wall behind his head. “Come on,” he implored. “Stop acting like a child.”

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The swing rocked backward and forward as I sat there. He smiled at me and raised an eyebrow. ‘You got a problem?’ he asked good naturedly and I shook my head as I walked over and took the swing beside him. ‘Not at all,’ I answered.

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I’m a professional. I can’t show emotion. I have to kill. I have no choice. Life isn’t always fair but we’ve got make of it what we can so I try not to feel guilty. It isn’t like I asked for this job. Is it?

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The town was bustling as I slipped through. It was busy but not the good kind of busy. Today, more so than any other day in the year, people clustered around in sad, morose bunches. Some looked angry. Some looked sad. Ahead of me I could see him. He was with the others from outside the town and he didn’t notice me watching. He never did. We weren’t from the same place.

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‘You need medical assistance?’ The fireman asked gesturing towards the ambulance where the others were crowded around. I shook my head.

‘I think that I’m fine,’ I answered. My throat felt sore from the exposure to the smoke but I definetly didn’t want to have to face the others just yet.

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His calloused fingers plucked the acoustic guitar strings quickly. I sighed and lay my head down on the feather pillow.

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The blonde slopped a generous amount of the amber liqour into the gentleman’s cup. He toasted to her and downed it in one.

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She stared down at the obsolete page in front of her. Even her friends laughed at her when she produced her antique pen and paper. ‘Why don’t you just you a computer?’ They laughed.

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‘Welcome to the network,’ said a cool, calm familiar voice. ‘Thank you for connecting today.’ The chip at the base of my neck beeps.

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The phrases of music flowed seamlessly into one another as I closed my eyes and listened to the sweet notes of the piano.

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She sat down heavily in the seat. He should have warned her.

“Oh.” she said.

“I’m sorry.” As if that would make any difference.

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I focused the lense of my telescope towards the Moon. The night was bright and clear.

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She shivered and pulled the sleaves of her sweater down over her hands to fight off the biting cold.
“Do you want my coat?” he offered, already shucking off the sleaves. She shook her head. She didn’t want anything from him.

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So we walked under the leafy green canopy. The sun was high in the sky as we kissed softly beneath the branches of a maple tree. I wish we could go back to that time. The time when we were happy.

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