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It was 11 pm. Just the two of them, lying in the open field, looking at a sky of stardust. She’d never seen a more beautiful sky, and the stars reflected in her eyes as he gazed into them. An innocent but sweet moment neither of them would ever forget.

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I took her to the vet just in time, and thank goodness. She was cold and suffering throughout that terrible storm. She was left abandoned out in the alley, mewing loudly. Perhaps she was calling for her mom. The mama cat was nowhere to be found. Anyway, it’s alright now. I’ll be her new mom. I’ll make sure she’s never left abandoned again. She’s finally home.

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I wore the polo that day. I don’t know why. It was a slightly large fit, and I didn’t want to wear it because it still smelled of him. Why I never gave it back or threw it out, I don’t know. Something about it, wearing it, comforted me yet brought tears to my eyes. The polo itself held no meaning, but I was still lingering onto the past. Wearing my emotions on my sleeve in the most literal sense. Someday, yes someday, I will have the strength to toss it away, my last memento of him.

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What can i say that has not already been said? he is my god and my savoir. and he we don’t always have the best relationship and i don’t always prayer or care or thank him as much as i should but i am glad he is on my side. and i am glad he is my confidant. and i thank him everyday for forgiving me and my sins and my sorrows. he is everything.

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Measured is the past tense of measure. For example, I once measured all the stars in the universe, then promptly forgot the number. Measuring is vitally important to our nation’s survival. For example, if we didn’t measure the borders between countries, we wouldn’t have any idea whether we were in Mexico or the USA. How confusing would that be?

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PEACE and truce achieved by both countries.. friendly talk always works than bearing arms.
war is never the answer.

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i dismissed a mail .

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Severe, sever, it doesn’t matter if it’s got the E on the end, it’s still a harsh, cruel, hurtful word. Severe. Severe thunderstorms, where flash floods destroy your neighbourhood and lightning strikes cause fires. Severe injuries, changing your life, perhaps taking it. Severe anything, severing you from the life you lived before.

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Handwritten letters are becoming obsolete so I’m writing this to you now – to make it more personal, more special. I wouldn’t dare use texting nor emailing to tell you how much you mean to me. Whenever I write, as words flow from my pen to this paper – a canvas so white, so immaculate, pureness overwhelming that I’m assured my message would reach you – I feel, I know and believe that I could finally touch your heart.

I’m in-love with…

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it was a endless journey in which I didn’t know if I would make it. the stars were telling me to stop and not look back. but I just couldn’t do it. I miss him too much to stop. this journey will be the death of me if anything else in the world. oh the things you do for love… it sucks.

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The night lamp slowly flickered into life, illuminating the small pathway that led to the small barnyard. Inside, the horses neighed, the chickens clucked, the cows mooed and the goats meeeh-ed in welcome of the night. They acknowledged the presence of the shadow that comes with the spreading of the darkness – invisible and imperceptible to the humans but affecting the animals greatly for they know who was to come.

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He tilted his head and peered from the doorway. His eyes widened when he saw a flying pan coming his way. He had enough time to duck down, hands over his head. Apparently, she’s not done yet. Perhaps she wouldn’t be done in a long time. But he won’t blame her, of course. It had been his fault and he planned to face the consequences of his actions. At least, that’s what he planned to do until…

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The trees hummed her lullabies of dear old Past to sleep. The greens’ arms caressed her bosom, showering her with delicate buds of flowers, like snow drops in a winter morning. When she stirred, their breath soothed her troubled soul, smiling as she settled back to dreamland. The roots beneath her tried to cushion her lithe body, fearing that the contact would break her cream skin.

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The loft was in complete darkness when she entered. Musty smell met her nose as she immersed herself in the dark. Slowly, she groped her way along the walls, looking for the light switch. When she found it, she quickly flipped it open, a loud sharp snap echoing across the room. Boxes upon boxes of old photo books, picture frames and antique dolls welcomed her, covered in thick dust which gathered over the years. She wandered around, trying to find that small music box her mother gave her when she turned 5 years old. But instead of a music box, a small glittering comb lying on the window pane caught her attention. It seemed new, no dust at all. And yet, as far as she knew, no one had been up there since her grandmother passed away – 36 years ago.

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Her plea was indistinct amidst the overpowering squawking of the crows. Her arms that covered her face were full of scratches, bloodied. The crows were flapping their wings madly, pecking and scratching at her, trying to get her pendant. But she wouldn’t give it to them, not even if she died.

She tried to call out again, forcing her voice to top the birds’ crowing. Her rasped voice came out like garbled nonsense. She knew she would die if this kept on going. She must do something.

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The moon looked down at her and smiled. She knew the little girl’s secret and she wouldn’t dare tell it to anybody. They promised each other that until the right time comes, the moon would keep the secret safe. The little girl waved her small hand at the moon, “Goodbye! Till we meet again!” And she laid down on the forest floor among the hyacinth stalks and shut her eyes. The moon eyed her for the last time before slowly descending her throne.

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He was overjoyed when he heard the news. He took the baby from its carriage and swung her around, his calloused hands holding her lithe body. The baby woke up and seeing that she was being lifted, like an airplane or a feather or a bird… – she cried. In the arms of a stranger, she felt unsafe, doubt and fear clouding her. She screamed her heart out, wanting to get down. But he wouldn’t let her.


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The cold mist surrounded them, the chill permeating in their clothes. She took his arm and squeezed it, not wanting to let go. She burrowed her head on his chest. A few moments later, he looked down at her and without warning, brusquely shrugged his arm away from her. She glanced at him with wide-eyed surprise. He barked at her, “Who are you? What am i doing here?” She gasped and felt tears well in her eyes. Suddenly, trails of memories flashed before her eyes. She’s slowly losing them. Something’s taking them away from her.

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The orange painted skies overhead was slowly turning into blue, casting shadows upon shadows on the snow-laden ground. Skeleton-like branches waved in the wind, the chilly air sending goosebumps up her arms. But she didn’t notice it. She was transfixed on the sight before her. Her gaze locked on the small girl sitting on the bar, blood running down her swinging legs. The kid was smiling at her but her smile didn’t reach her eyes. Marks of teardrops stood out from her pale face.

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I understood that you didn’t really love me. That it was because you were weak and needed someone to be there for you. I don’t get why you picked me though. I am the same as you. We’ll never be understood by each other…

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He ran and pumped his legs to their limit. He must catch her before she leaves for the city. The train gave a loud hoot, smoke coming out of it. He’s nearly there, a few meters away, when the train began to move. His strides were long and he was fast but he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop her anymore. He was already in pace with the train and he saw her. She stood there with a blank face, eyes looking out past the plains and the mountains, extending far beyond. Then she turned her head and saw him running side by side with the train that would separate them forever. And she knew.

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She stood there, taken aback by the utter ignorance of the man in front of her. ‘He didn’t know anything. But he was there! He was just right there…This is so surreal.’ She eyed the man suspiciously but his wide-eyed expression hid nothing. He was innocent.

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I am delighted about using this word. I am not sure why. but I feel great when I have a good meal and I am full from happiness. I love the way you look and the photo captures it perfectly. lol, I like the website… :)

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at the turn of the century we really thought we were done for. it was a crazy event that was interesting to watch. who knew that everyone would be a bunch of fools thinking the world would end just because we didn’t have any computers anymore. its ridiculous to believe people are so dumb

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I really don’t know what a castaway is.i Because i don’t have time to wikipeide-it, and because my english isn’t too good. i love english but as i live in Norway english isn’t our first priority in school, although i would believe learning a different language is important!

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stereo speakers, stereo manual, i can’t understand you, you are not on stereo, hell if i know what the hell you are talking about and hell if i know if there is anything to do with anything special or important. stereos are nothing to compare with the sound of your voice or nothing to do with the sound of your voice. i haven’t the faintest idea of what you say or do. i only know i have nothing against the idea of it. still, we have to do nothing.

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pity for pitslaves that are particular in patty packers pitiful beer pong games. operation petty pit parting with p

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just trying this out.

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revealing lingerie, revealing people, revealing nothing, let’s just stop revealing whatever we think should be exposed. honestly, it isn’t all that interesting. in fact, we’ve already seen it all before, and on you, it probably isn’t that much different. not enough to make us ooh and ahh and go into hysterics. this mass consumption of revealing people needs to end.

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