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Contrary to what it may seem, I’m not really an “artist” per se, guess I just happen to be an artsy person in the crowd. My love of going to art shows and fests should not be confused with assuminb I am an artist myself, in my family I’m probably the least talented of these people. Well as far as visual art, my medium are words, I suppose my mixed medium would be loving and meshing different languages. Tis funny when I go somewhere and introduce myself at an art event then realize, whoops, I didn’t bring my
business cards along for my aunt and brother in law etc. Me myself? Oops, that’ would just be ackward. I work with words, that doesn’t mean I can ever find them in real life talking to strangers. I’m the shy type that watches and hides in corner to scribble my thoughts instead of just telling them to everybody in sight.
I may llike to get my paws good and messy with rainbow colours now and then, but do not be mistaken, I am not really an artist. Anything I do will only be abstract and left open to much interpetation, not like I can get my details across how I’d like to. It MUST be interpetted.
Maybe you could call me a big fan in the club of artistry culture, like you have musical groupies and such for different communities. I just love the atmosphere, the moods, the feel of these people as they get together to celebrate and revel in the event of CREATING and enjoying, taking the time to revel in life and experience it fully. Tis addictive and makes a person feel they belong.
So there you go, do not be confused, I am not an artist person, I just happen to love them.

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