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I took my zipper up and down, making it go buzz buzz buzz like a robot whirring its gears. It’s something I do when I’m nervous, I grab the closest zipper to me and I just start fiddling with it. I guess that makes me some kind of freak, doesn’t it? It’s okay. I’m used to people calling me a freak.

» Posted By Anthony On 12.03.2017 @ 2:26 pm


how may I dissolve when I have nothing left to live for. who else out there even agrees with me?

» Posted By Anthony On 05.08.2015 @ 9:39 pm


“I’m just amused, that’s all,” she said with a smirk on a her face. I wasn’t positive, but I think she liked me. I didn’t need assurance though.

» Posted By anthony On 10.12.2014 @ 4:22 pm


billy bill and his accomplice at the school park brought billy joe to the back of the school where the a.i’s couldn’t see them. Then billy’s accomplice billy billy held billy joe’s hands behind his back while billy bill was tasering him (the one where they pokethem).
the end

» Posted By anthony On 10.08.2014 @ 9:14 am


once i had a frowney face then i was brought a pie by some sheep and then i became happy.then i was brought a present by all the sheeplings and their freinds.the present said sheep are as awsome as you (wich is very awsome.then we all had a goood time and then the sheeplings played tug a war then the farmer came to join in with even more sheeplings. then all of the farmers friends came withb more sheeplings and it was a sheep party.and then i was happy from then on i had alot of sheep friends and I was happy for the rest of my life.

» Posted By anthony On 09.17.2014 @ 9:18 am


They went to captivate the idea which allowed them to see through the lens. Once that occured we all had to see what happened. Then we saw the other people run and run and run! All of a sudden we had to see the truth which was shown! How could this happen to us they said, as they stared captivated!

» Posted By Anthony On 08.01.2013 @ 3:21 am


He was always so irreverent. Anything in front of him was garbage and he made sure everyone around him knew. So when he walked into the church that day you can imagine what happened.

» Posted By anthony On 07.23.2013 @ 5:48 pm


We weren’t sure how he derived all of the money but he had a lot of it and he sure knew how to spend it. It wasn’t long until we all had money to spend.

» Posted By anthony On 07.10.2013 @ 8:35 pm


I was in a frenzy. Nothing was working out. My career had taken a turn for the worse. It seemed I was being persecuted on a daily basis. My home life was a mess. My wife hated me.

» Posted By Anthony On 06.23.2013 @ 3:50 am


fleeing the atrocities of a man who doesn’t love you makes you question who he does love. when you were embraced in his arms with his cock up your ass, fleeing was the last thing on your mind. but upon lack of post-coitus cuddling, you stated the words “not cuddling makes me feel like a tramp.” he said you don’t have to leave so quickly. scurrying off felt right after that lack of affection.

» Posted By Anthony On 06.12.2013 @ 10:01 pm


I dont know what to say because i do not know what the word means. I would want to ensue history lol idk. i do not know what to put, so i wouldn’t do this one.

» Posted By Anthony On 05.01.2013 @ 1:47 pm


If we wanted freedom we’d have to burrow out of the compound. Like rabbits. Parker loved the idea. He’d been a member of the burrowing society since gradeschool. To actually put his training to use was more than he ever dreamed of doing.

» Posted By anthony On 04.20.2013 @ 1:09 pm


It was all fabricated. Everyone knew it. But the only one who seemed to care wasn’t even in his right mind. He never was.

» Posted By anthony On 04.01.2013 @ 5:02 pm


orange shadows dancing around the walls in a dark castle on a hold night steam rising from the flames

» Posted By anthony On 03.05.2013 @ 5:10 pm


We tried to instill our values into the boy at an early age, but it never quite caught on. When we pushed towards one direction, he would fight us and go the opposite. Parenting is tough.

» Posted By anthony On 03.02.2013 @ 4:23 pm


A startled fox, was startled by a startled wolf, which was startled by a bear, which was startled by a hunter, which was startled to see a bear. Then the bear startled the wolf, which the wolf startled the fox. Then they all were startled to see each other.

» Posted By Anthony On 02.25.2013 @ 12:36 pm


This is a story when i grasped my little brothers hand, when we were being chased by guys with guns. I grasped his hand really hard, and then i grasped my little sisters hand tightly. I

» Posted By Anthony On 02.19.2013 @ 1:53 pm


Claims. Many feel that they have claims to certain things in life. Claims to money, to success, every materialistic desire. The universe owes us nothing. Every blessing we receive is just that, a blessing.

» Posted By Anthony On 02.06.2013 @ 11:00 pm


Her throat would swell up like a water balloon if she even looked at a peanut. Everyone knew that.
“Don’t show Brenda that Snickers!”

» Posted By anthony On 01.30.2013 @ 6:59 pm


Visiting new places is so fun. The frightening feeling of being somewhere you don’t recognize or understand. Life changing, every time.

» Posted By Anthony On 01.28.2013 @ 11:11 pm


I would like to leave this place and go far away, never to return, not much of a “visit” i suppose, but every move starts with a step, and really when you think about it, the nomads really had it right, why would anyone honestly want to stay in the same place forever? Doesn’t anybody aspire to see the world, to move up in it, to conquer it?

» Posted By Anthony On 01.21.2013 @ 8:19 pm


He never really applied himself. From the time an assignment was slapped in front of his face to the time it went into the boss’ hands, he was never one to show any drive.

» Posted By anthony On 01.20.2013 @ 3:41 pm


The barrel chested youth sat on a park bench, quietly observing the world around him. He had no way of knowing what exactly was going on with the woman across from him, but it appeared that she was trying to unhindge her left arm and wrap it around the underside of her torso. It was fine. This was central park after all. The great unknown park in the center of the universe.

» Posted By Anthony On 01.01.2013 @ 2:32 pm


five of hearts. poker tournaments end with the small cards. Everybody wants to see the big royal flush, the full house queens on tens. Nobody really expects a straight flush completed with a five until the river ends it all.

» Posted By Anthony On 12.17.2012 @ 7:32 pm


I was living in Texas at the time. Dallas. It wasn’t a big city back then, no siree. Back then it was

» Posted By anthony On 12.14.2012 @ 12:10 pm


He was determined to finish. even though he’d never finished anything before in his life. If he could just complete everything then he could be happy for once.

» Posted By anthony On 12.13.2012 @ 7:43 am


He wouldn’t have been talking to her if he didn’t think she was available. There was the tan line on her ring finger…but that’s not a ring.

» Posted By anthony On 12.12.2012 @ 9:12 am


When all the evidence was presented, it was clear what the verdict would be. Guilty. But he knew that. I mean, it was him that killed the bitch anyway.

» Posted By anthony On 12.11.2012 @ 7:58 am


he tried to explain the different methods. there were hundreds. It was going to be a long meeting.

» Posted By anthony On 12.09.2012 @ 5:58 pm


The plan was simple. All we had to do was go in there, take the money, then get out. That is, as long as Kevin didn’t fuck it up. And Kevin always fucked up.

» Posted By anthony On 12.05.2012 @ 11:14 pm

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