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I don’t know what an espresso is so this is all I have to write. Goodbye!!!!!! :D

» Posted By anonymous On 12.11.2018 @ 6:17 am


There are corners all over the house. On the table, on the fridge, on the couch, everywhere. I’m so worried. I’ve taken care of babies before. But this is my own. I’m so worried for her. I don’t think I will be a good mother but my husband says otherwise. I know he will be an amazing father.

» Posted By Anonymous On 11.27.2018 @ 11:47 am


Comedians are people whose purpose in life is to make others happy. They go up on a stage and tell jokes or something funny that will light up your day. i have seen multiple talk shows with comedians and I cracked up. I love the idea of comedy, but does it really help when you are feeling sad? Recently, I have felt alone in the world. After hearing some talk shows, I have realized that some people talk about being bullied when they were younger or bad things that have happened to them in the past and make fun of it. But how will that help us, who are feeling lost in the world feel better?

» Posted By Anonymous On 03.09.2018 @ 12:19 am


Hunger. The fearful sensation which diminishes your whole body. As I stared at him, I knew he felt it too. Hunger. We had nothing to eat, nothing to live for. Nothing to do, nothing to see. Accept for the last biscuit on the plate beside our empty cups of coffee. We knew it would be a fight for the death.

» Posted By Anonymous On 01.10.2018 @ 5:50 am


All the days I waited for you… All the nights I prayed you would pick up the phone… All for what? All the days I saw you and my heart skipped a beat… All the times I called out for you and you weren’t there… All for what? All to be broken, no, shattered… because all I wanted was love… All I wanted was you… All I wanted was to be wanted… and that’s why I’m broken.

» Posted By anonymous On 09.07.2017 @ 1:16 pm


I am lacking. That is what first comes to my mind. I have a hard time giving myself a hard time and I know it. This seems to be stopping me from liking my life to the fullest, but I am afraid that if I do not give myself a hard time, I will never be truly happy.

» Posted By Anonymous On 08.31.2017 @ 3:56 pm


Lifestyle is a think that can change a whole person. If you are poor you probably wouldn’t have been able to experience many things in life. If you were rich you probably got to experience everything you had wanted in life. So if you went from being a poor little girl to one of the richest people in your country, your life might have been an emotional rollercoaster. Just like (Y/N). As a child she had been a poor beggar who would have to beg for food and water. After turning 6 her life had made a big change, a rich-looking woman had walked up to her aggressively and looking like she was in a hurry and told little (Y/N) she would adopt her. (Y/N) was so happy she hadn’t noticed a black van pulling up beside them. The lady had told her to get into the car quickly and that, was (Y/N)’s first major mistake.

» Posted By Anonymous On 07.14.2017 @ 1:38 am


It is almost impossible to be remembered for centuries, so instead we should try to make a life we can be proud of ourselves without worrying about how others think of us a hundred years later.

» Posted By Anonymous On 05.26.2017 @ 9:05 pm


I wish my day was brighter. I wish my everything was brighter.
The demons in my stomach are brighter. Their day is getting brighter every day.

» Posted By Anonymous On 03.31.2017 @ 6:35 pm


I saw a girl at the grocery store and man she was beautiful. I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t even blink. My eyes were getting drier and drier like sawdust was collecting in the corners. Finally I blinked, opened my eyes, and she was gone. The gorgeous girl just gone.

» Posted By Anonymous On 02.26.2017 @ 8:45 pm


the bottle of pills stands in front of me.
dump them into my mouth, take a swig of water, and swallow. then it’d finally happen.
the moment i’d dreamt about, longed for for so long, the sweet release of death.

but that damned child safety lock. i cant open it. so much for satisfaction. lol

» Posted By anonymous On 02.03.2017 @ 11:21 am


I am cold and tired. This world is cold and tiring. The man told me long ago that there would be no end to the cold and I believed him until I met her. She is warm and not cold. She is the light in my darkness of a world. One day she disappeared and now I am freezing.

» Posted By anonymous On 11.28.2016 @ 12:49 pm


Thinking, waiting. Waiting for my brain to process what i’ve just heard. I feel nothing. I’m not scared, not sad, or mad. No even worried. Im just dead inside. I can’t answer to you if you ask me how I am. I don’t even understand. Someone help me process. Loading….

» Posted By Anonymous On 11.21.2016 @ 7:34 am


I’ve never thought that I’d recover this ancient family relic.
It’s not an item, but a thought.
A thought of victory.
Of bravery.
Our family heir.

» Posted By anonymous On 11.18.2016 @ 1:22 pm


There was no way to describe the effect the small girl had on her. Suddenly, Jane’s head was pounding – absolutely throbbing with the need to console the young child, wrap her in her arms. The only problem was, the girl was completely fine, joyful even. There were no tears. Just this strange urge of Jane’s to comfort.

» Posted By Anonymous On 10.29.2016 @ 8:41 pm


In the morning I wake up to the beautiful sunrise dawn, an even beautiful sight one that welcomes my poor eyes as I feel satisfaction waking up to experience this beautiful sunrise. Dawn a moment that is just a moment so rare yet a consistent part of every day. Not many see this beautiful sunrise but dawn is something worth seeing! Dawn is something so simple and beautiful it would be a shame to miss out on the experience of greeting dawn. It’s beautiful isn’t it.

» Posted By anonymous On 10.18.2016 @ 6:37 pm


the house was so hanted that a wild Haunter appeared. I needed to catch it. But then I’d have to find a friend to trade it with to become a Gengar. They would need to be trustworthy enough to trade it back. Fuck. What if life were as simple as Pokémon? What if the only haunting things of this world were ghost Pokémon?

» Posted By Anonymous On 10.13.2016 @ 11:58 am


She fell to the ground with a shaky breath, a sob caught in her throat. He watched on, silent. Behind them, the house crumbled, collapsing to the ground. The sky was blue and there was a light breeze. It was time to start over.

» Posted By Anonymous On 08.26.2016 @ 8:14 pm


my mother told me to the cupboard. when i opened it she asked for a pan.
looking to the dusty, termite ruined wood.
there is nothing there.
“get me the pan.”
oh, mom – there is nothing there.

» Posted By anonymous On 03.16.2016 @ 6:40 am


An acrobat is so cool. I bet they have to be super flexible, right? And obviously nimble and athletic. Are there any acrobats that have a fear of heights? Where does the term acrobat come from? Where did it begin? I’m picturing tightrope walkers doing flips up in the air.

» Posted By Anonymous On 03.04.2016 @ 8:34 am


something that provides protection for the user.

» Posted By anonymous On 01.26.2016 @ 8:08 am


Confidence is key. Without it, you will not live an enjoyable life. Confidence means that you accept yourself for who you are. It means that you will always be yourself no matter who is watching or what the situation is. It’s knowing what you want and having the strength to go after it. When people think of confidence, they think of someone who is loud and obnoxious in a public setting, but that is not always the case. Being confident can be done in silence. Usually the person who is always loud isn’t really confident at all; usually they are the least confident in themselves.The quiet, seemingly put together ones are the most confident with themselves and who they are. They don’t have to be loud to show it; it shows in the way they glow when they smile.

» Posted By anonymous On 01.14.2016 @ 12:12 pm

Why is confidence interpreted as arrogance. Why is she ridiculed because she is proud. Why does he have to hide in the corner when he would rather be in the center of the room. Why has confidence been made a vice. Expression. Individuality. Personality. Confidence. All words that have been ruined by society. How can one be confident, yet abide by every standard or societal rule. Confidence has taken on new meanings: Different. Weird. Abstract. Absurd. Bizarre. Abnormal. The one thing it never seems to be synonymous with: Me.

» Posted By Anonymous On 01.14.2016 @ 12:05 pm


What’s normal for me is not normal for you. I find milk and cereal normal for breakfast and you…you prefer eggs, toast, and a cup of coffee. I go quietly about my day thinking and writing and you…you prefer to watch TV and talk with your siblings.

» Posted By Anonymous On 12.05.2015 @ 8:35 pm


My reputation with my employers has completely collapsed following the release of this lawsuit. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to survive this. I think I’m going to need your help planting and removing evidence. Would you be able to do this for me, Mike?

» Posted By Anonymous On 10.20.2015 @ 8:45 am


Well, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, isn’t it? Flee from him, flee from feelings, flee from hurt. I’m a mess, and not in the romantic, aestheticy way. He’s too good, too much for me, and I don’t deserve what I know I will somehow mess up. So I’ll get those nerves and that feeling of wrongness and I’ll do what I always do: flee. I’ll flee.

» Posted By Anonymous On 10.17.2015 @ 6:11 pm


I walked up the street to my classes. An ambulance blared in front of me. Police blocked the road because a fault had opened. I took a detour.

» Posted By Anonymous On 10.15.2015 @ 9:12 pm


A black old hag with a black hat.
She’s has crooked nose and fierce eyes, that stains a hole in your own.

» Posted By anonymous On 09.02.2015 @ 11:53 pm


He was relieved to see that she was safe. She looked healthy, sipping on some coffee in her favorite cup, engulfed in the hug of her big knitted blanket. She looked happy. From afar though, to him, it wasn’t so clear.

» Posted By Anonymous On 08.19.2015 @ 8:40 pm


She longed to be away from the boring, dry, and sunny suburbs. Longed to live in a tiny apartment in the city, living out her artistic dreams. But, for now, she sighed, daydreaming while she looked out of the small window next to her bland white bed.

» Posted By Anonymous On 08.17.2015 @ 4:18 pm

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