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an arbitrary geographical boundary shaped by moving cultural, political and economic pressures. the reinforcement of our illusion of separateness from our fellow man. fracturing the collective unity of our species, the rejection of our shared humanity.

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hiding from the fear of recognition and judgement. expression without shame.

safe from the consequences of your disapproval. big brothers long lost sibling, free to find my own family.

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I may no longer be Catholic, but I still feel a lingering attachment to the religion, and enjoy seeing allusions to the Bible(should have capitalized this in my previous entries),

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Gritting her teeth, she struggled to comb her tousled hair. To her frustration, the comb got stuck in the tangled mess. Forcefully, she ripped the comb out of her hair, pulling a few strands along with it.

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Tight grip ’round the waist. O’er the harbor we faced. Under stars we paced. Slowly fingers laced. Lucid moon graced. Envisioned future embraced. Dark thoughts erased.

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Are the keys easier to navigate through with their monochrome color scheme? Would color(just imagine a piano with a rainbow set) distract or detract the quality of one’s playing?

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