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He was her muse. The one who inspired everything in her, but not the one she loved. Far from it. He was old, evil and grey. Grey in color, grey in his heart and soul. She didn’t want him to be her muse, didn’t choose him. If she had picked her muse, it would have been me. Her one true love, her confidant, her lover.

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The clapping sounded like thunder to his ears. The auditorium erupted with screams and shouts, of “Hurrah, More!” He turned to face the crowd, sweat rolling down his back, his face, his chest. He had no more to give and yet they demanded it. Vicious in their need, their desire.

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The lightning struck not, once, not twice but three times. Impossible, but true. He was jerked about like a catfish on the end of a fishing line. His eyes bulged out and his body flopped from side to side as the force of the electricity surged through his

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The thought makes me ill. Physically sick. How could this happen? I run to the bathroom, clutching the note in my hand, my stomach heaves up, and I crouched over the toilet, vomiting. Afterwards, I lay on the cold tile, not crying, not moving.

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Everyone had a skeleton in their closet. At least that is what her mother always told her…but she had meant it figuratively of course. This was real. There was a skeleton in her closet, and it was disturbing to say the least. She wasn’t sure how to get rid of it. She certainly didn’t want it to crumble, or break apart.

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That was exactly the ticket she needed! The chance to get ahead, to succeed. Quickly she scurried down the ramp towards the train, waving her hand in the air. “Wait for me,” She screamed! “Stop!” But, it was too late, the train chugged slowly out of the gate, its wheels making a sad, lonely, noise as it pulled away.

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She was caught up in a plague of love. She couldn’t forget him, nor could she stay with him. He burned through her skin, wreaking havoc on her body and her mind. All night she tossed and turned, trying to shake him loose from her head. She knew it was over, the end was near. There was no cure for this disease.

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She was in lust with him. Not love, not like, just lust. She wanted to know him, physically, sexually. To be with him night and day, but she didn’t want to know him intimately. That would ruin it all. Of this she was certain. Words, feelings would muck it all up. She just wanted to screw him, again and again. That was all.

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She had failed miserably. Again. A big fat F was written right at the top of the paper. In red ink and circled. How could she tell her parents? Her dad would surely freak out. Her mom would tell her to go to her room and study. It was no use, she was dumb, stupid, retarded. Why didn’t they see this?

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Hisotry class was so boring, The teacher droned on and on about some ancient civilization that she honestly could care less about. She snapped her gum and doodled a few pictures on the empty paper in front of her. THen she turned and looked out the wndow. There he was, sitting under a tree. Staring at her. Her heart quickend, her breathing became tight.

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I held in my arms the most precious gift. The beginning of a new life, a new chance. I could finally undo all of the mistakes I had made and start over I remember when I thought that, holding her so gently, was not to be. Mistakes do not disappears they follow you.. haunting. I would surely ruin this wonderful being, tearing her life apart with my selfishness.

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I wonder what she will do next. Move out? Buy a house? Maybe she will curl up into a little ball and do nothing. Blow away in the wind. Unnoticed. How will she survive this? By herself, alone? Is she strong enough to move on? I wonder

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I wonder at her face, her toes, her forehead. She is perfect in every way. A goddess here on this earth but for a moment, then, just as quickly she is gone. To good for this world, this filth, this sickness. Taken by a disease that allows her only a single breath, she is swept away, to the wonder of the universe.

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There were people everywhere at the station. All tryingto board at the same time. Children jumping around, mothers with worried looks on their faces, fathers trying to shove their families inside. “Quickly, quickly,” the soldiers yelled. “Get on, there is no time!” She saw a young couple, holding each other, tears streaming down the young girl’s face…

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The station was crowded and she was confused. Which way did the train go? Where did she buy a ticket? How did she board? It had been a long time since she last road the train. Not since college and her elderly mind was befuddled. Could it have all changed so quickly? She use to be a young girl,

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She embraced his lieftstyle at first. Finding it refreshing and fun. So different than the way she was raised. But over time, it became old and dull. Why all of that freedom, that constant wandering? Where was his home, his family, his life? DId he ever want to stay put, settle down? She tired of his never ending need to move.

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She was his beloved. His only. His universe. But she did not feel the same. She knew in her heart that he was not the one, she could not return this type of desperate love. She needed to get away from him.

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He dreaded the funeral most of all. He knew there would be people there, relatives he hadn’t seen in ages, friends, neighbors who could he care less about. All kissing him, telling him they were sorry when all they really thought was, Thank God that isn’t me, or I need to go, I have things to do. He couldn’t stand their fakeness, their pretend tears, and hugs and kisses, The flowers were big and bright to gaudy and the woman all seemd to wear the same cheap perfume.

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The funeral was long, and hot. Emma itched at her stockings, dying to take them off. How much longer she thought? She couldn’t stand it another minute, the room was stuffy and smlled funny, like death and flowers mixed. She glanced over at her mother, her body still, her face plastic. Who was that person, she thought? Her mother was never still, always moving, laughing, gesturing. How much longer she thought. She needed to leave, find her mother somewhere else. Be with her, touch her,love her again. The smell was overwhelming, it settled down on her, pushing in her chest, making her unable to breathe. She felt her body rise up, her legs began to move

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It is time to rise and shine, my mother yells. Rise and shine, I thought, what is that? I slowly pour myself out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom, splashing cold water on my face.I look like shit, and feel worse. What did I do last night? I try to remember but it is all a blur. Nothing but a hazy fog in my brain.

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She was a kind teacher, good hearted and naive. No one really liked her. They had no respect for her milky white ways, her lack of enthusiasm. They all secretly hated her, resented the way she took up space and filld their days with nothingness. They craved more than that, they wanted a challenge.

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She sat in the corner, alone and frightened. I tried to reach out to her but she began to kick and scream wordlessly. She crawled under a table , snarling like a small animal. Vicious,afraid. I reached in, tryingto grab her and she attacked me, biting my arm, hard and purposefully.

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I keep fogetting to say thank you. To say how much I love you. To say how special you are. How beautiful. One day you will be gone, just like that and I won’t be able to say it. It will be too late then. Why, why don’t I say it now? What is stopping me? Holding me back? Fear, Anger?

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The house was painted blue. A bright blue, like the sky. So bright it hurt her eyes. Instantly she hated it. What a horrible color she thought. Why would anyone paint a house like that? She thought about scraping off the paint, making the house a soft yellow or a deep green. What a difference that would make.

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