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That was the last straw. All his moaning and whining. She had had enough. Snapping her purse shut she stod up and marched to the fornt door. “Grow up” she snarled to the infant lying on the floor, slamming the sdoor shut behind it.

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We have all been warned, yet we don’t listen. We plod along, tired, uset, missing the ooint, Misisng our life. We only get one. There is no other. Use it, or don’t. It is up to you. There isno second chance, no redo. Get up and live the time you have. Don’t wait for something that will never be.

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Morality? she snorted. What the hell does that mean? She had no morals, no values, no sense of caring. Those things were stolen from her at the beginning. The beginning of this hell some people call life. She never got a chance to care about anyone, she was always too busy trying to care for herself, protect herself.

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The fog was dense and dripping with moisture. She couldn’t see past the windshield. She tried to stay on the road but she had no idea where the twists and turns where. Her hand gripped the steering way tightly and she inched forward until her nose was practically touching the window. She could feel the tension in her neck and her back began to ache.

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The evidence was clear. It was right there in front of her face, and yet, she choose to ignore it. She was unwilling and unable to let it be true. So she continued on with her life. Closing her eyes, shaking away all thoughts of decit and signs of lies. She preferred not to know, to live in ignoramce.

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The couch was old and worn and it had to go. But she couldn’t do it. She couldnt get rid of it. It had been a part of their family for so long. All those stains had a meaning, a place, a memory attached to them. The long nights of holding a sick, fevered child, the spot where red wine had spilled after the disastrous New Years party, the oil from all the popcorn when they squished all together for family movie night.

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It was time to celebrate. Finally the day had arrived and all she could feel was anger…and sadness. What a sham she thought. All these people in their dresses and suits, the Champagne, the balloons. Crap, all of it. This wasn’t a marriage. It was barely a friendship. She sat down heavily on her bed, her dress in her hand and started to cry.

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“Shoot out! SHOOTOUT!” I said. “Are you crazy, why would I do that.”

“Listen here partner” he tried to put a television version of a cowboy drawl to his voice. “We will have this here shootout whether you want or not. So when I say draw, you better draw!” I looked into his earnest five year old face and tried not to giggle.

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Her account was empty. Gone, drained. She couldn’t believe it. How, why? Wasn’t his affair enough? Didn’t he already break her heart, take eveything she had? She sank down to the cold marble floor and started to sob. she didn’t care that people wwere staring, whispering. SHe curled up into a little ball and let the tears fall around her.

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The trade was done. baseball cards were thrown everywhere. Discarded ones in one pile, desired ones in another. I sat there, grinning,like a king with his spoils. I knew I had cheated them. I had the Honus Wagner card right there in my hands. Slowly the other boys got up to leave, tears running down Jimmy Walter’s face.

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The force of the blow was so strong she was knocked to her fet instantly. She had never been hit beofre, Never. Not once in her whole life. It hurt like hell, and she was shocked. What? Why? She looke up into the face of her husband. It was contorted with rage, his lips curled back. His eyes narrow.

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She saw it for a second only. A flash of tan, black hooves, big brown eyes, then it rolled over her car, a sickening thud as it hit the windshield. She pulled on the steering wheel, jerking the car to the left, and

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If she was going to suceed at anything she had to follow through with this. She would never give up, no matter how many rejection letters she got. She would continue to write, every day until she was done, and then write some more, revise some more and she would continue to send out her stories . She would suceed!

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She tried to thread the needle for the fifith time, bit again, the eye was to small…or her yesight was that bad. She didn’t really know which it was. Her hand trembled as she licked the end of the thread, and tried again to push it through the tiny hole. Nothing,

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The elastic flew throug the air and landed, ping, right on the end of Mrs. Fletcher’s nose. The whole class froze in shock. Who would be dumb enought to do that? Twenty four pairs of eyes all turned to stare at Dan. His face was bright red, sweat was pouring from his forehead.

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I was driving along, minding my own business, when suddenly out of nowhere you appeared. Not in front fo my car, or from behind a bush, but clear as day, in my head. There you where. I groaned, “Oh no. Leave.” But you didn’t . “Come on,” I thought, ‘this is too distracting.” You stayed. “No more, go away!” I said aloud, you ignored me.

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The brick wall seemed to to appear out of no where. It was too late, she knew she was going to hit it..and she was going to die. Suddenly it didn’t matter. All of the fighting, the arguing, the mean words thrown back and forth. None of it mattered anymore as she faced her death.

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Her dreams painted a canvas of her life. Some fluid and sweet, some hard and rocky. And then there were the nightmares. The dark, dreary, inescapable terror that huanted her night, and day. Those were the true picture of her life. The canvas on which she painted her world.

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The lock was secure. TIght and hard. There was no way she was getting out of this. She tired to move her arms, but her hands were bound tightly behind her back. She could just make out a piece of sunlight coming through a crack in the side of the car as they sped along.

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The manger of the restaurant was short, and greasy, just like his fries. He made her uncomfortable and she knew from the start that this was not going to be a comfortable palce to work. He slimed his way over to her, slithering like a snake, and placed his head on her back,

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Sticks crunching beneath her feet, branches snapping against her face. She didn’t notice. She ran, ran as if the devil was after her, ran as if her life itself counted on it. As if it mattered. At all. It didn’t. He would find her. No matter where she hid,

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The cigarette dangled from his lip, the smoke curled about his head forming a sort of halo around his face. A halo, she thought. How ironic. He was far from anything angelic or holy. A devil in human skin, a wolf in sheeps clothing.

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He took a deep bow and kissed the top of her hand, “Good-bye my lady” he said. Standing up he looked her in the eye, her face so gorgeous, her soul so…evil. He drew back, took a deep breath and spit. It landed square on her face.

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What is the etiquette required when saying goodbye? Forever? Is it necessary to smile and be warm, polite, or is it acceptable to yell, scream and cry? I think Ms. Manners woul never allow such behavior but unfortunately, or not, it was not a moment requiring her input.

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She was so mean. People thought of her as nice, gentle, giving but inside she knew this was not true. There was a mean streak in her a mile wide. It ran deep and hard. She often wanted to scream at people, lash out, hurt them, but she didn’t. She pretended, and let the meanness seep out slowly, so it would go unnoticed in it’s appearance.

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He had to wade in to reach her. The waves were crashing down, and he lost his footing. Slipping, sliding. He felt her let go of his hand. Wait, he thought, but it was a scream that came out. Wait! She looked at hin longingly before going under.

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His morals were gone, completely. He no longer cared about other people, or about himself. What was the point? No one cared about him, of this he was certain. Where were they when he had needed them, suffering like he was. He had, had enough. The time was now, to get revenge and make them all pay for his pain.

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His smile was so intense it gave her a headache. She had to turn away, and as she did she glanced around the bar. Why was she with this jerk? How did she get here? She gave him a small smile and said she had to go to the ladies room, quickly slipping outof the chair and working her way to the back.

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The cells were full with inmates. Some screaming,some moaning, some just trying to sleep. To forget all that had happened, but it was no use. The memories clung to them all, like a sticky web of hate and anger and death. Even the cells could not protect them from the memories of what had happened.

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the plaid shots were ugly. so ugly she couldn’t stand to look at them, much less put them on. She knew she shouldnt throw them away but really why when would she ever wear them? Her mother would be mad, angry at the waste but she couldn’t do it. she ripped them off,

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