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the flight attendant pushed her cart down the aisle as i gazed out the window at the clouds accumulating into a storm. yet again i was being sent off into the unknown and i liked it more than anything

» Posted By anica On 04.02.2012 @ 9:22 pm


I think pig tails are the cutest thing, two braids are better than one.
It connects, running your fingers through one’s hair, working through the knots, an intimate bond between braider and braidee.

» Posted By Anica On 10.01.2011 @ 9:17 pm


polka dots. stripes. floral prints. jet black. figurines. i feel as if you can read the person sheltering themselves from the rain by the print they sport. one glance and you know who they are

» Posted By anica On 08.24.2011 @ 7:17 pm


silk sheets. this is what i imagine. i think if us in our natural state of being. arms and legs tangled together. our bodies intertwined beneath the silk sheets, soaking each other in

» Posted By anica On 08.23.2011 @ 6:29 pm


you punish me for my past, but don’t you see i have changed?
you tell me you are too good for me because of the wrong i did.
you tell me you despise me for the choices i made,
but cant you see we are the same person?
you hate me because you hate yourself,
and that my dear is why we will never last.
you punish me for my past
and in the end you punish yourself more than anything.
because i told you i loved you,
but that was never good enough.

» Posted By anica On 08.15.2011 @ 2:44 am

i think of all the punishment i have received in the past few weeks. i wanted it all and i tried to get it, now i have nothing. i call that punishment at its harshest, i lost what i love to keep what i hate. and all i can wonder is, do i deserve it?

» Posted By anica On 08.14.2011 @ 1:11 pm


discovery. this word makes me think of all the things i have come to learn in life. about people and who they really are, about the world, and most of all about myself. but its just another thought that will soon be forgotten

» Posted By anica On 08.12.2011 @ 11:39 pm


i think of answers and i think of all the ones i dont receive. i think of all the times that in a response all i get is silence. i think of all the times i am left with an unanswered question and that brings the mystery to life

» Posted By anica On 08.11.2011 @ 10:35 pm


im driving down the street, gas pedal smashed against the floor. the windows are down and the wind whips and tangles my hair. we look at each other for a second and hope to god we wont get caught. we are driving down the street, making our getaway

» Posted By anica On 08.09.2011 @ 9:23 pm


bricks stacked. one on top of the other. small,big, rough, and crumbling. we are the bricks. we build society. one day we will come tumbling down. the big bricks will fall from the top and the small bricks will be crushed beneath. every brick will be equal, scattered on the ground.

» Posted By anica On 08.08.2011 @ 8:30 pm


sinking my teeth into something i have no idea of. sinking into an all time low. sinking. losing. fading. gone. sinking into the deep blue ocean of fear. i am lost. i am clueless. i am nowhere.

» Posted By anica On 01.17.2010 @ 4:00 am

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