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‘It was a conspiracy designed to trap me. You knew it all along and you kept it from me. Why?’

‘I was just trying to protect you from them.’ Martyn’s face looked apologetic and defensive all at once.

‘Them? Who ‘them’? Your actions make you just another one of ‘them’. You’re no better.’

Martyn winces. That was a low blow, and Stefan knew that.

‘You can’t mean that, Stefan. You know I’m only looking out for you, have always been. You know ME. ‘

‘I thought I did. Clearly, I was mistaken.’

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His body banged against the thick steel surface. A resounding thud echoed and he screamed in pain. It was all or nothing. The fight wasn’t over yet. He wasn’t going to let a slab of steel let him lose.

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Painters are the most misunderstood people of all. They are thought of as lost souls isolated from the world, who express their repressed emotions through the splatters of paint with their own lonesome self as company. But, if you choose to look beyond your stereotypes you’d notice how they aren’t separated from the world at all. In fact, they are conjoined with it – the insides of their minds blending seamlessly with their observations of the outside world, onto the canvas. They notice and observe everything around them much more than us ordinary men.

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You know how sometimes you get thermometer readings wrong? Like when you didn’t rinse it before taking the measurement or kept it in for too long or too short? But you still find yourself trusting it– you always have, and so you believe it when it says there’s something wrong with you that needs to be treated even when there isn’t? Well, that’s what happened with you. You were the one I trusted, and you betrayed that trust making me feel that I was wrong, and I? I believed you and tried to cure myself.

But maybe I deserved it because I was the one who mishandled you in the first place.

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I wonder where the sky ends. Where it starts.
Did the chicken come first? Or the egg?
I wonder what fire is made of.
I wonder why thoughts aren’t tangible.

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In our first semester our first paper is about european literature, specifically Greek and roman literature like homer, sophocles and plautus.

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Promise me you’ll always be there but promise me to never lie. To yourself or to me, about life or about love. Promise to not break promises or my heart and I’ll promise the same.

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i wondered where i would go after my long bath and decided to get high in my basement before bed. i did and i was so hungry and i wondered so anxiously if the world could hear my chewing. weed itself is a wonder. weed and food. and orson scott card. amen.

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tea is yummy .. hav u evr tried green tea?? … its tuck!! act i hate tea.. but i like iced tea!! its cold!! i lik anything cold!! hmm… green tea is gud 4 health

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it’s not something you do without thinking. you strike it when you want to look a certain way. look small, look scared, look cute, but it hardly ever works. You’ve got to practice to fill the pose with what it’s meant to have. the pose is about you, what you’re feeling, but it’s not you.

I’m watching america’s next top model right now.


great word.

go internet

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verandah where u stand and watch the world and life pass you by and people happily leading their destiny by the hand of their desire. I wuld stand at the balconey and watch this invisible hand as it shapes and moulds and ultimately brands the individuals (so called ) who are walking around with happiness, love and contentment written on their sleeve,

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