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Tap, tap. Tap, tap. Tap, tap.

I wake up blearily to the sound of footsteps. “Huh? Whats going on?” I mumble enegebly.

The footsteps go on for a little while longer, I freeze, a chill spreading across my body, realizing that I have an intruder in my house.

I cautiously tip-toe to my door, peeking ot the crack in my bedroom door. The intruder was a rich looking man, in a trench coat. A gun, and a photo of me, lay in his hands and he was smiling, mumbling something about how this would be too easy.

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The attempts at communication were failing. The plane had passed right on by the survivors without a thought to the unnatural amount of smoke. Jonathon sunk to his knees, sobbing and hopeless in the pale white sand.

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James searched through the auditorium looking for an available seat.

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It was simple, a choice Japanese and American lives. President Truman chose the Americans and little Boy was dropped.

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The grumpy bridge troll liked to present riddles to everyone who passed under the bridge unlike the trolls in many other stories who presented riddles to people who crossed over the bridge

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Ryley tried to find enough fresh meat to satisfy the beast that she found on her doorstep unfortunately she failed

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I struggled to try to teach my brother haw to use his diaphragm

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I fell to the back of the group to take in everything that we had just ben shown, something that could change our lives forever.

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As I stepped through the entrance to the castle I gaped at the catacomb of doors, arches, corridors, portals, staircases, passageways and hallways. In ,the mist of everything was an entrancing sorceress casting a spell to petrify Talsie.

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he was buried in his thoughts not concerned about anything else.

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disregard, deem unimportant ,ignore, throw away, get rid of

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I am having a hard time tasting because I burnt my toungue .

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As I reached up to push my hair out of my eyes my hand brushed against my ear “oh no” I thought “I lost Mom’s earring !”

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I sat at the desk wondering if he would have the guts to go through with our plan. Just as I began to think that he had chickened out I herd the blare of the fire alarm and I knew that he had done it . Later I saw him in the hallway “how did I do?” he asked. “Great” I said “welcome to the club”

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Bitten, bitten is an interesting word it seams kind of scary. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see the word bitten is a vampire.

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Pins are tiny. Pins are sharp. Pins can be used when you are sewing things or to pin something to a cork board. Pins can be used for many things.

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riding hood red riding hood green riding hood everything

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The attendant slowly made her way through the rows of people searching for a familar face among the croud.

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Ratings are judgements made by people people often rate movies or restrants

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she stiched a delicate pattern into the blanket

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The mayor slowly signed the petition as soon as he finished his captors snached it from his hands.

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the man had an air about him he semed very professional yet he scared me and i wasn’t sure why

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the generator whurled back to life as sam pluged it into the wall

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Susan and rich walked through the gallery looking for a perfect place to hide the painting

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the ants go marching one by one harah harah the ants go marching two by two……

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Roger searched dilagently for the clue he desprately wanted the treasure

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The butterfly glided through the air on the wind its wings glistening in the sunlight.

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orbit reminds me of our moon and our solar system our moon orbits the earth and the earth and all of our other planets orbit the sun

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Angie ducked underneath the Kamono Dragon at the festival. She searched the croud for her parents with no luck. she did see a tall building that looked like you would be able to see the whole peninsela from,”maybey I’ll look from there” she thought.

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