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He stepped out of the room after a while, wearing his favourite suit, frowning.
“What’s the matter, dad?”, I asked, placing my hand on his back.
“I don’t know, you think she would like it?”, he still kept his worried look on.
I led him out to the living room as the sunshine filled the space.
“She’s been gone for a few years now, but I’m pretty sure she will love you no matter what you wear.” I kissed him on the cheek, and drove us to her tomb.
“You look dashing, dad.”

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I miss the central fountain at our childhood home. Me and my cousins would gather around during weekends. Reading, painting, singing, choreographing dances, and perhaps just soaking our feet in the water. Under the sun, we would talk about our future and our ideal prince charming. Those were the good old days.

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To me, it looked like an invisible watch marked on my wrist, giving me a sense of time that I didn’t realize I needed.
To others, it just looked like a spot of discoloration.
To me, it was my birth mark, and it was anything but a flaw.

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