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It was hanging precariously from his lips, that cigarette was probably the only thing that would allow me to remember what his face looked like the first time I laid eyes on him. The rest of his features just constructed themselves, fell into place, around the sight of the burning cherry, tied together in veins of smoke.

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It had been years since i’d gone up to the kings loft. The summer king, the king of tempests and storms. Sadly he was nowhere to be found, ever elusive as rain on summers mid days.

» Posted By alygator On 08.29.2010 @ 5:23 pm


Bleakness, It’s a state of mind. There is no situation so horrible you couldn’t get out of it. Theres nothing in this world that won’t be made positive if you think of it that way.

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Sponegebob Squarpants was my childhood. Really I still have the boxed set of all the seasons and movies. My mom doesn’t like spongebob and I don’t remember what grade i was in when my friend told me Spongebob was 21.

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I like kettle corn! It reminds me of the fair because it’s the only time of the year I get to eat kettle corn and let me tell you it is the absolute best. The colors and sounds of the fair amuse me. And the top of the ferris wheel has a great view of the cemetery. (no joke)

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Whiskey! Can’t say I’ve had any, I’ve never said it when I take a picture, and can’t imagine some people without it.

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I have naught but one of these
After I was the only fool left who did not see my world falling apart
I abandoned all else but one
I do this in fear that failure to me is a great disappointment
Even when outcomes are out of my control
I believe I have tricked myself though,
For the one mission I do hold true to will ultimately help me achieve whatever I desire
This one task I have set is to always be true to my own self

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You’re hanging on tight with your sparkling nails
Just painted Spitfire Pink
I can’t help but notice that
It won’t be long before they’re shining in red
Such a glamorous death is not becoming of me
Such an easy escape is nigh on a cowards blasphemy

» Posted By alygator On 08.05.2010 @ 3:00 pm


Crossing things has become somewhat of a joke to people. But let me tell you its quite serious. I’m not talking about the religious figure here. I’m talking about physically heading to the other side, for better or worse.

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Fences weren’t made to keep us in
Although many seem to think it
Fences are there to separate
Those who try
From those who sit on the other side
And cry

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As Children we’re told we can do anything
As Teens they do their best to keep us from believing it
As adults we often choose to settle
And when we’re old we say or worst years were our prime
Once, to understand, I asked for direction
And realized there is none
Except for my very own twisted path

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Nun? Really? This could be a religious female, or a prostitute. (Yeah they used to call prostitutes nuns) I think my dad would be happy if I were a nun, or if I at least dressed like one, sorry daddy its all skinnies and V’s from here on out.

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His stare was a decorated one inflicting hate in a way I new only Mason could. If I didn’t know better I’d say he was burning inside, shouting although his voice was kept as level as his gaze when he said, “You two had it all Melanie, and you let Logan give it away.”

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I can see for miles
And still can’t find you
I have walked miles
But have yet to feel pained
I have wandered miles
And still don’t know what I’m looking for
I have traveled miles
But my destination remains in clues

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Near but not near enough. We never see whats closest to us. What is near really? Is near when you can feel the person so close the heartbeat is loud? Or is near once something is within your line of sight? We never truly see what’s nearest to us as much as we like to think we do.

» Posted By alygator On 07.29.2010 @ 8:46 pm

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