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I have always thought the hut at my grandparents house was haunted. It had boarded up windows and a faded green chimney that birds loved to nest in. Sometimes when I glanced at the doorway I thought I saw the shadow of a man standing there.

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today i was tempted to eat a piece of cake and i ate it but i felt really guilty afterwards and i couldn’t stop thinking about it so i tried to eat less at lunch but still, i couldnt get that guilty feeling out of me and then started sulking

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The thought that you should matter more and don’t fills your chalice with malice. So you take a big swig and drink deep of hubris. Never does it cross your mind that this way is wrong. Royal flush. Royal hush. Royal toast to the host who means the most.

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She was standing by the pool. The water was glistening off her back, down her thighs, in her hair. I could only stare; my feet were as if buried in cement. She turned to laugh at a friend’s joke and my heart shattered at the sound. As if all the angels in heaven were singing. I knew I loved her.

» Posted By Alice On 11.27.2017 @ 3:36 pm


reporter is a person who report some thing like news or something they want people know.
Usually these things people would not know or they are be interesting in.
The reporter usually work front computer for a long time

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Boarding school is boring

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She was walking forward, not minding where she was walking. She kept thinkning back to when she was walking centered and almost got hit by a car. After all she knew better than to walk in the middle of the road, the difference was that back then she didn’t care. After headlights came into vision she realized that maybe, just maybe, everything that had been so wrong in her life wasn’t that bad after all.

» Posted By Alice On 12.21.2016 @ 4:35 am


He painted a mask on his face using pigs blood and mud. Jack and his group at the other end of the island. Here they were, the peak of WWll, on their way home from a trip. They group of boys were there for different reasons they had the fulfill, but they never did.
The group had became a tribe of savages, wild animals. Killing for fun. Dances and the beast. It was fun for Jack’s group;who had long hair and painted faces from mud and the blood of the ‘Lord of the Flies’.

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He was a lunatic, always running around, never staying in one place. He was crazy. His parents thought about putting him into a mental hospital, but it wouldn’t solve his issues. He wasn’t mentally unstable. He did drugs, he drank alcohol and at the age of 15, he was found on the floor with a knife in one hand, gun in the other, dead. Blood was everywhere as his parents tried to find what or who did it, coming to realize that their son took his own life.

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Violet is a name I used to love when I was younger – I wrote mini stories about a girl called Violet and she lived a much more exciting life than mine. Of course I’m no longer in possession of those stories – I used to write them in little notebooks that are probably stashed away somewhere under other piles of books in cupboards at home.

» Posted By Alice On 04.18.2016 @ 5:30 am


under thy roof
no guest shall sit
nor at thy table eat a bit

no pleasant tale shall ever
be told
nor things recounted done of old

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Serious, it’s how I feel sometimes, when you’re rolling around on the bed, laughing, teasing, whatever. Serious is what I want to make you understand, what i want to make you feel. I want to tell you that I love you, and that I am serious.

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the film psycho is about a man with a knife. Psycho is what we call people who we think are insane but really they’re just different to us. We don’t understand their minds. It is an insult but we just need to find out more about them and try and figure out how or why their mind works the way it does. everyone has motivation. Psychos have motivation. We need to find out their motivation

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in my hole life i’ve never seen a lounge soo big, it inspires me to be a better person, to try new stuff, to cross over a lot of lines that i’ve never been able to cross. I’m really ready to start something new with my life. Sometimes we just need to see the lounge to understand our state of mind better.

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It was getting harder to manage just the basic essentials. With the kids screaming and the post gathering in swarms about the door tunnelling out seemed more and more impossible.

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“Aw, cmon, that was totally sixty seconds,” Meda says, rolling up onto the counter and bouncing her knife from hand to hand.
I roll my eyes because no it wasn’t. She nudges me with her toes, eyes shimmering with mischief.
“Two out of three, then?”
“Three out of five.”

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Stinky hippie middle aged parents. Ambiguous five year olds unattended. Over priced junked up craftsmen. Cheat on your man with the shrink next door. You are superior.

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there is something to be said about having a beating heart
and ink
and other things that most others don’t

did you know that over 15 billion people have walked this path before
that their whispers echo through time that you
are another link in a chain that stretches far beyond you

there is something to be said about existing
to watch the moon roll by
and the stars swing in high arcs above your head
there is something to be said

breathe in
breathe out

you are

» Posted By Alice On 09.25.2014 @ 8:08 am


I think this means mountains or something. I generally don’t like mountains because they’re big and hard to walk up and mysterious kind of because you can’t see through the tall trees or what’s hiding in the dark shadows on the other side. Once you get up them thought you’re first impression is wrong, the view is great!

» Posted By Alice On 05.15.2014 @ 12:32 pm


It’s too quiet around me, and there’s nothing but pitch blackness. Why though? I remember nothing before this, not my name not my age not my sex. Where have I gone? I’m scared. I’m alone. I don’t want to be alone anymore, but there’s no one around. Am I by the side of the road? No, there would be cars if I were. Is there a beg over my head? No I would smell it if there was. Am I dead? I must be. Why do I always end up dead and alone.

» Posted By Alice On 04.30.2014 @ 8:40 am


her demeanor was pitifully adolescent, thus everybody tended to see her as such.

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She stares at him. She’s not sure why she even expected to find happiness in what he’s selling. There isn’t anywhere else she can turn though. And she feel so goddamn empty after the funeral. The funeral where everyone stared at her and expressed so much false sympathy and all she can feel is this looming, overwhelming emptiness, and the understanding that nothing is going to be the same anymore

» Posted By Alice On 03.12.2014 @ 5:39 pm


It was only a trifle of a matter. Really, it was. But why did it bother her so much?
“Going to be late again. Going to be late.” She repeated the message she had read on the crumpled piece of paper in her hand. “Going. To. Be. Late.”

» Posted By Alice On 02.17.2014 @ 12:03 pm


We are all televisions now; it just seemed the obvious step forward. Televisions don’t age – you can just replace your set with the latest model when it comes out. When you heat up too much, they just unplug you for a bit, and a couple of hours later, hey presto! There you are, projecting whoever or whatever you want to be.

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Sometimes I see things, and sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t have to be in real life either. It’s never in real life – what am I seeing. It’s on a screen; silver and clear and flowing like blood

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He talked very seldom but when he did, it had been always a joy listening to him. Although none of his words made any sense at all.

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He would seldom look at other children, he never cared much about playing with others.

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Are we prisoners? yes, the question goes for even the ones that are ‘free’. If, so, what are we prisoners of? You could be a prisoner of the lifetyle you chose, of the habits you have, or people around you. Are we prisoners?

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I don’t know what a rally is, so I’m a little worried over what the results might be after I’m finished writing. I also fear I might ramble about here because I just don’t know what ‘rally’ means. Remind me to look the word up, one word I know is one word I can call mine.

» Posted By Alice On 07.30.2013 @ 2:01 pm

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