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Fools lined up and cheered the leader who enslaved them all, as his convoy drove through the streets. In his open convertible as he waved to the fools who cheered. Then Carl’s leader gave him the nod and he aimed down the scope of his rifle. He slowed his breathing and steadied his aim. his finger found the trigger and he slowly applied pressure. The gun shot rang out, the rifle slammed into his shoulder, and he looked up to see where the bullet landed.

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The violence ensued as the rioters threw bottles and rocks at the police, suddenly Rodger saw a bottle with a flaming rag flying towards the police line in front of him. It shattered with a crash and a whoosh of fire engulfed three fellow police officers in a mix of black uniform, orange flames, red skin, and blood curtailing screams.

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the brick house stood where it always had. in the middle of the field surrounded by barley. John and Mickey walked out of the house with their rifles slung over their shoulder, ready to free their country.

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She embraced him with eager arms. The space had been filled in a way no one else could. How could something so simple as a hug change everything?

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im curious about you.
the things that run through your mind.
and if im there.
if you ever think about me at all.
and how you could just go on so easily,
forgetting about your own blood.
and how you made your life such a shame.
the traps that you’ve created for yourself,
so you can at least for see yourself fall.
the things i used to want to be,
but now i can see we’re the same
in many ways but completely
different at the layout of our hearts.
you’ve inspired me, i will never be like you
and make myself lose at the very things
i create and run from my problems.

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Stick to your system
the system is your life
it is you.
only you can create it.
you make your life what it is.
stick to it.

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Beautiful, striking. Bring out your true beauty. Show the love. Model! Curves, and confidence. Rock it! Show the world what youve got. You will know the world loves you when you end up on the cover of that magizine.

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inside the cave they went i couldnt belive it it was dark and damp they were hunting down this horrid animal and all they could think a bout was who it would devour first the 3 girls knew that their frineds were murdered here the cave was frightening it was the cave…

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