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I was living in Nenana, Alaska as a child and I was severely dehydrated so I was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Fairbanks an hour away. I remember the story because my parents said I had fluids in through my brain. I remember the story because I wore brown courdory pants. Recently my dad told me how scary that was for him as a father. I love him so much for that.

» Posted By Alexandra On 02.25.2019 @ 10:20 am


When I think about heatwave I imagine how the sun burns so bad that I am melting. Is the best thing that could happen on the beach but if it catch you at work, you re dead.

» Posted By Alexandra On 07.08.2018 @ 2:52 am

On the heatwave the sun shine so bad that it torture you. You actually get out on your feet. For me is perfect, when I am at the beach or pool, but when i am working is awful

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And then, after all was said and done and the dust had settled at our feet, we looked around. Blinked slowly, eyes widening in shock. We had done it. All around us, the air hummed with the intensity of it… we were in paradise.

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There once was a lawyer long ago, that loved to read his law books. He would read them twice a month, but only twice.

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In a box. I cant open it. I wonder whats inside? What did she have in there! It has to be something she really doesn’t want me to see. Shame.

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a magnolia i am pretty sure is a flower. i believe that i used to see it during christmas time. i remember that my grnadmother always had them all over her dark house. and they would light up the room like a lantern in a deep forest. they are slightly messy sometimes but it kind of represents life in a way, beautiful and strange. something that can easily be forgotten.

» Posted By alexandra On 06.02.2016 @ 10:16 am


One day there was a girl,

» Posted By alexandra On 02.07.2016 @ 7:56 pm


There were clear skies all around the mountain. Clear, unnatural, skies. Not a single cloud was in sight and the inhabitants of the mountain were starting to think that they would never come back. After a week it was hard to tell if they’d ever get to see the clouds ever again or forever be haunted by clean, clear skies.

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It means maybe,

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I don’t have it most of the time. Sometimes I wish I had the will of those who seem like there is nothing that will ever stop the, > I don’t understand where to find it. Within? Do I need to put an essence of will power inside me? Why don’t I have it. I want it, but not enough.

» Posted By Alexandra On 10.07.2015 @ 11:55 am


The puppy deserved to have a home like it’s brothers, and sisters. It deserved to be loved, and cared for.

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The cat was playing around a vase when it’s tail hit in to the vase. The vase fell with a loud cracking sound. The cat’s owner ran in to see her vase broken, and cracked on the floor.

» Posted By Alexandra On 09.23.2015 @ 7:22 am


When she was younger she liked many things such as dress up, building forts, and playing dolls, but now that she is older she doesn’t like those things.

» Posted By Alexandra On 09.18.2015 @ 6:05 am


The boy’s father was big, strong, and loving.

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The new lamp illuminated all of the room at night, and the sun illuminated the room in the day.

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There was a psycho running loose in the neighborhood. Everyone stayed in their houses in fear of the psychopath.

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The cat was disturbed from its slumber when somebody stepped on its tail, frightening, and hurting it.

» Posted By Alexandra On 09.01.2015 @ 7:05 am


The wand was bound to the wizard in til that wizard is killed, then it is bound to the wizard who killed the other wizard.

» Posted By Alexandra On 08.28.2015 @ 7:59 am


You can build fortresses out of many things like pillows, blankets, chairs, anything really. Fortresses are cool, and big in real life. They are made out of bricks, and stones.

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I can feel the powder white flesh of the grinder on flesh, but the bread is not yet baked. White fluff is what makes the sandwich wild and soaks up the sun as it burns down on the meat. I can even hear the mills winding down the Dutchman’s valley.

» Posted By Alexandra On 08.11.2015 @ 9:38 am


He was the most attractive person I ever met. Not attractive in a sensual, physical way, but attractive like a charm. I knew, also, that this meant the death of me.

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She didn’t mean to be so harsh when she stuck them in the box that was their prison. He had begged her to reincarnate him instead, but he didn’t specify in what way.

So she brought him life.

» Posted By Alexandra On 03.05.2015 @ 2:06 pm


Struck gold in those. Secrets are treasure found only in dark places and even then have to pried from desperate, embarrassed, ashamed hands.

Can you let go of your treasure?

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That’s the number today.
Eleven steps starting with the right foot, ending with the left.
Eleven taps of my pencil on my desk.
Eleven times i must rub my eyes.
Eleven times i must tell a lie.
Eleven times the door opens and shuts.
Eleven blinks before the day turns to dusk.

» Posted By alexandra On 11.19.2014 @ 1:10 pm


He graced Alfred with his presence. It was rare to have his company during breakfast, their different schedules conflicted time together,

» Posted By Alexandra On 09.19.2014 @ 11:03 pm


It sweeps through me and I wonder, I wonder what this feeling meant before. Meant before all this happened and when I was whole.
Am I empty now? Am I going to let my experience destroy me?
No, I am not empty. I am still whole. The shape has just changed, swept away the dust that had accumulated and stuck. I am clean now, I am whole.
I do not become empty, I only become whole. My body changes and I am whole.

» Posted By Alexandra On 09.16.2014 @ 8:18 am


I like to see words written correctly and feel annoyed with myself if I have misspelled a word. However, this is the second word that I believe has been misspelled by this website!

» Posted By Alexandra On 06.23.2014 @ 8:41 am


When I was young I loved going shopping with my mother. She was a very good dressmaker and would always look and feel the swatches of material.

» Posted By Alexandra On 06.20.2014 @ 2:54 am

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