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She sat there in her own filth, completely unable to move. It wasn’t for a lack of motor function. No, it was because she had no will. No will to live. No will to die. She sat there in her chair, in the dark corner of the room, and stared into the all-consuming darkness.

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so i really didnt know what word it would be. But here it is. Zone. zone makes me think of many things. theres this one song. Its called The Zone and it always makes me kind of sleepy for some reason. People refer to the zone as in there focus place where they do their best. Zone. Its a cool word i must admit. I wonder who made up this magnificent word. Like people say “let me get in my zone”. Or maybe your in the wrong zone. Like parking maybe. I dont know what this is. Im sorry. I dont even really like the word zone. But i guess ill try to make it work. I need to get into the zone about typing about “zone”. I just cant. I feel under pressure.

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The seat was made of worn, smooth pleather, rubbed shiny by the thousands of bodies who had occupied its girth. The table, though old, was meticulously scrubbed clean. The diner was past its prime time, but obviously still well loved and taken care of by its inhabitants.

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The diner was an old on, 60’s themed and somewhat abandoned. We sat across from each other, slurping chocolate milk shakes brought by a waitress that insisted on calling us both “hun.” The light was fading, and twilight took over the parking lot outside.

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He wimpered, and she lifted her head, laughing. He shook his head, adding, “You never fucking change.” She glowered, holding back words that would hurt him even worse than the developing photos. When they did, though, he cried. Dark rooms are suitable, he said, suitable for this occasion.

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typewriter gave us the computer. it made us able to connect to each other. we feel more as one connecting to other countries. to unify us.

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He opened the lock and peeked inside. There was nothing there. He sighed as he closed the door to the safe. “What was the point of putting a lock on this thing?” He wondered out loud.

“What indeed.” came a voice behind him. He stood up quickly and looked around but saw no one. “There’s little point in that, sir.” Came the voice again.

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I’m hooked on moving, I’m hooked on being free to fill myself with the world. I’m hooked on feeling like there’s an escape.

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Outside I woke up to the rain pouring, scattering its gray over the forest. Everything looks different this morning, maybe it’s because I need a new perspective, or maybe life just knows how to keep things beautiful.

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