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got a hole in my bucket
i tried to plug it
still it seeps
i dip it in the ocean
it’s full for the moment
but step by step it leaks
the walk home is long
though i’m careful
i lose more than i keep
my soul is that bucket
over and over I try to fill it
yet at the end of the day
what remains is shallow

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 10.31.2017 @ 11:08 pm


my star which once shown so bright
disappearing into the the blackness of the night
my voice once loud and strong
nothing more than a whisper lost amongst the throng
dimming, waning…..
once you looked upon me with wonder
i was your true north, your guide
i spoke words to build you, comfort, and cheer
then, gradually, you stopped looking to me
no longer anticipated my voice
too many distractions, too many other flashing lights
you wanted to chase them all
now, though still here, i have become invisible

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 10.01.2017 @ 10:22 pm


do you ever have those days
where you just wake up
Angry at anything, everything
Don’t look at me.
Don’t talk to me.
I struggle to overcome it
in vain
these are the swells of our human ocean
the best choice…..
curl your toes around the end of the board
and ride out emotions wave

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 09.27.2017 @ 2:29 pm


I had always wanted a harmonica
I was a boy, I liked to make noise
My dad had a friend visit one day
I remember he wore a suit and hat
an older gentleman with stern expression
He drove an old car
what i learned later was a classic
“Hello young man. Nice to meet you”
“thank you sir.”
I think I have something you just might like
From his pocket he pulled a rectangular box
See what you think of this
Inside, a shiny silver harmonica
I was ecstatic.
Thank you. thank you. thank you
I went off making an awful, wonderful racket
i think I even slept with the thing
I carried in my pocket and brought it out
time to time to give a tumultuous toot
One day it went missing
I looked and looked but could not find it
Dad came home one day after work
I met him in the drive
There in the rocks laid my harmonica
Run over by a tire
What sounded horrible before with my lack of skill
now crushed and out of tune
made such a horrendous hullabaloo
It gave me a bigger thrill!

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 09.19.2017 @ 8:57 pm


They called her Gale
She was a force of nature
she’d blow into your life
whisking your heart away
stealing the breath from your lungs
But you didn’t mind that she was windy
you never felt so alive
and you would set off trying to chase her
more, you wanted more
no matter how you tried you couldn’t find her
she only ever found you

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 09.10.2017 @ 8:59 am


Always calm under pressure
The bigger the dilemma
the more i took it all in stride
Until the day i was the one
that caused the catastrophe
I lost my temper
exploded in a rage
a hammer to her head
It was then…the first time
I was startled by calamity
I never knew that havoc lived inside of me

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 09.02.2017 @ 11:46 am


yeah it has nothing to do with tutor
after all, who ever got fat from learning
i mean, you’d have to be hungry
really hungry
you’d want to eat a lot
ain’t no dick and jane thing
you’d have to pig out on Tolstoy and Hugo
Nah… one wants to get fat from that
Pass me the Shakespeare, please!

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 08.26.2017 @ 5:47 am


defy the status quo
swim against the flow
i will not go where others go
i am not a sheep
i will not march complacently
trudging to inevitable slaughter
my blood to give
my flesh to be consumed
i shall not obey
the commands of heartless masters
to their voice I will not respond
call me black
chide me for my nonconformity
dare not ask me to agree
with this societal insanity

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 07.05.2017 @ 9:04 am


office party
social swerve
oh look! another hors d’oeuvre
look at that dress!
She’s got some nerve
keep an eye on the crowd
never know what you might learn
he’s such a suck up
hope he gets what he deserves
There goes Bob chasing a skirt
what a perv!
driving the corporate curves

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.23.2017 @ 8:41 pm


Dr. Optometrist, oopsie!
I believe you’ve made an error
I ordered rose-colored glasses
This pair is crafted 20/20
One lens dark, the other dreary
Perfect focus on misery
Please sir, my view of the world
Already bleak and jaded
Would you please try again
This time, hopefully shaded

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.20.2017 @ 1:43 am


Morning breaks and production begins
Extra! Extra! Read all about
The handbills of our heart, Today’s Edition
We distribute our opinions throughout the day
What should be leaflets of love
Often become circulars of cynicism
Mailers that malign our fellow man
Those reading the message we deliver
Left feeling discouraged and dejected
For the news is their own soul reflected

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.18.2017 @ 9:39 pm


I’ve heard about a book
In which an angel is recording
All the good or evil we do
And that someone day
We’ll have to give an account
Judged as righteous or wicked
Now, I don’t know if that’s true
But I do know we humans
In invisible notebooks
Are recording all the rights and wrongs
We feel are committed against us
And every day we pass judgment
Determining the grace to be given
Based on the distorted mental notes we have written

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.17.2017 @ 10:05 pm


I try and fail
“Get up, try again”
I follow this internal voice
once again I fall flat on my face
“Don’t give up!”
Invisible cheerleader within my soul
Another attempt, another blunder
Each time I rise it gets harder and harder
My body seems ever heavier
“You can do it!”
another defeat
still, slowly, to my feet I rise
amidst the echoes
countless voices laughing
foes taunting
enemies jeering
even friends, snickering
seemingly everyone seeks my demise

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.16.2017 @ 9:19 pm


oh that glow!
when the cheeks redden
happy radiance
you know you’ve touched the soul
set the heart on fire
the color on her face
a reflection of love’s flame

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.13.2017 @ 10:53 pm


i parked my car in the driveway
like a rocket on a launching pad
’72 Dodge Charger
Shiny black, polished every week
oh so fast, oh so sleek
one day started to leave
my dad said stop
you need to wait
I have to go, I’m going to be late
I hustled out the door
there to my dismay
a tree fallen across my car
took my breath away
my baby! My machine!
Such a horrific scene!

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.12.2017 @ 9:41 pm


segment, separate
white, black, Hispanic
jew, Christian, muslim
divide us all
put us each in our own district
would we then be color-blind
would we hate less?
would we get along
we know the answer
of course not
for race and belief are not the enemy
the enemy is our soul
that seeks only the best for itself
so quickly we will betray
so easily we steal
so deftly we lie
if only it could be so easy erase our problems
but the failure comes from “I”

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.11.2017 @ 8:46 pm


To the houses of the holy
we march
shame and guilt
millstones of our soul
to find the tool to chip them away
free us from our agony
but salvation is not to be found
among the pious, religious
but from humble faith
pure and unpretentious

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.04.2017 @ 11:14 pm


how do you like your steak?
I like mine just like I like my life
mostly raw…..a bit warm
dripping with tantalizing juices
blood flowing
wild, primal
tender, succulent
melting in my mouth
sensual experience
savoring deliciousness
Now that’s life!

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.03.2017 @ 9:49 pm


life doesn’t come with one
there is no “Living for Dummies”
No tutorial on how to be born
how to die
or fill the spaces in between
your life is an original
unlike any other before
and learning only comes
through trial and error
falling, failing, sorrow and tear
we grow, we dream, we hope
one breath at a time
each day a new lesson
unwritten until the setting of the sun
when we close our eyes to say goodnight
we turn in our homework
did we learn?

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 04.02.2017 @ 9:34 pm


You, an evil child
me, like an insect in your hand
your plucked my antennae
my senses lost
my emotions die
i can no longer feel
i don’t understand
next the magnifying glass in your hand
burn me, set me on fire
wickedly you laugh as you watch
my poor wounded heart fry

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 03.25.2017 @ 4:45 pm


fans thrilled
excitement overwhelming
boss stops by my desk
gotta stay late
more money/more work.
cuddled close to you
extra innings
nothing better
than loving
in a world made
for just us two

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 02.12.2017 @ 12:10 pm


splinters and shards
crumbling paint
squeaking boards
weakening floor
broken glass
cobwebs and mold
this body of mine in disrepair
love lost
i no longer care

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 02.11.2017 @ 5:53 pm


year after year
playing a season
or playing at playing at a season
most of the time so far
but several years
so close
just enough to tease hope
try again
start over
maybe this will be the year.

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 12.24.2016 @ 1:09 pm



» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 12.24.2016 @ 3:51 am


on and on
my mind never stops talking
nothing deters
sleep cannot mute it
i long for a moment of peace

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 12.19.2016 @ 1:15 pm


a tool that lies
pointing us in fixed locations
as if these rigidly defined rules
would make our lives better or
give us direction
throw it on the ground!
break it!
don’t look for specifics
travel in your own direction
you are the only compass you need

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 12.18.2016 @ 8:17 am


What’s deeper than a shrug
for the weight is far greater than simply the world
the crashing of universes
worlds of ideas bashing each other for dominance
all taking place inside my mind
fighting for supremacy
racking my body
spinning my soul outward into the void

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 12.17.2016 @ 7:35 am


been driving this one hard
lots of miles piling up
haven’t been good at taking care of her
nicks and dents
besides, i’m tired of black
this time I think want to go red
flashy, hot, exotic
so goodbye Mary
and hello Vanessa
thank god for a lease
don’t want to be stuck with
the same model forever.

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 12.16.2016 @ 12:43 am


world peace
true love
living my dreams
but what is life
sans these hopes
it is imagination
that gives us pulse

» Posted By alasthepoetwarrior On 12.10.2016 @ 11:47 am

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