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The blair witch trials shall presume following this days sun down. The intozicating potion has now made it s way to the street of bethleham and thee culprit s that have casted these evil speels must be executed 9 pm eastern with live streaming in town squae.

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Arch that back so I can stick it all the way in. Arch that back as I pull your hair and spank you bottom. keep that back archd until I pin you to this mattress. Arch that back , for right now just be my actress. until I yell cut and the curtains are dropped this is a show. Arch that shiddd.

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Get far from me. I see you and to me it looks you would like to be on me. the urge is not shared with me. I say to you flee awy not yo flee. you are expired and not welcome in my pants any longer . be goen you and as will I.

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Cast less shawdows in the wake of a reckoning. Decsends from the cresent moon bearing arms unfit for a lover. Be tossed into the pit that is no longer a warmth to us. be noble in this dueling of bouts.

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Formula 51, this storm has begun, it holdes no grudes and it pays no respects to no one. it doesn’t live by the gun, though it soon as it sounds. its gone cant be tracked by GPS or fat baesset hounds. you might drowned if you follow that deep.

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The power of will smith. you know where I have the advantage at. sickening deafining work ethic, you know while the other guy is sleeping I am working. the power of will smith challenging any athlete on the planet to a tredmill race the first person to lose is the one that collapses…other is champion!

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loose the freedom and gain some weight. that is not how it would have to be if I was prisoned. oh a movie is made by the name that I see high above this thing. oh, take him away he deserves to be in a better place than this.

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He played a hard game. First game ever playing on Varsity. As a Sophmore he was not expected to do much. He did much more than even the Juniors and seniors. When his body Gave way to cramps he was given the mustard packet, the mustard packet, trick of the trade a old player might say.

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Medicianal is making its way all to these people ha we know so well the best feeling when you wake up and take a deep breath of the best that you have ever had in your life . you stand up and think that the west is calling the best. but there is much to be teach of he east.

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Farther down the longitude ladder I climb. each ste[ is pure satisfaction. I stopped worrying about my pant leg getting stuck years back. those years are gone. now im further from those that go slow and closer to those that hustle hard.

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That is a really scary fucking word. I had to actually pause and for a moment there I was remindind that I was human. I felt vulnerable. I felt that more than ever it is so damn important that I stay on top of my shit. And I just realized I am making myself to sound like a recovering drug addict, im not, I mean , never was, just I have made my way from some habits that id rather not repeat.

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Fire burning . sparks bouncing onto the cobble stone. ice cold hazelnut gelato. the finest kush that a pot head has ever seen. Note book. The only thing I miss is longing. I am belonging..and I miss longing. Or does longing miss me?

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you now how I snapped the bonding sticks that were holding me back. I took control of my mind. I accepted control of my mine. I took responsiilty of my mine . I began to love my mind. and now we do what we want to do and what we need to do with a clearer mind.

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Underneath the mango tree. 20 yards east of the willow tree. We found shade. Shade that would bear fruit for us. we love the bugs that share this succulent fruit with us. we marvel as we gaze at the sun shining off of the spider webbing.

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Wake up pull the sheets from your curves this is a special day. a day like this will never come again. today we drink the thick syrupy preserving juice from the cans of canned pinto beans. We keep on drinking until on us throws up.

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Juive derived from the orange. the word enthusiasm derived from the word ethos. Am I learning how to transplant a word into a sentence. you have the tools. Do you have what it takes to make utility from those tools.

» Posted By ajloopy On 08.12.2015 @ 9:49 am

I am derived from the romance of two very specific individuals. Those, being my Father and Mother. To others perhaps a criminal and a rude stuck up bitch. But, to me she is Mother, and as far as him…he is him.

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Sift thru every photo in that card board box. Did you really mean to tell me to get 3 boquets of flour???? Im not sure how that works…Did you see what I did right there!? ;-D

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Rope knots you long ago learned to tie while in boy scouts. Women that have left you for another man. the lotterly ticket that you believe is yours from your dreams. Did you give it all away…or was it stolen?? pick 1.

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Perspecting qualifiers try to find a way into the golden era. Knock the dust, leave the children alone and find a place where you can detatch. From the sticky webs spun across town. From the drowning bottom feeders. Go forth.

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These two common folk will now echange something that is foreign to the other. lets switch up or general routine every day and shock it by introducing a element that will force us to stpstep back and take a look at what is happening as is.

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Dual packed battery was deeply nestled into my Christmas stocking. On the very bottom still it was the first mystery item that I grabbed out. I knew what the others were when I touched them. The carmex, the axe body soap, the Christmas pack of life savers.

» Posted By ajloopy On 08.01.2015 @ 8:59 am

Dual purpose garage liner. This thing will put a damper to your headaches and breath lif einto your ars exhaust. We know youi keep your car indoors by the way that you write your heads. Every sentence scream “Bentley, Beanz, Or Beamer”

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We are in Central America. Well really the Central America of the North America. So what the fuck do you call it. I am really sorry for my foul language. I have been experiencing a bit of frustration. consecutive frustration and I need to be humbled badly

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Show me what it is that you have. I want to feel it. you talk about all of that. listen, i want you to do what you need to do so that i know you are the reall fucking deal. no more thinking. no more convincing . step on the mat and go. im done. until i start. I am fucking done until I start.

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Cryotherapy is my new obsession. I need to experience the 240 deggers below zero to feed my curiosity and satisfaction. I love botherhood. My brothers will recover with me. We will recover so that we may do more.

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I was a threat the minuet I walked into the room. I have no interest in that man. Little am I even aware of that Man. That Woman, she’s captivated my attention. To me, he is simply a moving fixture, part of the background scenery.

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This fish that I caught is too small to eat. To ugly yet not ugly enough for a thropy. Large enough to use as bait. I will use this unfitting fish to bait a larger fish. And if that fish pulls me in, perhaps I was the set bait for the shark waiting in the deep blue depths.

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I forgot the days when my Grandfather showed me the way a man ties a tie with his over worked mechanic hands. Ive long since built a chiseld physice that A curious Woman can spot down the block as I wear my favorite 3 piece.

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The lazy boy awaits as you sit upon the floor. The fat bitch awaits and you bone the boney girl. The featherd blanket awaits as you rub your loins on wool. the snuggie is awaiting you to slip out of your high heels.

» Posted By ajloopy On 08.21.2012 @ 10:31 am

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